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2002-12-22 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c:
(main) Try test again with /etc - surely that is least likely to
be a symlink?
* tests/
check-bad-rdf: turn off bourne shell exiting while running
tests expected to fail.
* tests/
Set baseuri from test file basename; ensure no dirs are in the base URI
2002-12-21 Dave Beckett <>
* Removed just for now
2002-12-20 Dave Beckett <>
* NEWS.html: tweak
* Bumped version to 0.9.8
* NEWS.html: date
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_7 for 0.9.7 release
* Updated for 0.9.7 release
2002-12-19 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html, README.html, NEWS.html: Updated for 0.9.7 release
* acconfig.h:
Seems like PACKAGE and VERSION are not needed here, and later
autoconfs generate headers that moan.
* raptor_parse.c, raptor_general.c: castings
* raptor.h: Indent CPP directives after column 1 # for lame C compiler
* TODO.html: Updated after recent bug fixes
* tests/ test(1) string equality is = not ==
2002-12-18 Dave Beckett <>
* Delete autom4te too
* auto-configure source for newer autoconfs
2002-12-16 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c (main):
Use /bin to test, seems more likely to be around on more posix
systems such as OSX
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_statement):
Handle NULL reified being passed.
(raptor_process_property_attributes): Property attributes are never
reified explicitly but may be in a bag.
(raptor_start_element_grammar,raptor_end_element_grammar): Turn bad
uses of bag:ID into errors not warnings.
* tests/
Added more bag:ID checks (44-45) and errors (bad 05-09)
Make test failures stop the 'make check'.
* tests/bad-05.rdf, tests/bad-06.rdf, tests/bad-07.rdf,
tests/bad-08.rdf, tests/bad-09.rdf, tests/ex-48.rdf,
tests/ex-49.rdf, tests/ex-50.rdf, tests/ex-46.rdf,
tests/ex-47.rdf, tests/ex-48.out, tests/ex-49.out,
tests/ex-50.out, tests/ex-46.out, tests/ex-47.out:
Turned rdf:bagID property element checks into errors
* raptor_parse.c:
Add rdf:bagID checks - only allow it in the two cases it is in the
grammar - on a node element and an empty property element.
Otherwise emit warnings since there is no error test case yet.
* tests/ex-50.out, tests/ex-50.rdf, tests/ex-44.out,
tests/ex-45.out, tests/ex-46.out, tests/ex-47.out,
tests/ex-48.out, tests/ex-49.out, tests/ex-44.rdf,
tests/ex-45.rdf, tests/ex-46.rdf, tests/ex-47.rdf,
tests/ex-48.rdf, tests/ex-49.rdf:
Checking rdf:bagID ignored on other property element cases
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_statement):
Handles generating a reified statement
ID for use with bagID and then reiifying the statement too.
* tests/ Add ex-43
* tests/ex-43.out, tests/ex-43.rdf:
Test rdf:bagID when property elements need generated reified ID
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_statement):
Gain bag_element argument, use it
throughout to indicate the element to find the rdf:bagID if any.
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Generate _:bagid rdf:type rdf:Bag
when rdf:bagID appears on node element.
* tests/ex-42.out: Correct for actual output order
2002-12-15 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ex-03.rdf, tests/ex-03.out:
correct this now that rdf:bagID support begins to work
* tests/ Added ex-42
* tests/ex-42.out, tests/ex-42.rdf: rdf:bagID
* tests/bad-04.rdf: Check rdf:ID and rdf:bagID with same value fails
* tests/bad-02.rdf: Duplicate rdf:ID names
* raptor_parse.c:
Make debug less chatty about cdata, unless RAPTOR_DEBUG_CDATA
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_record_ID):
Added, notes rdf:ID and rdf:bagID values, checks
for duplicates (per in-scope base-URI).
(raptor_free_ID_list): Added, frees structure above.
(raptor_xml_start_element_handler): Handle xml:base using
raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase to strip/fix parts that aren't used.
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Check for illegal rdf:ID, rdf:bagID
and rdf:nodeID using raptor_valid_xml_ID. Check for duplicate rdf:ID
and rdf:bagID values using raptor_record_ID.
Only allow parsetype "Literal", "Resource" and "Collection", not
Check for and forbid property attributes on a literal property
* Added raptor_utf8.c
* raptor_internal.h: Export less from raptor_utf8.c
* raptor_general.c (raptor_valid_xml_ID):
Use raptor_unicode_is_namestartchar
and raptor_unicode_is_namechar.
* raptor_utf8.c: Raptor UTF-8 and Unicode support
* tests/bad-03.rdf: Check rdf:ID and rdf:bagID values
* tests/ Added bad-02 to bad-04
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_construct):
Internal; constructs a uri-ref string from
the parts.
(raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase): Ad
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Copy reference path across when
reference URI has one.
Work for path components that are >1 letter long.
(raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase): Added, makes a new uri from an existing
one, suitable for xml:base (no fragment, query; path must be
(main): Make test cases use
Add checks for the above bugs.
* raptor.h: Added prototype for raptor_new_uri_for_xmlbase
* ntriples_parse.c:
raptor_ntriples_unicode_char_to_utf8 now raptor_unicode_char_to_utf8
raptor_ntriples_utf8_to_unicode_char now
(raptor_print_ntriples_string): Allow no delimiter.
* raptor_internal.h: Added prototypes for raptor_valid_xml_ID
Added prototypes for raptor_unicode_is_* methods.
The ntriples_* utf8/unicode methods are now raptor_unicode_*
* raptor_general.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
N-Triples escape URIs (for IRI
(raptor_validate_xml_ID): Added, checks that the syntax of attributes
matching xml:ID are correct matching
* rdfdump.c: Exit 1 on error, 2 on warnings.
* README.html: Words
2002-12-13 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ex-41.rdf, tests/ex-41.out: Add rdf:datatype test with xml:lang
* raptor_parse.c: Don't care state about numbers
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_end_element_handler):
Don't check for unbalanced XML; the
XML parsers do that
* raptor_parse.c:
Update parser states to match
names. Fix comments to also match.
rdf_syntax_terms_info - added to describe forbidden nodeEl,
propEl, propAttr
raptor_forbidden_propertyElement_name): Added, using above
* rdfdump.c: Exit with code 2 if there were warnings.
* raptor_parse.c: Zap xml:lang attr
2002-12-10 Dave Beckett <>
* Added raptor-config
* Added raptor-src-config
* raptor-src-config source
2002-12-04 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Save away the element attributes
in an allocated array, restore the pointers later. This allows the
XML parser to free them correctly.
(raptor_xml_end_element_handler): Call raptor_free_qname again to
tidy up.
(raptor_init_parser_rdfxml): Initialise libxml2 explicitly
(raptor_terminate_parser_rdfxml): Added, cleaning up libxml2.
* raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_endDocument):
free the libxml2 Doc that is created but
never freed by the SAX methods.
* raptor_internal.h, raptor_general.c:
Added raptor_terminate_parser_rdfxml() for closing rdfxml parser
2002-12-03 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_internalSubset,
raptor_libxml_externalSubset): No return value.
* raptor.h: Update prototype for unsigned char arg.
