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Cisco Data Center

Cisco Open Source Projects for the Data Center

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  1. acitoolkit acitoolkit Public

    A basic toolkit for accessing the Cisco APIC

    Python 347 266

  2. nexus9000 nexus9000 Public

    Nexus 9000

    Python 247 192

  3. ACI ACI Public

    Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure SDKs and Code Samples

    Python 115 66

  4. who-moved-my-cli who-moved-my-cli Public

    A collection of simple Python scripts to help convert network engineers into programmer network engineers

    Python 101 55

  5. cobra cobra Public

    Cobra - Python bindings for the ACI REST API

    Python 88 41

  6. Ansible-NXOS Ansible-NXOS Public

    Repo for ansible nxos playbooks

    Dockerfile 74 61


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