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1402 lines (1401 sloc) 65.1 kb bibo volume bibo argued bibo edition bibo pages bibo suffixName bibo number bibo numVolumes bibo pageEnd bibo shortTitle bibo issue bibo numPages bibo content bibo abstract bibo pageStart bibo section bibo chapter bibo locator bibo uri bibo prefixName bibo transcriptOf bibo status bibo cites bibo translationOf bibo recipient bibo court bibo owner bibo producer bibo interviewer bibo editor bibo presentedAt bibo organizer bibo annotates bibo reviewOf bibo presents bibo distributor bibo performer bibo translator bibo degree bibo issuer bibo editorList bibo authorList bibo citedBy bibo contributorList bibo interviewee bibo director bibo Patent bibo PersonalCommunicationDocument bibo Workshop bibo Interview bibo Thesis bibo EditedBook bibo LegalDocument bibo AcademicArticle bibo Note bibo DocumentPart bibo Series bibo Periodical bibo PersonalCommunication bibo AudioDocument bibo Newspaper bibo LegalDecision bibo Issue bibo Performance bibo MultiVolumeBook bibo Webpage bibo Brief bibo Website bibo Quote bibo Film bibo AudioVisualDocument bibo CollectedDocument bibo Document bibo Manual bibo Slide bibo Bill bibo DocumentStatus bibo Hearing bibo Manuscript bibo Journal bibo Slideshow bibo Statute bibo Report bibo Article bibo ReferenceSource bibo ThesisDegree bibo Magazine bibo Collection bibo Conference bibo Email bibo Excerpt bibo Book bibo Standard bibo Proceedings bibo Image bibo Chapter bibo LegalCaseDocument bibo BookSection bibo Code bibo Letter bibo CourtReporter bibo Legislation bibo Map bio principal bio immediatelyFollowingEvent bio immediatelyPrecedingEvent bio concludingEvent bio officiator bio olb bio state bio employer bio parent bio mother bio keywords bio eventInterval bio organization bio father bio biography bio child bio place bio witness bio spectator bio position bio followingEvent bio initiatingEvent bio date bio precedingEvent bio concurrentEvent bio partner bio agent bio event bio Promotion bio Employment bio Resignation bio Execution bio Murder bio Adoption bio Graduation bio Retirement bio PositionChange bio Inauguration bio Dismissal bio Accession bio Assassination bio Marriage bio Divorce bio Ordination bio Funeral bio Imprisonment bio BasMitzvah bio Event bio Emigration bio Burial bio Investiture bio Enrolment bio Baptism bio Demotion bio Redundancy bio IndividualEvent bio Coronation bio Birth bio BarMitzvah bio Death bio Naturalization bio GroupEvent bio NameChange bio Interval bio Annulment bio Cremation cc jurisdiction cc prohibits cc deprecatedOn cc requires cc permits cc license cc Requirement cc Jurisdiction cc Prohibition cc Permission cc License cc Work ctag tagged ctag means ctag taggingDate ctag label ctag isAbout ctag TaggedContent ctag Tag ctag AuthorTag ctag ReaderTag ctag AutoTag dcterms spatial dcterms publisher dcterms license dcterms tableOfContents dcterms accrualMethod dcterms language dcterms isPartOf dcterms conformsTo dcterms hasFormat dcterms hasVersion dcterms identifier dcterms mediator dcterms modified dcterms hasPart dcterms medium dcterms available dcterms alternative dcterms references dcterms date dcterms accrualPolicy dcterms educationLevel dcterms isRequiredBy dcterms coverage dcterms source dcterms audience dcterms rightsHolder dcterms provenance dcterms requires dcterms dateAccepted dcterms instructionalMethod dcterms description dcterms abstract dcterms isFormatOf dcterms valid dcterms type dcterms bibliographicCitation dcterms rights dcterms accrualPeriodicity dcterms issued dcterms creator dcterms isReferencedBy dcterms dateSubmitted dcterms extent dcterms temporal dcterms title dcterms contributor dcterms format dcterms isVersionOf dcterms accessRights dcterms subject dcterms created dcterms isReplacedBy dcterms dateCopyrighted dcterms replaces dcterms relation dcterms MethodOfInstruction dcterms MediaTypeOrExtent dcterms Jurisdiction dcterms PhysicalResource dcterms Location dcterms FileFormat dcterms Frequency dcterms LinguisticSystem dcterms AgentClass dcterms