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= Zerenity
== Version
== Author
Farrel Lifson
== Contributors
Daniel Lucraft
== Synopsis
Zerenity is an almost clone of Zenity( for Ruby. It allows for the easy creation of simple graphical dialogs from a Ruby script.
== Features
Zerenity allows for the creation of the following dialogs
* Date selection
* Text entry
* Error display
* File/directory selection
* Information display
* List display and selection
* Progress display
* Question display
* Text information display and editing
* Warning display
* Sliding scales
* Color selection
== Dependencies
Zerenity requires GTK2( and Ruby/GTK2(
== Installation
Zerenity is avaiable as a Ruby gem. Links to the latest release can be found at
The code is also available via it's Github repository at
== Example Usage
=== User Input and Display
require 'zerenity'
if (name = Zerenity::Entry(:text=>"What is your name?"))
Zerenity::Info(:text=>"Hello #{name}")
puts "No name entered"
=== Progress
require 'zerenity'
fileList = filesToProcess(folder)
Zerenity::Progress(:text=>'Processing files',:autoClose=>true) do |progress|
fileList.each_index do |file,index|
progress.update(index/fileList.length,"#{100*index/fileList.length}% processed...")
== License
Zerenity is released under the BSD license.
== Copyright
(c) 2006 - 2009 Farrel Lifson