* raptor_parse.c: Yet more casts, for expat XML_Char as char*
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_free_uri): There is no return value
* raptor_uri.c, raptor_qname.c, raptor_parse.c,
raptor_namespace.c, raptor_general.c, raptor.h, ntriples_parse.c:
More unsigned char to char fixes, other castings enough to make
g++ happy.
* raptor_parse.c, raptor_qname.c, raptor_namespace.c,
raptor_general.c, raptor_internal.h:
Use unsigned char for UTF-8 strings rather than char
(That means all XML names, content, buffers)
* raptor_parse.c: Delete HAVE_XML_SetNamespaceDeclHandler - never used
Don't merge expat XML_Char (char) and libxml2 xmlChar (unsigned char).
Work with unsigned char always.
* raptor_internal.h:
Don't merge expat XML_Char (char) and libxml2 xmlChar (unsigned char).
Work with unsigned char always.
*, acconfig.h:
Delete HAVE_XML_SetNamespaceDeclHandler - never used
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_element_has_property_attributes):
Unused rdf_parser arg zapped.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_chunk_):
Don't assign a negative number to size_t len, it is probably unsigned.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_free_element):
Use raptor_free_uri on datatype URI
* raptor_parse.c, raptor.h: Removed trailing ','s in enums
2002-12-02 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_string): sscanf format lx
2002-11-28 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html:
Note suggestion to trim spaces around urls in lax/default mode
2002-11-27 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html: Now works with old libxml 2.3.5 (released 2001-03-23)
* raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_init):
to see if libxml xmlSAXHandler has an initialized field
* Check libxml xmlSAXHandler has initialized field
* INSTALL.html: Updated supported versions
2002-11-26 Dave Beckett <>
* win32_config.h,, rdfdump.c, raptor_uri.c,
raptor_parse.c, raptor_libxml.c, raptor_general.c,
ntriples_parse.c: stdarg.h is now a required header.
Added --with-xml2-config to set location of libxml xml2-config program.
2002-11-24 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler): Don't free
raptor_free_qname(element_name) here, raptor_free_element does it.
2002-11-21 Dave Beckett <>
Make it use expat sources if this is part of Redland, ../expat dir
and there is no installed expat system library
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_chunk_):
Only use the libxml2 bug workaround for small
buffers for libxml2 versions lower than 2.4.25
* tests/
Report error status from standard rdf/xml tests, even if the answer
was correct.
* tests/ex-03.rdf: Remove aboutEach* and bare bagID
2002-11-19 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html: XML parser choice
* tests/test.out, tests/test.nt, tests/ex-11.out, tests/ex-07.out,
raptor_parse.c, raptor_general.c, ntriples_parse.c:
rdfs:XMLLiteral now rdf:XMLLiteral
Add rdf:nil to allowed rdf namespace terms
* raptor_parse.c: More error/warnings rewordings
* raptor_parse.c:
Remove M&S from some comments, messages. Use RDF namespace.
* raptor_parse.c:
Improve warning about multiple object nodes for a property element.
2002-11-07 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/test.out: typo
* tests/test.out, tests/ex-11.out, tests/ex-07.out:
Remove xml"" tests, replacing with "foo"<...> form.
* raptor_general.c: Remove xml"" (stage 1).
(raptor_print_statement_detailed): Output this as a datatyped literal.
(raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples): Output the "foo"<..> datatype
N-Triples form.
* ntriples_parse.c:
Remove xml"" (stage 1). Parsing it works but gives an error.
Never output.
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Output "foo"<...> for xml
literal. Remove is_xml argument.
(raptor_ntriples_parse_line): For XML literal (old xml""), parse,
give an error and emit it in the datatype form.
2002-11-02 Dave Beckett <>
* README.html: Updated after 0.9.6 release - sigh!
* NEWS.html: fix 0.9.6 release date
* Bumped version to 0.9.7
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_6 for 0.9.6 release
* NEWS.html, TODO.html: Updated for 0.9.6
* raptor_parse.c:
rdf_attr_info gains allowed_unprefixed_on_attribute to suppress
* libraptor.3: Updated for 0.9.6
* tests/test.out: minor fix
* rdfdump.1: Add -a/--assume option.
* raptor.h: Tweak uri factory method typedefs, prefix with raptor_
* raptor.h: raptor_start_parse_file: Made an internal method
* raptor_general.c (raptor_start_parse_file): Made an internal method
* tests/test.nt: minor fix
* tests/test.out, tests/test.nt:
Added tests for datatyped literals with/without language
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_string):
Added N-Triples datatype (^^<uri-ref>) parsing.
2002-11-01 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_generate_Statement):
Added datatypes argument,
will set the URI if the string is passed in.
2002-10-31 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: Check for rdf:datatype on property/member elements
* tests/ Added ex-41
* tests/ex-41.out, tests/ex-41.rdf: Added rdf:datatype tests
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_free_element): Free xml:lang values
* raptor_parse.c:
alternatively, don't zap the pointer and let cleanup grab it.
* raptor_parse.c:
free rdf:about attribute value before discarding pointer.
* raptor_general.c (raptor_parse_file): Always free filename.
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string):
Fix length of buffer
for unix when file name is recalculated from getcwd().
* raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespaces_free):
Don't need non-NULL context to do freeing.
* ntriples_parse.c:
Update to handle xml"string"@lang format (and warn about older one)
* ntriples_parse.c:
Update to handle "string"@lang format (and warn about older one)
* tests/test.out, tests/test.nt, tests/rdfs-namespace.out,
tests/rdf-schema.out, tests/ex-29.out:
Update to "string"@lang format.
* raptor_general.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
Update to "string"@lang format.
Add datatype URI.
* rdfdump.c (main): Init uri_string variables
* raptor_internal.h, ntriples_parse.c, raptor_namespace.c,
raptor_parse.c, raptor_qname.c, raptor_uri.c, raptor_general.c,
raptor_libxml.c: LIBRDF_ macros now RAPTOR_
* raptor_internal.h: Remove raptor_uri_init
* raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_init
* raptor_namespace.c:
(main) Updates for initialising URI class in/outside redland
* rdfdump.c: When RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND, include <librdf.h>
* rdfdump.c: Use raptor URI calls.
Use raptor_init/raptor_finish - now required.
* raptor_general.c (raptor_init): Now compulsory
* raptor_parse.c, raptor_locator.c, raptor_namespace.c:
macro RAPTOR_URI_AS_STRING -> raptor_uri_as_string
* raptor_internal.h: Removed macro RAPTOR_URI_AS_STRING
* raptor_general.c: macro RAPTOR_URI_AS_STRING -> raptor_uri_as_string
* raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_as_string and uri class method
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_uri_as_string): Added
(raptor_uri_as_string): Added, using above for default class.
(raptor_uri_init_default_handler): Register the above
* raptor_general.c:
Use RAPTOR_URI_AS_STRING for getting uri string to make a filename.
* raptor_parse.c:
Remove uses of IS_RDF_MS_CONCEPT with raptor_uri_equals.