LocationPeriodOrJurisdiction dcterms PeriodOfTime dcterms Policy dcterms MethodOfAccrual dcterms ProvenanceStatement dcterms PhysicalMedium dcterms RightsStatement dcterms LicenseDocument dcterms Standard dcterms Agent dcterms MediaType dcterms SizeOrDuration dcterms BibliographicResource doap bug-database doap release doap screenshots doap translator doap developer doap name doap repository doap os doap old-homepage doap module doap shortdesc doap wiki doap revision doap download-page doap helper doap location doap vendor doap documenter doap browse doap tester doap language doap anon-root doap download-mirror doap implements doap created doap homepage doap file-release doap mailing-list doap audience doap service-endpoint doap programming-language doap blog doap description doap platform doap category doap maintainer doap license doap ArchRepository doap CVSRepository doap BKRepository doap Repository doap HgRepository doap SVNRepository doap BazaarBranch doap Specification doap GitRepository doap Version doap DarcsRepository doap Project ev literal_factor ev isAgentIn ev time ev producedIn ev place ev isFactorOf ev sub_event ev factor ev product ev agent ev Event ev Factor ev Product foaf publications foaf pastProject foaf topic foaf workInfoHomepage foaf depicts foaf skypeID foaf gender foaf fundedBy foaf workplaceHomepage foaf openid foaf page foaf logo foaf mbox foaf schoolHomepage foaf givenName foaf isPrimaryTopicOf foaf depiction foaf currentProject foaf based_near foaf img foaf birthday foaf membershipClass foaf myersBriggs foaf mbox_sha1sum foaf interest foaf focus foaf msnChatID foaf nick foaf holdsAccount foaf plan foaf givenname foaf familyName foaf maker foaf homepage foaf age foaf topic_interest foaf surname foaf geekcode foaf lastName foaf status foaf sha1 foaf dnaChecksum foaf family_name foaf accountServiceHomepage foaf firstName foaf icqChatID foaf theme foaf title foaf name foaf weblog foaf primaryTopic foaf aimChatID foaf phone foaf jabberID foaf account foaf tipjar foaf member foaf thumbnail foaf accountName foaf knows foaf made foaf yahooChatID foaf OnlineEcommerceAccount foaf OnlineAccount foaf Person foaf OnlineGamingAccount foaf Image foaf LabelProperty foaf OnlineChatAccount foaf Organization foaf Agent foaf PersonalProfileDocument foaf Project foaf Document foaf Group geo location geo lat_long geo lat geo alt geo long geo Point geo SpatialThing geonames population geonames officialName geonames postalCode geonames shortName geonames countryCode geonames name geonames nearby geonames wikipediaArticle geonames parentADM3 geonames featureClass geonames locationMap geonames parentADM2 geonames parentCountry geonames parentADM1 geonames neighbour geonames featureCode geonames neighbouringFeatures geonames parentFeature geonames nearbyFeatures geonames childrenFeatures geonames parentADM4 geonames locatedIn geonames RDFData geonames Map geonames Feature geonames WikipediaArticle geonames Class geonames Code gr hasMaxCurrencyValue gr hasStockKeepingUnit gr hasMaxValueInteger gr description gr serialNumber gr hasValueFloat gr validFrom gr hasCurrency gr availabilityStarts gr datatypeProductOrServiceProperty gr hasValueInteger gr hasMaxValueFloat gr hasMinValueFloat gr hasNAICS gr isListPrice gr hasDUNS gr hasGTIN-14 gr valueAddedTaxIncluded gr hasGlobalLocationNumber gr hasMinValueInteger gr hasMPN gr validThrough gr category gr durationOfWarrantyInMonths gr hasCurrencyValue gr availabilityEnds gr closes gr hasGTIN-8 gr hasMinCurrencyValue gr eligibleRegions gr hasISICv4 gr legalName gr amountOfThisGood gr hasEAN_UCC-13 gr hasMinValue gr condition gr color gr name gr hasValue gr opens gr hasMaxValue gr billingIncrement gr priceType gr hasUnitOfMeasurement gr isVariantOf gr equal gr hasBrand gr lesser gr hasNext gr includesObject gr isSimilarTo gr valueReference gr offers gr acceptedPaymentMethods gr depth gr appliesToPaymentMethod gr addOn gr hasPrevious gr hasPriceSpecification gr qualitativeProductOrServiceProperty gr typeOfGood gr hasMakeAndModel gr appliesToDeliveryMethod gr availableAtOrFrom