Plant image analysis using OpenCV
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PlantCV: Plant phenotyping using computer vision

Please use, cite, and contribute to PlantCV! If you have questions, please submit them via the GitHub issues page. Follow us on twitter @plantcv.

Introduction to PlantCV

PlantCV [1] is an imaging processing and trait extraction package designed for plant biology research that is built upon open-source software platforms OpenCV [2], NumPy [3], and MatPlotLib [4].

If you use PlantCV please cite us [1].

  • The project website can be found at

  • Installation instructions can be found here

  • Further documentation for PlantCV functions and use can be found at the PlantCV Read the Docs site

  • Test image sets can be found on our Data page. We recommend first testing with sets from the Danforth Center.

  • We recommend reading Reference [1], the first publication to detail PlantCV and provide examples of functionality.

  • To contribute, please see the contribution guide


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  2. Bradski G (2000) The OpenCV library. Dr. Dobb's Journal 25(11): 120-126.

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  4. Hunter JD (2007) Matplotlib: A 2D graphics environment. Computing in Science & Engineering 9: 90-95.

Issues with PlantCV?

Please file any PlantCV suggestions/issues/bugs via our GitHub issues page. Please check to see if any related issues have already been filed.