Define more concepts for rdf:RDF, rdf:Description and rdf:li
* raptor_internal.h: remove IS_RDF_MS_CONCEPT
* raptor_qname.c: macro RAPTOR_FREE_URI -> raptor_free_uri
* raptor_internal.h:
* raptor_general.c: macro RAPTOR_FREE_URI -> raptor_free_uri
macro RAPTOR_URI_TO_FILENAME -> raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename
(only use)
* ntriples_parse.c: macro RAPTOR_FREE_URI => raptor_free_uri
* raptor_uri.c: Add some casts now raptor_uri is a typedef for void*
* raptor_internal.h, raptor.h: Remove more RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND prototypes
* ntriples.h: Remove more RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND
* rdfdump.c: Remove more RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND and old API
* raptor_parse.c:
Re-add DAML Collection info to rdf_content_type_info table - just
plain luck that this was working without it.
Add concept URIs table to rdf_xml_parser structure.
Change concepts macros to point to the parts of that table.
Remove most of the RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND stuff, consequently.
* raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespaces_free):
Handle being called when handler/context
* raptor_namespace.c:
Use raptor_namespace struct raptor_namespace_stack field
to get uri handler/context
* raptor_internal.h: raptor_namespace: add raptor_namespace_stack field
* raptor_general.c (raptor_start_parse):
Use changed raptor_namespaces_init call.
* raptor_namespace.c:
Remove RAPTOR_REDLAND code and use uri_handlre/context args
(raptor_namespaces_init): Now takes uri handler, context args.
Initialises rdf/rdfs namespace URIs.
(raptor_namespaces_free): Free rdf/rdfs namespace URIs.
* raptor_general.c: Remove RAPTOR_REDLAND code
Call raptor_namespaces_init with raptor URI handler, context
* raptor_internal.h:
Remove RAPTOR_REDLAND definitions and double prototypes.
Added uri_handler, uri_context, rdf_ms_uri, rdf_schema_uri to
* ntriples_parse.c: Remove RAPTOR_REDLAND code
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_get_handler): Added
* raptor.h: Added raptor-uri_get_handler.
* raptor_uri.c: rename raptor_current_uri_* -> raptor_uri_current_*
* raptor_uri.c:
Use raptor_current_uri_handler, raptor_current_uri_context
2002-10-30 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_set_handler): Added, initialising the static
variables raptor_current_uri_handler, raptor_current_uri_context.
raptor_init_uri_class -> raptor_uri_init
* raptor_general.c, raptor_internal.h:
raptor_init_uri_class -> raptor_uri_init
* raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_set_handler
* raptor_uri.c: raptor_copy_uri -> raptor_uri_copy
(raptor_default_uri_copy): Added
(raptor_init_uri_default_handler): Added to re-init the default uri
(raptor_init_uri_class): To initialise the uri class with default
* raptor_internal.h: Declare uri class init prototypes.
* raptor_parse.c, raptor_general.c: raptor_copy_uri -> raptor_uri_copy
* raptor.h: raptor_copy_uri -> raptor_uri_copy
Added uri handler func definitions.
Added raptor_uri_handler, using above funcs
2002-10-15 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_qname.c: Remove only RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND use - not required.
* raptor_uri.c: Updated copyright
* ntriples_parse.c:
Removed raptor_make_uri; use raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base directly.
* raptor.h: Removed raptor_new_uri_from_base_name prototype
* raptor.h: Removed all raptor_make_uri prototypes.
Added prototypes for raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base,
raptor_new_uri_from_id, raptor_new_uri_from_base_name,
* raptor_parse.c: RAPTOR_FREE_URI (macro) to raptor_free_uri (method)
Removed raptor_make_uri; use raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base directly.
Removed raptor_make_uri_from_id: use raptor_new_uri_from_id directly
Use raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept
* raptor_uri.c: Typo.
Removed raptor_make_uri; use raptor_new_uri_relative_to_base directly.
raptor_new_uri_for_rdf_concept): Added to get URI of rdf:thing
2002-10-13 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_default_new_uri_relative_to_base,
(raptor_new_uri_from_id): Added, was make_uri_from_id
(raptor_new_uri_from_base_name): Added, was make_uri_from_base_name
* raptor.h: Added new uri methods, soon-to-be old make_uri_* ones
* raptor_internal.h: Move uri calls to raptor.h
* raptor_parse.c:
Remove unused rdf_parser argument of raptor_make_uri_from_id calls.
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_make_uri_from_id):
Remove unused rdf_parser argument
* raptor_uri.c:
Start of skeleton code for URI class, along with default methods.
(raptor_default_new_uri, raptor_new_uri): Added
raptor_new_uri_from_uri_local_name): Added
(raptor_default_free_uri,raptor_free_uri): Added
(raptor_default_uri_equals, raptor_uri_equals): Added
(raptor_make_uri, raptor_make_uri_from_id,
raptor_make_uri_from_base_name):Moved from raptor_general.c
* raptor_general.c: Move raptor_make_uri, raptor_make_uri_from_id,
raptor_make_uri_from_base_name to raptor_uri.c
2002-10-12 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_terminate):
Moved all of raptor_xml_parse_clean
here, deleted it.
* rdfdump.c: Updated to newest calling API - no special ntriples calls.
* raptor_general.c, raptor.h: Tweak raptor_new_parser prototype.
* libraptor.3: Updated to describe features
* libraptor.3: Updated for shared parser core api
* raptor_parse.c: Add raptor_xml_parser here - private struct.
* raptor_internal.h: Moved raptor_xml_parser to private file.
* raptor_general.c: Tidy raptor_new old api note.
* ntriples.h: Updated ntriples parser to new registering API.
* ntriples_parse.c: Converted to the new factory-based API.
raptor_ntriples_parser_context (and struct version _s) now allocated
by main parser code.
Use raptor_parser for most methods and calls.
(raptor_ntriples_parse_init, raptor_ntriples_parse_terminate): Added
(raptor_ntriples_new): Replaced with wrapper around raptor_new_parser("ntriples").
(raptor_ntriples_free): Replaced with wrapper around raptor_free_parser
(raptor_ntriples_set_error_handler, raptor_ntriples_set_fatal_error_handler,
raptor_ntriples_set_statement_handler, raptor_ntriples_parser_error,
raptor_ntriples_parser_fatal_error, raptor_ntriples_parse_file):
Replaced with wrappers around general methods.
(raptor_ntriples_parse_chunk): Renamed from raptor_ntriples_parse
(raptor_ntriples_parse_start): Added from parts of old
(raptor_ntriples_parser_register_factory): Added to register this
with the main system.
(raptor_init_parser_ntriples): Added to register this module.
2002-10-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_internal.h:
Moved raptor_parser_s here, for use across the library.
Lots of rearranging and reordering to move structs earlier.
Added raptor_parser_factory_s and typedef.
Added prototypes for factory registration calls.
* raptor_parse.c: Now uses factory and parser-specific context.
(raptor_xml_new, raptor_xml_free, raptor_xml_parse_init): Moved most
code to raptor_new_parser, raptor_free_parser, raptor_start_parse
(raptor_xml_parse_init_file): Gone.
Renamed to match factory methods - raptor_xml_parse_terminate.
(raptor_parse_file): Moved to raptor_general.c
(raptor_xml_parser_register_factory): Added, for registering factory.
(raptor_init_parser_rdfxml): Register parser type "rdfxml".
* raptor_general.c:
Added parser factory functions and use them via new API.