gr eligibleDuration gr advanceBookingRequirement gr greater gr lesserOrEqual gr quantitativeProductOrServiceProperty gr hasOpeningHoursSpecification gr hasBusinessFunction gr successorOf gr hasInventoryLevel gr eligibleCustomerTypes gr hasWarrantyScope gr deliveryLeadTime gr owns gr includes gr hasPOS gr hasEligibleQuantity gr isAccessoryOrSparePartFor gr hasManufacturer gr eligibleTransactionVolume gr predecessorOf gr hasOpeningHoursDayOfWeek gr weight gr greaterOrEqual gr height gr hasWarrantyPromise gr seeks gr nonEqual gr width gr availableDeliveryMethods gr isConsumableFor gr Individual gr QuantitativeValue gr PaymentMethod gr DayOfWeek gr N-Ary-Relations gr DeliveryMethod gr QualitativeValue gr ActualProductOrServiceInstance gr DeliveryModeParcelService gr OpeningHoursSpecification gr WarrantyPromise gr DeliveryChargeSpecification gr QuantitativeValueFloat gr BusinessEntityType gr BusinessFunction gr SomeItems gr ProductOrServiceModel gr BusinessEntity gr QuantitativeValueInteger gr LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning gr PriceSpecification gr UnitPriceSpecification gr Location gr WarrantyScope gr Brand gr PaymentChargeSpecification gr PaymentMethodCreditCard gr ProductOrService gr ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder gr Offering gr TypeAndQuantityNode ical requestStatus ical contact ical repeat ical X- ical class ical uid ical action ical priority ical sequence ical location ical tzoffsetfrom ical comment ical percentComplete ical status ical description ical method ical version ical summary ical tzname ical categories ical resources ical tzid ical tzoffsetto ical relatedTo ical prodid ical calscale ical transp ical rdate ical trigger ical completed ical dtend ical geo ical exdate ical recurrenceId ical organizer ical exrule ical duration ical attendee ical lastModified ical freebusy ical due ical rrule ical dtstart ical attach ical dtstamp ical url ical tzurl ical created ical Valarm ical Vevent ical Vfreebusy ical Vjournal ical Vtodo ical Vtimezone mo tempo mo track_count mo movement_number mo track_number mo record_side mo upc mo musicbrainz_guid mo activity_end mo meter mo trmid mo record_number mo bpm mo opus mo catalogue_number mo ipi mo ismn mo record_count mo puid mo iswc mo ean mo encoding mo grid mo text mo isrc mo lc mo activity_start mo gtin mo uuid mo onlinecommunity mo fanpage mo published mo possess_item mo sampled mo member mo movement mo sampled_version mo paid_download mo produced_score mo exchange_item mo release mo producer mo produced_sound mo performed mo signal mo wikipedia mo amazon_asin mo listened mo produced mo arrangement_of mo published_as mo member_of mo publication_of mo remixed mo compilation_of mo lyrics mo musicmoz mo origin mo musicbrainz mo track mo event_homepage mo djmixed_by mo recorded_as mo remaster_of mo mailorder mo recorded_in mo review mo compiler mo derived_from mo primary_instrument mo medley_of mo engineered mo composer mo olga mo group mo interpreter mo licence mo homepage mo produced_signal_group mo image mo contains_sample_from mo sampled_version_of mo discography mo download mo encodes mo conducted mo other_release_of mo label mo genre mo want_item mo produced_signal mo mashup_of mo record mo sampler mo sell_item mo arranged_in mo free_download mo media_type mo djmix_of mo membership mo tribute_to mo biography mo remix_of mo headliner mo myspace mo performed_in mo composed_in mo key mo translation_of mo remixer mo imdb mo records mo djmixed mo produced_work mo supporting_musician mo performance_of mo preview_download mo recording_of mo collaborated_with mo similar_to mo compiled mo discogs mo publishing_location mo publisher mo time mo Arrangement mo ReleaseStatus mo Score mo SoundEngineer mo Composition mo MusicalWork mo MusicalExpression mo PublishedScore mo SignalGroup mo AnalogSignal mo Performer mo DCC mo PublishedLibretto mo MusicalItem mo DAT mo Vinyl mo Instrumentation mo MusicArtist mo Arranger mo Membership mo ReleaseType mo Conductor mo DVDA mo Medium mo Stream mo ReleaseEvent mo MagneticTape