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Daniel Johnston

Skills | Projects | Experience | Education | Interests | Blog | Contact

I'm an experienced web and welfare consultant, with a history of designing, building and running both online and offline services. I'm looking to work directly on software in my next role, having taken a course with Makers Academy to build on a lifetime of informal technical experience. Based in Brighton. Happy to travel, including to London.


Coding - Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, JS, OOD, TDD, CI and agile development practices. In addition to the Makers coding course and several courses as part of my degree, I've been programming on an informal level since childhood, and have built numerous professional sites with Drupal, some of which I still host and maintain.

Communication - I've built, maintained and managed communities in a range of fields, been the point of contact for high value customers, and resolved conflicts within and between organisations. I'm used to engaging with different worldviews, cultural backgrounds, and degrees of technical know-how.

Analysis - Building on a maths degree and a postgraduate diploma in management, I've modelled the requirements, risks and impacts of numerous products and services as part of their design and implementation. I've also designed and overseen operational processes for dozens of projects and services.

Delivery - I'm experienced in both iterative and waterfall approaches, and have often had to shepherd tasks to completion against the clock. As a bid manager, a journalist, an event organiser, and now a coder, I'm used to hard deadlines and regular 'shipping'. I'm also used to working with local and remote teams and bringing together people with differing objectives to get the job done.


Project Description Technologies
Stitchvid A video upload web app - Browse popular hashtags, watch a stream of short videos for each, and upload your own videos and add them to the stream. Used the YouTube API to reach MVP at minimal cost, working as part of a project team for the Makers final project. Rails, ERB, JavaScript, YouTube API, PostgreSQL, RSpec test framework, Travis and Hound for continuous integration testing, and Heroku for hosting and deployment from GitHub.
Nine Worlds website Company-critical CMS with ecommerce, ticket management, and delegated permissions for on-site creation and publishing of stories, guests, and content for an annual event. I've recently migrated sales to an outside ecommerce source to reduce upkeep burden. Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce, MariaDB, Nginx, hosted on a Debian VM. Hired remote designer for template work.
Ticket Tailor Scripts A gradually increasing set of Ruby command line scripts to manage ticketing on the Ticket Tailor website by driving the web front end, in the absence of an API or automated import/export functionality. Ruby, plus Mechanize and Google_drive gems.
BASE website A CMS for an industry body with substantial additional functionality, including delegated import and management of site users / member profiles / office locations for member organisations, an industry knowledge base with multiple content types and faceted search interface, targeted newsletter creation and sending, and a Google Maps-based office search and display including geolocation and proximity search. Developed through multiple iterations over several years, before being passed on to new maintainers in 2016. Drupal 7, Aegir, hosted on a Debian VM. Hired local designer for template work.


Freelance web and welfare consultant (since Mar 2010) Working with clients on a range of projects, including web development, application design, product management, online community building, and operations management. Notable assignments included:

  • Policy in Practice (Mar 2013 - Jan 2014, Nov 2015 - Mar 2016) Covering multiple areas at a high growth startup that combines SaaS tools with expertise in welfare research and consulting. Product managed the development of the Universal Benefit Calculator, across programming, operations and design functions in multiple countries.

  • British Association for Supported Employment (2010 - 2016) Built a website for a membership body in Drupal, with ongoing maintenance and development of new features.

  • Interim Business Development Director at Kennedy Scott (Sept 2014 - Feb 2015) Leading business growth for a medium sized welfare to work and training organisation.

  • Benefits and Work (May 2012 - Apr 2013) Community management and customer support.

  • Jobinasecond (Oct 2012 - Feb 2013) Service design and community management.

  • Indus Delta (Mar 2010 - Apr 2011) Support and server management for the company I founded.

Founder of Nine Worlds (since Sep 2012) Director of a multi-genre residential geek culture convention, taking place every August in London. Responsible for web development, e-commerce and all information systems, operational management, business planning and finance, marketing and comms. 1,500 attendees, w/ coverage in SFX, Guardian, Daily Mail and wider press.

Trustee at PiP Foundation (since Apr 2014) Board member for a welfare research and policy charity.

Founder of Indus Delta (Feb 2007 - Feb 2010) Built and sold the UK's most popular online welfare-to-work community and news source, with a range of data tools and resources for employment-related providers and anyone interested in welfare reform and delivery. Read by almost all senior professionals in welfare-to-work and related sectors. Sold as a profitable going concern to Inclusion (now the Learning and Work Institute) in 2010.

Director of Special Projects at Kennedy Scott (Sep 2001 - Jan 2007) Worked for a welfare-to-work services provider to create, market and manage programmes to help people enter sustainable employment, usually funded by the government. Bid for and won dozens of programmes, ranging in value from £5k to >£5M.

Volunteer Development Worker at VSO Cameroon (Aug 1999 - Aug 2001) Taught Maths ‘O’ Level, Physics ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level, Computer Studies. Developed a careers advisory service with fellow teachers. Organised and co-ran a weekend teacher training conference for colleagues. Bid for and obtained funding to improve teaching facilities.


Makers Academy

A 16-week intensive computer programming and web development bootcamp

London Metropolitan University

PGDip Management Studies

University of Warwick

BSc Mathematics


I read constantly, run regularly, and enjoy cooking. I'm interested in new technologies, social inclusion, and loud music.


You can reach me on jobs@danieljohnston.co.uk or by phone at 07876618040.