(raptor_init, raptor_finish): Added to start/end raptor.
(raptor_delete_parser_factories): Added, helper for cleanup.
(raptor_parser_register_factory): Added, for registering parsers
(raptor_get_parser_factory): Added, helper for finding a parser
(raptor_new_parser): New constructor, uses factory and initialises
only general parts of parser.
(raptor_start_parse): New method to (re)initialise a particular
(raptor_start_parse_file): New method to start parsing from a
(raptor_parse_chunk): New method to parse content from memory.
(raptor_free_parser): New destructor.
(raptor_parse_file): Moved from raptor_parse.c and made general.
(raptor_new): Old API constructor, now written over new constructor.
(raptor_free): Old API destructor, now just calls new destructor.
(raptor_set_world): Temporary redland support.
* raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespaces_free):
Zap top of stack when done, so
can work when called multiple times.
* raptor.h: Added raptor_init(), raptor_finish()
Deprecate raptor_new(), raptor_free().
Added raptor_new_praser(), raptor_free_parser(),
raptor_start_parser(), raptor_start_parse_file(), raptor_parse_chunk()
Temporarily use raptor_set_redland_world.
2002-10-10 Dave Beckett <>
* Added raptor_general.c
* raptor.h: raptor_print_statement_detailed: Now public.
* raptor_internal.h, raptor_parse.c, raptor_general.c:
Split general parsing routines into raptor_general.c leaving
the rdf/xml parsing specific parts in raptor_parse.c.
The general raptor_parser structure moved to raptor_internal.h
leaving a new raptor_xml_parser for raptor_parse.c [rdf/xml].
2002-10-07 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/test.html, tests/test.svg: Embedded rdf:RDF tests
* raptor_general.c, raptor_parse.c:
Call dummy (length calculating) vsnprintf call with a 1-byte buffer
rather than NULL - OSX seems unhappy with that.
Try to get rdf:RDF scanning working by adding at_grammar_start check
rather than apply at all state unknown points.
2002-09-29 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/
Split the checks into classes; ex-19.rdf is for when rdf is assumed
since it ommits rdf:RDF, and hence is not really rdf/xml.
* rdfdump.c: Added -a,--assume to set feature assume_is_rdf
* raptor_general.c, raptor_parse.c: Added rdf:datatype built in.
Literal datatype URI stored in containing property element.
Added feature_assume_is_rdf to make rdf:RDF optional.
(raptor_generate_statement): Add literal datatype URI argument.
(raptor_xml_parse_chunk_): Return parser errors in initial XML_Parse
correctly - check if it happens even if end of data. Similarly for
libxml's xmlParseChunk.
(raptor_set_feature): Added feature assume_is_rdf
(raptor_print_statement_detailed): Added literal datatype URI
(raptor_process_property_attributes): Warn about unqualified
(property) attributes, don't try to process them.
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Added feature assume_is_rdf
splitting scanning for rdf:RDF (feature scanning) and ignoring it
(feature assume)
* raptor_qname.c (raptor_new_qname):
Don't die on non-namespaced XML; could be used in
skipping or other processing.
* raptor.h: added assume_is_feature
datatypes built in
raptor_print_ntriples_string now returns an int
* LICENSE.html: Tidy intro, update dates
* ntriples_parse.c: change anon->bnodeid
Add ASCII rather than is* locale-tests and validate bnodeIDs with
the macros
(parse_ntriples_string): Check for invalid ASCII chars.
Tidy error reporting for end of line.
(raptor_ntriples_parse_line): Add validation of bnodeIDs
(raptor_ntriples_parse_file): Comments
(raptor_print_ntriples_string): Handle failure, add a return code
* ntriples.h: change anon->bnodeid
* datatypes built in now
* Clean the test programs
2002-09-19 Dave Beckett <>
Restore rule to make for when embedded in Redland
* TODO.html: remove duplicate bagID bug
* TODO.html: CDATA works with libxml now
* raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_init):
Enable handling of cdata blocks -
<![CDATA[...]> by registering callback to raptor_xml_cdata_handler
* tests/ex-40.out: Fix node
* tests/ Added ex-40
* tests/ex-40.out, tests/ex-40.rdf: Check XML CDATA sections
dist-hook added to copy pre-built README and NEWS to release
2002-09-18 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespace_new):
Fix debug message to report no URI for namespace.
* raptor_namespace.c (raptor_namespace_new):
Make xmlns="" work when compiling inside Redland.
2002-09-16 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_parse_chunk_):
For libxml, don't pass in filename to
xmlCreatePushParserCtxt, we may not always have one.
For lbixml, return correctly from initial parsing.
(raptor_xml_parse_chunk): Add docucomments.
(raptor_parse_file): Terminate loop on end of file as well as error.
Added REDLAND_LIBS to raptor_namespace_test to make it work inside redland
2002-09-12 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html: daml:collection fixed
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_parse_file): Split into:
raptor_xml_parse_init, raptor_xml_parse_init_file,
raptor_xml_parse_clean and raptor_xml_parse_chunk to allow more
flexible APIs.
(raptor_xml_parse_chunk_): Added, doing the main work of
raptor_xml_parse_chunk but without error checking.
(raptor_xml_parse_handle_errors): Added to process errors from an XML
parser during parsing.
* raptor_namespace.c: Make it work inside redland too.
Fix standalone tests inside redland.
2002-09-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_internal.h:
Moved namespace and qname definitions and prototypes here from
* Added raptor_namespace.c raptor_qname.c
* raptor_parse.c:
Moved namespace code to raptor_namespace.c, qname code to
raptor_qname.c and renamed raptor_ns_map, raptor_ns_na,e
to match.
* raptor_qname.c: Raptor XML qname
* raptor_namespace.c: Raptor XML namespace classes
2002-09-01 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: Use updated LIBRDF_RS URI names
* raptor_parse.c:
Added rdf:parseType="Collection" after daml:collection code
* tests/ Added test ex-39 for parseType Collection
* tests/ex-39.out, tests/ex-39.rdf: rdf:parseType="Collection" test
* raptor_parse.c:
Change daml:Collection, daml:* comments to Collection, rdf:List etc.
2002-08-31 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_end_element_grammar):
Generate rdf:nodeID, store in id, not
URI field.
Rearrange three calls of raptor_process_property_attributes into one.
* tests/
Use ECHO_N and ECHO_C to do portable echo without newline
Pass on echo pre/postfix args needed for echoing without a newline
* tests/
Instead of ignoring warnings, make make ignore exit codes from rdfdump
* tests/ Ignore warnings (for now) in tests
* tests/ Remove RDF_TEST_ANSWER_FILES - not used
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Don't copy URIs from daml:collection
to the contained nodes.
* tests/ex-34.out: Now correct.
2002-08-29 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ Added ex-38
* tests/ex-38.rdf, tests/ex-38.out: Test daml:Collection with rdf:ID
* tests/ex-37.out: switch order again
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_element_has_property_attributes):
Check for rdf: properties
* tests/ex-37.out: Correct order, nodes in result
* tests/ex-37.out, tests/ex-37.rdf:
rdf:type attribute on empty property
* tests/ Added ex-37
2002-08-28 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: Fixed empty daml:Collection handling
* raptor_uri.c: Minor strcat/strcpy optimisation
* tests/ex-34.rdf: Renamed nodes so prop2 goes with node2 etc.
