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Serves a web interface and RESTful API for reference genome assets.
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Build Status


This folder contains code for an API to provide reference genomes.

Building container

  1. In the same directory as the Dockerfile:
docker build -t refgenieserverim .

Running container for development:

Mount a directory of files to serve at /genomes:

docker run --rm -p 80:80 --name refgenieservercon -v $(pwd)/files:/genomes refgenieserverim refgenieserver -c refgenie.yaml serve

Running container for production:

  1. Run the container from the image you just built:
docker run --rm -d -p 80:80 -v /path/to/genomes_archive:/genomes --name refgenieservercon refgenieserverim refgenieserver -c /genomes/genome_config.yaml serve 

Make sure the genome_config.yaml filename matches what you've named your configuration file! We use -d to detach so it's in background. Terminate container when finished:

You shouldn't need to mount the app (-v /path/to/refgenieserver:/app) because in this case we're running it directly.

docker stop refgenieservercon

Interacting with the API web server

Navigate to http://localhost/ to see the server in action.

You can see the automatic docs and interactive swagger openAPI interface at http://localhost/docs. That will also tell you all the endpoints, etc.

Monitoring for errors

Attach to container to see debug output:

docker attach refgenieservercon

Grab errors:

docker events | grep -oP "(?<=die )[^ ]+"

View those error codes:

docker logs <error_code>

Enter an interactive shell to explore the container contents:

docker exec -it refgenieservercon sh
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