mo Label mo Libretto mo MusicGroup mo Sound mo Listener mo AudioFile mo CorporateBody mo Genre mo RecordingSession mo Signal mo Release mo Festival mo Torrent mo Record mo ED2K mo MusicalManifestation mo Instrument mo Track mo Transcription mo Recording mo Movement mo DigitalSignal mo Orchestration mo CD mo Composer mo MD mo PublishedLyrics mo Performance mo SoloMusicArtist mo SACD mo Lyrics mo Show org organization org reportsTo org remuneration org transitiveSubOrganizationOf org headOf org memberDuring org purpose org siteAddress org hasUnit org hasMembership org hasRegisteredSite org role org member org hasMember org originalOrganization org hasSite org basedAt org resultingOrganization org roleProperty org siteOf org memberOf org subOrganizationOf org resultedFrom org classification org linkedTo org changedBy org hasSubOrganization org unitOf org hasPrimarySite org identifier org OrganizationalCollaboration org Membership org Role org Site org FormalOrganization org ChangeEvent org OrganizationalUnit org Organization owl disjointUnionOf owl annotatedSource owl hasValue owl cardinality owl maxCardinality owl propertyChainAxiom owl unionOf owl datatypeComplementOf owl equivalentClass owl distinctMembers owl propertyDisjointWith owl onDataRange owl onClass owl targetIndividual owl inverseOf owl members owl hasSelf owl hasKey owl oneOf owl onDatatype owl sourceIndividual owl complementOf owl annotatedProperty owl equivalentProperty owl disjointWith owl annotatedTarget owl onProperties owl minQualifiedCardinality owl targetValue owl withRestrictions owl someValuesFrom owl qualifiedCardinality owl onProperty owl intersectionOf owl differentFrom owl minCardinality owl maxQualifiedCardinality owl sameAs owl allValuesFrom owl assertionProperty owl bottomDataProperty owl topDataProperty owl topObjectProperty owl bottomObjectProperty owl Nothing owl Thing owl IrreflexiveProperty owl FunctionalProperty owl DeprecatedClass owl ObjectProperty owl Axiom owl NegativePropertyAssertion owl Class owl InverseFunctionalProperty owl Annotation owl DatatypeProperty owl SymmetricProperty owl Ontology owl AllDisjointClasses owl TransitiveProperty owl Restriction owl DeprecatedProperty owl ReflexiveProperty owl OntologyProperty owl AllDifferent owl AsymmetricProperty owl NamedIndividual owl AnnotationProperty owl AllDisjointProperties owl DataRange po frequency po long_synopsis po schedule_date po medium_synopsis po aspect_ratio po synopsis po position po text po short_synopsis po sound_format po duration po subtitle_language po subject po location po author po track po producer po genre po broadcast_on po anchor po format po clip po place po broadcaster po parent_service po director po broadcast_of po parent_series po service po person po credit po category po news_reader po time po commentator po masterbrand po performer po season_broadcast po microsite po version po executive_producer po actor po channel po participant po series po episode po outlet po SignedVersion po Season po Format po TV po Category po NationalRadio po Subtitle po AudioDescribedVersion po FM po Brand po Series po Web po OriginalVersion po Broadcast po ShortenedVersion po Clip po Genre po DVB po LocalRadio po Version po Outlet po Episode po Place po Programme po LW po DAB po Subject po Channel po Radio po FirstBroadcast po RepeatBroadcast po RegionalRadio po IPStream po Service po Segment po Broadcaster po ProgrammeItem po Person rdf type rdf first rdf rest rdf predicate rdf object rdf subject rdf value rdf Statement rdf Property rdf Alt rdf Seq rdf Bag rdf List rdfs domain rdfs label rdfs comment rdfs seeAlso rdfs range rdfs subClassOf rdfs member rdfs isDefinedBy rdfs subPropertyOf rdfs Resource rdfs Class rdfs ContainerMembershipProperty rdfs Literal rdfs Datatype rdfs Container rel wouldLikeToKnow rel participantIn rel knowsOf rel participant rel influencedBy rel childOf rel knowsByReputation rel antagonistOf rel apprenticeTo rel enemyOf rel grandchildOf rel grandchildOf rel employedBy rel mentorOf rel knowsInPassing rel employerOf rel grandparentOf