* tests/ex-34.out: renamed genids to more match output
* tests/ex-35.out, tests/ex-35.rdf, tests/ex-36.out, tests/ex-36.rdf:
Added more daml:Collection checks
* tests/ex-24.out: output order changed, same triples
* tests/ Added ex-35, ex-36 for more daml:Collection checks
* tests/ex-12.out: output order changed, same triples
2002-08-22 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: removed fn not used
* raptor_parse.c: Update xml namespaces comment with NE05 errata
* raptor_parse.c:
Removed use of obsolete object_is_literal statement field
Added rdf datatypes test code
* ntriples_parse.c:
Removed use of obsolete object_is_literal statement field
* raptor.h: Add statement object datatype uri
* Add rdf datatypes test flag --enable-rdf-datatypes
* acconfig.h: Add rdf datatypes test flag
2002-08-21 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html: Updates: OSX compiling works (from packaged sources)
Still works with latest expat (1.95.2), libxml (2.4.23)
2002-08-20 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename):
Freeing wrong things
* ntriples_parse.c, raptor_parse.c, raptor_internal.h:
* raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_is_file_uri
* Added limits.h check
* raptor_internal.h: Added raptor_strncasecmp
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_is_file_uri): Added.
* Added strcasecmp_test
* strcasecmp.c (raptor_strncasecmp): Added
(assert_strcasecmp, assert_strncasecmp): Added for testing.
(main) Added to run tests
* raptor_uri.c:
(raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string); For unix filename "foo", get dir
and name it "/dir/foo".
(main): Check above works using /tmp dir - warn if can't chdir(/tmp)
* raptor_internal.h:
Replaced raptor_file_uri_to_filename with aptor_file_uri_to_filename
* raptor_parse.c, ntriples_parse.c: Removed raptor_file_uri_to_filename
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string, raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename):
fix unix relative file file:foo
and bad win32 authority check.
(main): Check unix foo/file:foo works
* raptor.h: Added raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string and
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_filename_to_uri_string):
Added for filename to file: URI
for win32 and unix.
(raptor_uri_uri_string_to_filename): Added for file: URI to filename
for win32 and unix.
(assert_filename_to_uri,assert_uri_to_filename): Added for regression testing.
(main): Tests for win32 / unix filename / file:URIs
2002-08-19 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html: Added some more xml library versions
* raptor_parse.c: Remove a lot of raptor_update_document_locator calls
and add them to the start of several functions.
Replace some expat-specific stuff with general calls.
* raptor_parse.c:
Add raptor_update_document_locator calls before every parser error
or warning.
(raptor_expat_update_document_locator): Added.
* raptor_internal.h: Export raptor_libxml_update_document_locator
Export raptor_expat_update_document_locator
Export raptor_update_document_locator
* raptor_libxml.c (raptor_libxml_update_document_locator):
Now not static.
Remove column numbers - they seem to be total fiction.
* raptor_locator.c (raptor_update_document_locator): Added.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_cdata_handler):
Allow to be ignored when there is no
element (XML very damaged)
* rdfdump.c: Tidy output formatting
* raptor_libxml.c:
Delete extra '\n' at end of XML parsing messages; that's up to the
app to add.
* raptor_parse.c: Removed some \n-s from warning/error messages
* raptor_locator.c (raptor_format_locator):
Don't count \0 in buffer size.
* Added raptor_locator.c
* raptor.h: Added raptor_format_locator
* raptor_locator.c: Raptor parsing locator functions
* raptor_parse.c: Moved raptor_print_locator to raptor_locator.c
* rdfdump.c:
Updated for raptor error handlers passed on as strings, not va_list
* ntriples_parse.c: raptor errors passed on as strings, not va_list
raptor_ntriples_parser_fatal_error): Turn va_list into a string.
* raptor_parse.c: raptor errors passed on as strings, not va_list
raptor_parser_warning_varargs): Turn va_list into a string.
* raptor.h: raptor errors passed on as strings, not va_list
2002-08-18 Dave Beckett <>
* Add LTLIBOBJS to raptor library, not rdfdump
Check for strcasecmp, stricmp or use compatibility version
* raptor_internal.h:
Define raptor_strcasecmp to library routine, or leave alone for
compatibility function.
* Added @LIBOBJS@
and strcasecmp.c
* strcasecmp.c: strcasecmp compatibility
* raptor_parse.c:
strcasecmp now raptor_strcasecmp, will be defined to right function
* win32_config.h:
Don't use macros for strcasecmp; now handled generally
Added raptor_internal.h, win32_config.h to noinst headers
Added raptor_win32.c
* raptor_win32.c: Raptor WIN32 support functions
* win32_config.h: Raptor WIN32 hard-coded config
* rdfdump.c: Tidying up stdlib.h, dmalloc.h includes.
Include win32_config.h #ifdef WIN32
* raptor_parse.c, raptor_uri.c:
Tidying up stdlib.h, dmalloc.h includes.
Removed stuff duplicated in raptor.h/raptor_internal.h
Include win32_config.h #ifdef WIN32
* raptor_libxml.c: Tidying up stdlib.h, dmalloc.h includes.
Include win32_config.h #ifdef WIN32
* ntriples_parse.c: Tidying up stdlib.h, dmalloc.h includes.
Removed stuff duplicated in raptor.h/raptor_internal.h
Include win32_config.h #ifdef WIN32
* raptor_internal.h: Moved libxml includes, defines and structs here.
Declared extern function prototypes for libxml interface.
* raptor_parse.c: Use errno.h, not extern int errno
Moved most libxml code to new raptor_libxml.c
Moved necessary includes, defines and structs to raptor_internal.h
Some renaming of functions; raptor_libxml* for those related to libxml
Some functions now not static.
Added some necessary methods for accessing raptor_parser structure
for libxml.
(raptor_get_locator): Added; new public method.
* raptor.h: Added raptor_get_locator
* ntriples_parse.c: Use errno.h, not extern int errno
* Added raptor_libxml.c
* raptor_uri.c: Use errno.h if present
* raptor_libxml.c: Raptor libxml functions
* raptor_parse.c:
Added 12 wrapper functions for libxml handlers, passing on the right
context to them, to enable handling of entities and resolving them.
(raptor_xml_update_document_locator): Handle if in document subset
Changed internal raptor fatal_error, error, warning functions
to have varargs versions that libxml can use.
(raptor_new): Initialise new libxml handler wrappers
2002-08-17 Dave Beckett <>
* rdfdump.c: Set ntriples error handler
* ntriples_parse.c: Added fatal/non-fatal error handlers/functions.
(raptor_ntriples_set_error_handler): Added.
(raptor_ntriples_string): Documented args; now returns failure status.
(raptor_ntriples_parser_error): Added for non-fatal errors (bad lines).
(raptor_ntriples_parser_fatal_error): Fix passing on va_list arguments.
