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Revision history for Perl module Tee
- moved guts of ptee to Tee::App; removed ptee seach logic from
- changed to the Apache License, version 2.0; (it's clearer, relicensable,
and is explicit about contributions)
0.13 Thu Aug 17 13:09:03 EDT 2006
- customize Makefile.PL for auto/Tee
- handle spaces in ptee path in
0.12 Thu Aug 17 07:40:23 EDT 2006
- store a copy of ptee in auto/Tee for tee()
- removed unused test files
- downgraded IPC::Run3 prereq version to 0.033
0.11 Thu Aug 3 14:49:31 EDT 2006
- added multiple file support to tee() to match documentation
- Pod addition and cleanups
0.10 Wed Aug 2 22:20:22 EDT 2006
- initial release
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