rel parentOf rel ambivalentOf rel Relationship sioc num_replies sioc email_sha1 sioc last_reply_date sioc name sioc first_name sioc title sioc num_views sioc subject sioc content_encoded sioc last_item_date sioc note sioc modified_at sioc num_items sioc last_name sioc ip_address sioc num_authors sioc content sioc num_threads sioc last_activity_date sioc id sioc created_at sioc description sioc has_moderator sioc space_of sioc has_modifier sioc function_of sioc addressed_to sioc subscriber_of sioc moderator_of sioc account_of sioc reply_of sioc reference sioc member_of sioc group_of sioc usergroup_of sioc scope_of sioc has_owner sioc has_space sioc has_host sioc email sioc creator_of sioc has_discussion sioc attachment sioc has_administrator sioc administrator_of sioc container_of sioc feed sioc follows sioc modifier_of sioc has_part sioc topic sioc owner_of sioc next_version sioc embeds_knowledge sioc links_to sioc latest_version sioc about sioc related_to sioc previous_version sioc has_member sioc has_group sioc has_scope sioc previous_by_date sioc has_creator sioc host_of sioc has_container sioc has_parent sioc has_reply sioc avatar sioc has_function sioc next_by_date sioc has_usergroup sioc link sioc part_of sioc has_subscriber sioc parent_of sioc Container sioc UserAccount sioc Item sioc Forum sioc Thread sioc Space sioc Site sioc Role sioc Community sioc Usergroup sioc Post skos note skos historyNote skos notation skos changeNote skos narrowerTransitive skos definition skos closeMatch skos hiddenLabel skos broadMatch skos broaderTransitive skos memberList skos mappingRelation skos topConceptOf skos exactMatch skos narrowMatch skos broader skos prefLabel skos narrower skos altLabel skos semanticRelation skos editorialNote skos related skos example skos scopeNote skos member skos relatedMatch skos hasTopConcept skos inScheme skos Collection skos Concept skos OrderedCollection skos ConceptScheme swande ReifiedAlternativeTo swande ResearchStatement swande DiscourseItem swande ReifiedConsistentWith swande ResearchQuestion swande ResearchComment swande CanonicalResearchStatement swande DiscourseList swande ReifiedRelevantTo swande DiscourseElement swande ReifiedInconsistentWith swanq ReifiedQualifiedBy swanq QualifierConcept swanq Meaning swanq Qualifier swanqs ReifiedQualifiedBy swanqs QualifierConcept swanqs Meaning swanqs Qualifier tl atDuration tl at tl sampleRate tl endsAtInt tl duration tl endsAtDateTime tl end tl origin tl atDateTime tl endsAtDuration tl delay tl beginsAtDateTime tl beginsAtInt tl start tl durationXSD tl durationInt tl atReal tl atInt tl atYear tl beginsAtDuration tl hopSize tl windowLength tl atYearMonth tl atDate tl rangeTimeLine tl timeline tl domainTimeLine tl UTInstant tl TimeLine tl ShiftMap tl RelativeInterval tl DiscreteTimeLine tl OriginMap tl UniformSamplingMap tl UniformWindowingMap tl RelativeInstant tl AbstractInstant tl TimeLineMap tl UTInterval tl UniformSamplingWindowingMap tl AbstractInterval tl ContinuousTimeLine tl Interval tl Instant tl DiscreteInterval tl DiscreteInstant tl AbstractTimeLine tl RelativeTimeLine tl PhysicalTimeLine vcard nickname vcard postal-code vcard additional-name vcard tz vcard locality vcard uid vcard longitude vcard category vcard region vcard note vcard given-name vcard street-address vcard class vcard extended-address vcard title vcard honorific-suffix vcard latitude vcard prodid vcard bday vcard mailer vcard sort-string vcard organization-unit vcard label vcard honorific-prefix vcard fn vcard rev vcard country-name vcard role vcard organization-name vcard post-office-box vcard family-name vcard adr vcard sound vcard key vcard photo vcard email vcard n vcard geo vcard agent vcard logo vcard tel vcard org vcard url vcard Name vcard Internet vcard Organization vcard BBS vcard Parcel vcard Cell vcard Car vcard PCS vcard Email vcard X400 vcard Fax vcard Video vcard ISDN vcard Location vcard Address vcard Dom vcard Home vcard Modem vcard Pref vcard VCard vcard Work vcard Pager vcard Intl vcard Label vcard Voice vcard Postal vcard Msg