* ntriples.h: Added raptor_ntriples_set_error_handler
2002-08-13 Dave Beckett <>
* Add check for errno.h
Only link dmalloc if dmalloc.h is present (maintainer mode)
* ntriples_parse.c: Add use of errno.h if present
* raptor_parse.c: Add use of errno.h if present
Minor comments fix
When rdf:Description seen, go straight to state DESCRIPTION rather
than via OBJ
2002-08-07 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: Added rdf:List, rdf:first, rdf:rest (not used yet)
Added rdf:nodeID for bnodes as subject/objects like
* raptor.h: Added RAPTOR_URI_SOURCE_BLANK_ID (for rdf:nodeID)
2002-07-29 Dave Beckett <>
* default xml parser now libxml
* INSTALL.html: Update --with-xml-parser docs
2002-07-28 Dave Beckett <>
* Fix use of srcdir/find
* Add -I's for compiling test programs
2002-07-22 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html: moved Redland parser todos here
2002-07-20 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ Added ex-34
* tests/ex-34.out, tests/ex-34.rdf:
Test daml:collection lists with blank nodes
* Modify cflags to use redland srcdir not builddir
* zap 'finish' stuff
2002-07-17 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_end_element_grammar): Get rdf:ID working
on empty propertyElt with rdf:parseType="Resource"
* raptor_parse.c: Added reified raptor_identifier, changed code to
use it for rdf:ID value Store rdf:bagID in bag raptor_identifier
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_element_has_property_attributes):
Created, returns true iff a
property element has property attributes
(raptor_start_element_grammar): For property elements, move
handing property attributes to close of element, only then can
the resource URI be known.
(raptor_end_element_grammar): Update after above change.
For property elements that are empty (empty literal), create
a new blank node and hang the property attributes off that.
* raptor_parse.c:
Warn and continue when element content is seen inside a
<propElt rdf:resource="..."/>
2002-07-15 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ make check sh stuff not echo
* tests/ Add ex-33
* tests/ex-33.out, tests/ex-33.rdf:
Check properties work off node generated by empty propertyElt
2002-07-15 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ make check sh stuff not echo
* tests/ Add ex-33
* tests/ex-33.out, tests/ex-33.rdf:
Check properties work off node generated by empty propertyElt
2002-07-14 Dave Beckett <>
* Add REDLAND_LIBS to rdfdump dependencies
Add rule to build if needed
2002-07-13 Dave Beckett <>
* Zap -static arg for rdfdump, seems to annoy libtool
Pass on redland libs, cflags as necessary
* ntriples.h: Change all LIBRDF_INTERNAL to RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND
* rdfdump.c: Change all LIBRDF_INTERNAL to RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND
Update to newest librdf world open/close calls
* raptor_parse.c: Tidy - 2 includes of stdlib.h
* raptor_internal.h: Lose all redland includes - for app code
* raptor.h: Include librdf and uri headers when in Redland
Define REDLAND_LIBS, REDLAND_CPPFLAGS for use when building in redland
* raptor_parse.c: Moved debugging stuff to raptor_internal.h
Use updated raptor includes
* rdfdump.c: Use updated raptor includes
* raptor_uri.c: Don't include Redland rdf_config.h
Use updated raptor includes
* ntriples_parse.c: Use updated raptor includes
* raptor.h: Removed all standard includes
Moved URI stuff to raptor_internal.h except for typedef (needed
for prototypes)
* raptor_internal.h: Internal raptor definitions
* Added raptor_internal.h
* Fix raptor in redland check.
* ntriples_parse.c, raptor_parse.c:
don't include redland rdf_config.h - use ours
*, acconfig.h: added RAPTOR_IN_REDLAND
2002-07-12 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor.h: include stdarg.h here
* tests/ Added ex-32
* tests/ex-32.out, tests/ex-32.rdf:
Test property attributes with rdf:resource
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_process_property_attributes):
Pass in an optional
identifier to use for the resource node.
Use that to process property attributes along with rdf:resource,
at the close of the (empty) propertyElt.
2002-07-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference):
Handle base URI without a path
such as ""
Tidy test program args +$(DEFS) to add crucial -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
* rdfdump.c (rdfdump_error_handler): Use va_list form
(rdfdump_warning_handler): Use va_list form
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Warn about unqualified rdf: attributes
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_ntriples_parser_fatal_error):
now passes on va_list
* raptor.h:
API change: raptor_message_handler callback now takes a va_list as
final argument
* rdfdump.c: Make warning/error messages neater
* rdfdump.c: Added -w - ignore warnings
(rdfdump_warning_handler): Added
(rdfdump_error_handler): Added
Count warnings, errors and exit with #errors, or 128+#warnings
* raptor_parse.c:
When a property has multiple objects, give an error and skip the rest
of that element
* tests/ Added bad-01.rdf
* tests/bad-01.rdf: A property must have only one node value
* rdfdump.c:
(rdfdump_error_handler) Added. Exit 1 on an error, don't keep going
* tests/ Fix bad test checking again
2002-07-10 Dave Beckett <>
* Added LOCAL_LIB_DIR for finish
* Fix args for compiling tests
2002-07-07 Dave Beckett <>
* Added finish target to install to lib
Tidy up test program building
* raptor_parse.c:
Allow non-namespaced elements to be recognised and skipped
2002-06-30 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ typo
* Added 'make deb' target
* tests/rdf-schema.out, tests/rdfs-namespace.out: RDFS schema answers
* tests/ Fix rdfs checks
* tests/ Add two RDFS schema namespaces
* tests/rdf-schema.rdf, tests/rdfs-namespace.rdf: RDFS schemas
* raptor_parse.c: (raptor_parser_error) Make this default to exit(1)
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Die when a second object is tried
to be set for a statement
* tests/ Check negative tests correctly
* Add libtoolize cleanup, check and run
*, Added debian dir
2002-06-26 Dave Beckett <>
* win32/README: win32 README
* Added GNU config.* copy test
2002-06-14 cmdjb <>
* tests/ Added bad test checking
Added bad-00.rdf
* tests/bad-00.rdf: Added bad test 00
* Added raptor-config
* libraptor.3, rdfdump.1: Raptor manual pages
* Added raptor-config
Added manual pages
Make rdfdump static only for maintainer
* Raptor configuration script
2002-06-08 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_id):
Hack - make genids be sequential through
lifetime of code, not start from 1 again at parsing.
* raptor.h: Add some RAPTOR_API defs for newer functions
* Use NULL for XML_ParserCreate in first check too
* Bumped version to 0.9.6
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_5 for 0.9.5 release
Delete libtool generated files before running automake (which invokes
libtoolize to do this)
* Remove duplicate check of stdlib.h
* Pass on -D defs when building tests
* raptor_uri.c: Include stdlib.h for malloc
Call XML_ParserCreate with NULL to prevent crash (seen on alpha)
Check for required libxml function xmlCreatePushParserCtxt (libxml
* NEWS.html: Updated for 0.9.5 release
* TODO.html: tidy
Don't compile raptor_cc.c into library, for this release (not used
2002-06-06 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ Added ex-31
* tests/ex-31.out, tests/ex-31.rdf:
Tests for rdf:li with parseType Resource
* raptor_parse.c: Make rdf:li work with parseType resource
2002-06-05 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
made rdf:foo (unknown) attribute generate the statement and a warning
* raptor_parse.c:
Add further allowed rdf: properties (subject, predicate, object) and
classes (Seq Bag Alt Statement Property)
2002-06-04 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_make_uri_from_id,raptor_make_uri):
Fold in relative URI resolution.
