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Schema UI Framework

Schema is a modular, responsive, front end framework to easily and quickly help you jumpstart your process in building complex interfaces for the web right out the box. It was created by Dan Malarkey and the feature[23] team.

Learn more about Schema and how to use it by reviewing the documentation.

Get Started

  • Download the latest release of Schema
  • Clone the repo locally $ git clone
  • Install with Bower $ bower install schema-ui

Schema Documentation

Download and use Schema at:


If you find bugs please review the issues section to verify no one else has reported it. If not, please create a new issue and label it accordingly.


I'm new to developing and maintaining software, but I'm going to try my best (I'm sure I'll screw something up) to stick to semantic versioning.

Changelog Releases

As of v2 I will be documenting releases much more than I did with version one. Check out the releases during development