term: Agent score: 2 dcterms: foaf:
term: Article score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Book score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Brand score: 2 gr: po:
term: Class score: 3 geonames: owl: rdfs:
term: Code score: 2 bibo: geonames:
term: Collection score: 3 bibo: skos: swanco:
term: Concept score: 2 skos: swanco:
term: ConceptScheme score: 2 skos: swanco:
term: Container score: 2 rdfs: sioc:
term: Document score: 2 bibo: foaf:
term: Email score: 2 bibo: vcard:
term: Event score: 2 bio: ev:
term: Genre score: 2 mo: po:
term: Image score: 2 bibo: foaf:
term: Interval score: 2 bio: tl:
term: Interview score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Journal score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Jurisdiction score: 2 cc: dcterms:
term: Label score: 2 mo: vcard:
term: Location score: 3 dcterms: gr: vcard:
term: Magazine score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Manuscript score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Map score: 2 bibo: geonames:
term: Meaning score: 3 swanco: swanq: swanqs:
term: Membership score: 2 mo: org:
term: Newspaper score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Organization score: 3 foaf: org: vcard:
term: Performance score: 2 bibo: mo:
term: Person score: 3 foaf: foaf: po:
term: Proceedings score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Project score: 2 doap: foaf:
term: Qualifier score: 3 swanco: swanq: swanqs:
term: QualifierConcept score: 2 swanq: swanqs:
term: ReifiedQualifiedBy score: 2 swanq: swanqs:
term: Role score: 2 org: sioc:
term: Series score: 2 bibo: po:
term: Site score: 2 org: sioc:
term: SpatialThing score: 2 foaf: geo:
term: Standard score: 2 bibo: dcterms:
term: Version score: 2 doap: po:
term: Website score: 2 bibo: swanci:
term: Work score: 2 cc: vcard:
term: abstract score: 2 bibo: dcterms:
term: agent score: 3 bio: ev: vcard:
term: altLabel score: 2 geonames: skos:
term: audience score: 2 dcterms: doap:
term: biography score: 2 bio: mo:
term: category score: 4 doap: gr: po: vcard:
term: cites score: 2 bibo: cito:
term: class score: 2 ical: vcard:
term: comment score: 2 ical: rdfs:
term: content score: 2 bibo: sioc:
term: created score: 3 dcterms: doap: ical:
term: date score: 2 bio: dcterms:
term: description score: 5 dcterms: doap: gr: ical: sioc:
term: director score: 2 bibo: po:
term: duration score: 3 ical: po: tl:
term: email score: 2 sioc: vcard:
term: format score: 2 dcterms: po:
term: genre score: 2 mo: po:
term: geo score: 2 ical: vcard:
term: grandchildOf score: 2 rel: rel:
term: hasValue score: 2 gr: owl:
term: homepage score: 3 doap: foaf: mo:
term: identifier score: 2 dcterms: org:
term: key score: 2 mo: vcard:
term: label score: 4 ctag: mo: rdfs: vcard:
term: language score: 2 dcterms: doap:
term: license score: 3 cc: dcterms: doap:
term: location score: 4 doap: geo: ical: po:
term: logo score: 2 foaf: vcard:
term: member score: 5 foaf: mo: org: rdfs: skos:
term: member_of score: 2 mo: sioc:
term: name score: 5 doap: foaf: geonames: gr: sioc:
term: note score: 3 sioc: skos: vcard:
term: organization score: 2 bio: org:
term: organizer score: 2 bibo: ical:
term: origin score: 2 mo: tl:
term: participant score: 2 po: rel:
term: performer score: 2 bibo: po:
term: place score: 3 bio: ev: po:
term: position score: 2 bio: po:
term: prefLabel score: 2 geonames: skos:
term: prodid score: 2 ical: vcard:
term: producer score: 3 bibo: mo: po:
term: publisher score: 2 dcterms: mo:
term: release score: 2 doap: mo:
term: requires score: 2 cc: dcterms:
term: role score: 2 org: vcard:
term: status score: 3 bibo: foaf: ical:
term: subject score: 4 dcterms: po: rdf: sioc:
term: text score: 2 mo: po:
term: time score: 3 ev: mo: po:
term: title score: 4 dcterms: foaf: sioc: vcard:
term: topic score: 2 foaf: sioc:
term: track score: 2 mo: po:
term: translator score: 2 bibo: doap:
term: type score: 2 dcterms: rdf:
term: uid score: 2 ical: vcard:
term: url score: 2 ical: vcard:
term: version score: 2 ical: po:
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