(raptor_make_uri_from_base_name): Added
(raptor_process_property_attributes): Use latter to create rdf: names
* Check for stdlib.h
* raptor_uri.c: Remove prototype => raptor.h
* raptor.h: A little tidying.
Export raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference
* raptor_uri.c: comment
* raptor_uri.c (raptor_uri_parse): Update comments
(raptor_uri_resolve_uri_reference): Lots more comments. Rejigged
structure to tidy up in one place. Removed all static buffers.
* tests/ Added ex-30
* tests/ex-30.out, tests/ex-30.rdf:
Tests that bare about attr works with a default ns
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_make_namespaced_name):
Make bare 'about' attribute (etc) work
even when a default namespace is declared.
2002-06-03 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Don't pass parsetype_resource child element state to parent
element->child_element - i.e. proto state of next child element
2002-06-02 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
attribute => attr to fix gcc warning about shadowing a global (?why)
* raptor_parse.c: RBS -> RAPTOR_XML_READ_BUFFER_SIZE
(raptor_parse_file) Added work around for some libxml versions
failing to work when file is smaller than buffer size.
2002-05-31 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Various places: fix a bunch of casts to make g++ happy
Replace several unsigned int i with int i when used as array index.
* ntriples_parse.c:
Various places: fix a bunch of casts to make g++ happy
Replace several unsigned int i with int i when used as array index.
(raptor_ntriples_string): Fix %c in format string
(raptor_ntriples_unicode_char_to_utf8): Use unsigned long
2002-05-29 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: fix xml_language qualifier
* tests/ Add ex-29
* tests/ex-29.out, tests/ex-29.rdf:
Test xml:lang info gets passed to output
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_end_element_handler):
Don't pop element before doing end
grammar, so that rdf_parser->current_element is correct during end
grammar work.
* raptor_parse.c, ntriples_parse.c:
Include stdlib.h for some prototypes.
2002-05-28 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_end_element_grammar):
When zapping content_cdata, always make
length 0
2002-05-26 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ex-28.out, tests/ex-28.rdf:
Test case for property after parseType resource property inherting
parseType resource-ness
* tests/ Added test case 28
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Don't copy the parsetype-resource
generated node URI up to parent element
* tests/ Added test case 27
* tests/ex-27.out, tests/ex-27.rdf:
Test case for wrong ID on 3rd parseType resource off a node
2002-05-24 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c: Wrap errno with #ifndef WIN32
2002-05-08 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Lessen some librdf compile warnings about char* and xmlChar* strings
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_free_xml_entity): Moved earlier in code
(raptor_xml_new_entity): Use LIBRDF_MALLOC
2002-05-07 Dave Beckett <>
* acconfig.h: Added libxml xmlEntity field defs
* Check less libxml headers.
If libxml main headers missing, disable library
Check for xmlEntity fields name_length and etype
* raptor_parse.c:
Added new entity recording, expanding stuff for libxml
(raptor_xml_add_entity, raptor_xml_new_entity,
raptor_xml_entity_decl, raptor_xml_get_entity,
raptor_xml_free_entity, raptor_xml_free_entities): Added or
substantially updated
2002-04-29 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c: tail_id is a char*, not a redland URI
2002-04-28 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
(raptor_new) Initialise entities table count to 0 since
xmlCreateEntitiesTable sometimes doesn't do it.
2002-04-27 Dave Beckett <>
* acconfig.h,, raptor_parse.c:
can be linked to apps (such as Redland) that may have both
Added configure warning about failure of expat UTF8 BOM and how to fix.
* Perform expat BOM check only when a working expat found
* raptor_parse.c,, acconfig.h:
Rename EXPAT_ERROR_CRASH to EXPAT_NO_UTF8_BOM - expat 1.95.1
fails on an initial UTF-8 BOM sequence. expat 1.95.2 onwards fixes
* acconfig.h: Added EXPAT_ERROR_CRASH
* raptor_parse.c:
If EXPAT_ERROR_CRASH then count XML tokens and only try to get line,
col, byte counts after 1 token has been seen.
Add test for expat failure in error reporting before <?xml?>
2002-04-24 Dave Beckett <>
* INSTALL.html: Added CVS instructions, tidied and expanded
* tests/ex-22.rdf: ex-22
2002-04-22 Dave Beckett <>
* Look for gnome-xml/xmlmemory.h header
* raptor_parse.c:
Add a bunch of stuff for libxml1 to handle adding/removing entity decls
(raptor_xml_free_entity): Now libxml2 only
(raptor_xml_libxml1_add_entry): Added, libxml1 only
(raptor_xml_add_entity): Call libxml2 code or
raptor_xml_libxml1_add_entry for libxml1
(xmlHashLookup): Added, libxml1 only
* tests/ Added ex-26
* tests/ex-26.out, tests/ex-26.rdf:
Test entities get expanded in attributes
* Look for libxml/parser.h libxml/hash.h
* raptor_parse.c:
For libxml, Use libxml/parser.h (v2) or gnome-xml/parser.h (v1)
Include libxml/hash.h for v2
Add xml entities support
(raptor_xml_free_entity): Pulled from xmlFreeEntity
(raptor_xml_add_entity): Pulled from xmlAddEntity (slight change to
(raptor_xml_entity_decl): Added
(raptor_xml_get_entity): Added
(raptor_new): Use raptor_xml_entity_decl, raptor_xml_get_entity
and ask for them to be called.
(raptor_parse_file): Free entity stuff.
2002-04-17 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ Added ex-25*
* tests/ex-25.out, tests/ex-25.rdf:
Check mixing rdf:li and rdf:_n works
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_detailed):
Handle printing ordinal objects
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
Handle printing ordinal objects
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_end_element_handler):
Don't overwrite state PROPERTYELT
with MEMBER, it will be switched over when necessary.
* raptor_parse.c: Make unknown/other parsetypes work like Literal
2002-04-05 Dave Beckett <>
Re-add raptor_cc.c raptor_uri.c to sources, tests, distribution
2002-03-27 Dave Beckett <>
* Bumped version to 0.9.5
* Snapshotted raptor_0_9_4 for 0.9.4 release
* Added check for GNU tar
* Added TAR
* INSTALL.html, LICENSE.html: Updated HTML.
* README.html: Updated for 0.9.4 release
Updated HTML.
* TODO.html: Updated HTML.
* NEWS.html: Added notes for 0.9.4 release
Updated HTML.
* NEWS.html: Tidy footer
Remove raptor_cc, raptor_uri stuff from distribution for this release
* raptor_parse.c: Or instead, add const to tail_id
* raptor_parse.c: Remove const from idList
2002-03-26 Dave Beckett <>
* Don't compile the as-yet unused raptor_cc
raptor_uri into the library, for now.
* Try to ensure -g is used in --maintainer-mode
* raptor_parse.c: daml:collection changes Use a genid (char*) for
storing daml:list last anon node Replace all uses of the URI with
the id Make a typedNode inside a daml:collection generate the
rdf:type statement Move the daml:nil generation to the parent
* TODO.html: Some more bugs in daml:collection (but others fixed)
Noted rdf:bagID isn't complete
* tests/ Added ex-24.rdf ex-24.out
* tests/ex-12.out: Correct test result.
