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"description": "A list of professional wrestling moves",
"moves": [
"450° splash",
"630° senton",
"Aided brainbuster",
"Aided headscissors takedown",
"Aided leapfrog body guillotine",
"Aided neckbreaker",
"Aided piledriver",
"Aided powerbomb",
"Aided splash",
"Aided superbomb",
"Aided suplex",
"Aided wheelbarrow facebuster",
"Aided wheelbarrow suplex",
"Aided whiplash",
"Argentine rack neckbreaker combination",
"Arm twist ropewalk chop",
"Asian mist",
"Assisted senton",
"Avalanche frankensteiner",
"Axe handle elbow drop",
"Back elbow",
"Back fist",
"Back kick",
"Backbreaker hold diving attack combination",
"Backbreaker hold diving elbow drop combination",
"Backbreaker hold top-rope legdrop combination",
"Backflip kick",
"Backhand chop",
"Battering ram",
"Bearhug hold attack combination",
"Bearhug hold flying crossbody combination",
"Bearhug hold high kick combination",
"Bearhug hold seated senton combination",
"Bearhug hold superkick jackknife pin combination",
"Bearhug hold top-rope legdrop combination",
"Belly to back suplex neckbreaker combination",
"Bicycle kick",
"Big boot",
"Big splash",
"Bionic elbow",
"Body avalanche",
"Bronco buster",
"Butt drop",
"Cactus clothesline",
"Calf kick",
"Catching hip toss",
"Chair shot",
"Chair thrust",
"Chop block",
"Chop drop",
"Corkscrew elbow drop",
"Corner back elbow",
"Corner backflip kick",
"Corner clothesline",
"corner slingshot splash",
"Crane kick",
"Crooked arm lariat",
"Cross chop",
"Death Drop",
"Diamond dust",
"Discus back elbow",
"Discus elbow smash",
"Diving back elbow drop",
"Diving bulldog",
"Diving crossbody",
"Diving DDT",
"Diving double axe handle",
"Diving elbow drop",
"Diving fist drop",
"Diving headbutt low blow",
"Diving headbutt",
"Diving hurricanrana",
"Diving knee drop",
"Diving leg drop bulldog",
"Diving leg drop low blow",
"Diving leg drop",
"Diving shoulder block",
"Diving spear",
"Diving stomp",
"Doomsday Device",
"Double Axe Hammer",
"Double axe handle",
"Double belly to back suplex",
"Double bulldog",
"Double butt splash",
"Double chokeslam",
"Double clothesline",
"Double crucifix powerbomb",
"Double cutter",
"Double DDT",
"Double drop toe-hold",
"Double dropkick",
"Double elbow drop",
"Double enzuigiri",
"Double extreme leg drop",
"Double facebuster",
"Double fireman's carry",
"Double flapjack",
"Double foot stomp",
"Double hip toss",
"Double inverted DDT",
"Double knee lift",
"Double knee",
"Double lifting DDT",
"Double missile dropkick",
"Double slap",
"Double Sledge",
"Double STO",
"Double submission",
"Double superkick",
"Double suplex",
"Dragon whip",
"Elbow drop",
"Elbow smash",
"Elevated jawbreaker",
"Elevated splash",
"European uppercut",
"Eye poke",
"Eye rake",
"Fist drop",
"Flapjack DDT",
"Flying calf kick",
"Flying clothesline",
"Flying forearm smash",
"Flying lariat",
"Flying neckbreaker",
"Flying spinning heel kick",
"Flying thrust kick",
"Football kick",
"Forearm club",
"Forearm drop",
"Forearm smash",
"Forehand chop",
"Frog splash",
"German U-Turn",
"Go 2 Sleep",
"Gory bomb cutter combination",
"Guitar shot",
"Hair pull",
"Hart Attack",
"Headbutt drop",
"Heart Punch",
"High knee",
"High-angle senton bomb",
"Hip attack",
"Hiptoss Aided hiptoss combination",
"Imploding 450° splash",
"Imploding senton bomb",
"Jumping high kick",
"Kesagiri chop",
"Knee drop bulldog",
"Knee drop",
"Knee lift",
"Knee strikes",
"Koronco buster",
"Lariat running chop block combination",
"Lariat takedown",
"Leapfrog body guillotine",
"Leg drop splash combination",
"Leg drop",
"Leg lariat",
"Lou Thesz press",
"Low blow",
"Mongolian chop",
"Moonsault double foot stomp",
"Moonsault leg drop",
"Moonsault senton",
"Mounted elbow drop",
"Mounted punches",
"Mule kick",
"Mushroom stomp",
"One-man con-chair-to",
"Overhead chop",
"Overhead kick",
"Palm strike",
"Phoenix splash",
"Poetry in Motion",
"Polish Hammer",
"Powerbomb diving attack combination",
"Powerbomb diving legdrop combination",
"Powerbomb double knee backbreaker combination",
"Powerbomb flying neckbreaker combination",
"Powerbomb missile dropkick combination",
"Powerbomb neckbreaker combination",
"Powerbomb shiranui combination",
"Powerbomb suplex combination",
"Rebound clothesline",
"Reverse frankensteiner",
"Reverse hangman",
"Rocket Launcher",
"Rolling Thunder",
"Rolling wheel kick",
"Russian legsweep clothesline combination",
"Samoan drop neckbreaker combination",
"Savate kick",
"Scissors kick",
"Scoop powerslam Powerbomb combination",
"Seated senton",
"Senton bomb",
"Shining Wizard",
"Shoot kick",
"Shooting star DDT",
"Shooting star elbow drop",
"Shooting star leg drop",
"Shooting star press",
"Shooting star senton",
"Shooting star",
"Short-arm clothesline",
"Short-arm elbow smash",
"Sidewalk slam top-rope legdrop combination",
"Sky lift slam",
"Sliding forearm smash",
"Slingshot catapult clothesline combination",
"Slingshot catapult missile dropkick combination",
"Slingshot catapult top rope bulldog combination",
"Sole kick",
"Somersault leg drop",
"Spanish fly",
"Spin kick",
"Spinning back fist",
"Spinning headlock elbow drop",
"Spinning heel kick",
"Spinning knee",
"Springboard bulldog",
"Springboard clothesline",
"Standing moonsault",
"Standing shooting star press",
"Stinger splash",
"Stink Face",
"STO big boot combination",
"STO Russian legsweep combination",
"Striking spear",
"Sunset flip",
"Superkick spinning leg sweep combination",
"Suplex flying attack combination",
"Testicular claw",
"Three-point stance clothesline",
"Throat thrust",
"Tiger feint kick",
"Tilt-a-whirl crossbody",
"Toe kick",
"Total Elimination",
"Trapping headbutts",
"Turnbuckle thrust",
"Vertical press",
"Wheelbarrow facebuster cutter combination",
"Wheelbarrow hold top rope legdrop combination",
"Wind-up punch",