* tests/ex-24.rdf, tests/ex-24.out: Added to test daml:collection
with typed nodes inside
2002-03-24 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/ex-17.out: Fix answer; <foo/> gives an empty literal
2002-03-23 Dave Beckett <>
* TODO.html: Note xml:base and xml:lang support added
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_generate_statement): Only process
language for literal objects
2002-03-17 cmdjb <>
* raptor_parse.c: Added xml:lang and xml:base support
Use raptor_inscope_base_uri throughout, any time a URI is created
in a document.
Delete/ignore other xml* attributes when seen; XML spec governs their
(raptor_generate_statement): Add language support.
(make_uri_from_id): Use raptor_inscope_base_uri
(raptor_start_element_grammar): Updated node state comments
(raptor_inscope_xml_language): Added
(raptor_inscope_base_uri): Added
* Added raptor_uri.c
* raptor_uri.c: Raptor URI resolving implementation
2002-03-12 cmdjb <>
* Added --enable-release to turn on -O2
* Strip -O2 from maintainer mode cflags
* raptor_parse.c:
Fix parseType resource (pTr) inside parseType resource.
Don't copy up the pTr element object to parent element,
since the pTr property is the 'parent' of the pTr object
* tests/ Added ex-23
* tests/ex-23.out, tests/ex-23.rdf:
Added test for embedded parseType Resource
* raptor_parse.c: Skip elements with aboutEach or aboutEachPrefix
* tests/test.out, tests/test.nt:
Added xml literals and lang-string literals
* ntriples_parse.c:
Replaced xml(...) with xml"..." throughout
Got "string"-lang working.
2002-03-11 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
Updated for xml"foo" /
xml"foo"-en N-Triples format
* tests/ex-11.out, tests/ex-07.out:
Updated for xml"foo" / xml"foo"-en N-Triples format
2002-03-06 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c:
Added content type property_content set when content type isn't
unknown, but known to be value of a property
* tests/ex-22.out:
Fixed for ordering actually generated
* raptor_parse.c:
Handle bare rdf attributes correctly; only check when they have no
Handle sequence of description/typed node blocks by handling
both as typed nodes and changing to description if necessary.
* tests/ex-21.out: Correct typos
* raptor.h:
Removed aboutEach* identifier types
* raptor.h:
Added prototype for raptor_print_ntriples_string
* ntriples_parse.c (raptor_print_ntriples_string):
Added docu-comment
* tests/ Addex ex-22
* tests/ex-22.out:
Fix base URI of answers
* tests/
Made tests report pass/fail and return exit code to match this
* tests/ex-21.out, tests/ex-22.out, tests/test.out,
tests/ex-09.out, tests/ex-10.out, tests/ex-11.out,
tests/ex-12.out, tests/ex-13.out, tests/ex-14.out,
tests/ex-15.out, tests/ex-16.out, tests/ex-17.out,
tests/ex-18.out, tests/ex-19.out, tests/ex-20.out,
tests/22-rdf-syntax-ns.out, tests/ex-00.out, tests/ex-01.out,
tests/ex-02.out, tests/ex-03.out, tests/ex-04.out,
tests/ex-05.out, tests/ex-06.out, tests/ex-07.out,
tests/ex-08.out: Test N-Triples answers
2002-03-05 Dave Beckett <>
* ntriples_parse.c:
Added some missing prototypes.
(raptor_ntriples_generate_statement): Added support for literal
language, is_XML throughout.
Generate string/XML literals.
(raptor_ntriples_utf8_to_unicode_char): Added
based on librdf_utf8_to_unicode_char
(raptor_ntriples_string): Move the start pointer once the string has
been parsed.
Added literal language (partial), XML support (done)
(raptor_print_ntriples_string): Added; writes a ntriples-escaped
string, handling all escapes. Uses
* raptor_cc.gperf:
A little strlen removal/optimising.
Added more test cases
* raptor.h:
raptor_statement: Added object_literal language, is_XML flag
Added raptor_cc.c, raptor_cc.gperf and unit test
* raptor_cc.gperf:
Added function documentation.
Use constant pointers to constant strings
Tidy testing messages
* raptor_cc.gperf:
Raptor ISO 3166 country code handling
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_print_statement_as_ntriples):
Start updating N-Triples output
for xml() support and quote the literals using
* raptor_parse.c:
Removed more aboutEach, aboutEachPrefix mentions
* raptor_parse.c:
Generate statement for parseType resource between parent and content
* tests/, tests/ex-21.rdf:
Test that rdf: namespace prefixes work
* tests/ex-13.rdf: Fix comment
2002-02-05 Dave Beckett <>
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Change a series of if statements
about state, to be based on a switch on content_type
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
parseType Literal uses content_type
XML Literal
Add XML_LITERAL content type to be used when preserved is
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Moved property rdf:resource checking
to end element
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
FOr rdf:li properties, don't loop around state
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Use content_type not state for
finding daml collections.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_start_element_grammar):
Remove explicit checks for built-in
container types.
* raptor_parse.c:
Removed old block_type comment
* raptor_parse.c:
Remove IN_RDF reference
* raptor_parse.c:
Change content_type / child_content_type when the state /
child_state is set
Change content_type when parseType changes.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_cdata_handler):
Changed to handle a few state exceptions
and then work on a content_type basis.
When reading a property value, if non-whitespace content is found,
set the content type to be literal.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_end_element_handler):
If there is a parent, pass the last
state of this element back up.
* raptor_parse.c (raptor_xml_start_element_handler):
Update literal handling to use
element content_type. Initialise to unknown, then from
the value passed from the parent element if there is one.
Use the flags of the content type to do the checks.
Ensure that when an element is found as a property value, content
type switches to RESOURCE to expect a resource (node).
* raptor_parse.c:
Added a bunch of LIBRDF_DEBUG* statements; tided output of others.
* raptor_parse.c:
* raptor_parse.c:
Deleted states 6.29 (referencedItem) and 6.30 (inlineItem); now that
rdf:li is the same as any other property
* raptor_parse.c:
More EMPTY=>RESOURCE; code at this stage won't work
* raptor_parse.c:
Added some new content types
Uses of type EMPTY replaced with RESOURCE
* raptor_parse.c:
Initialise user_data, locator inside code body; gcc3.x wasn't doing
it in the order of declarations.
* raptor_parse.c:
Added RAPTOR_ELEMENT_CONTENT_TYPE_LAST to make it compile again
* raptor_parse.c: comment tidy
* raptor_parse.c:
Added child_content_type to parser state
* raptor_parse.c:
Added rdf_content_type_info
(raptor_element_content_type_as_string): Added
* raptor_parse.c:
Removed raptor_typed_node_block_type
* raptor_parse.c:
Include dmalloc.h (optionally) after stdlib.h - keeps some gcc3
versions happier
2002-02-03 Dave Beckett <>
* tests/
Added 22-rdf-syntax-ns.rdf rdf namespace test
* tests/22-rdf-syntax-ns.rdf:
Added RDF namespace schema to tests
* tests/ex-11.rdf:
Use parseType 'Literal' (specific value) rather than 'literal' which
just gets turned into parseType literal by the default rules.
* tests/
Throw away stderr on make check; if it fails, I can find out by hand