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Solutions for blockchain interoperability


  1. lcp lcp Public

    A proxy for light client verification executed in TEE.

    Rust 31 9

  2. cross cross Public

    A framework empowers the development of smart contracts that support cross-chain transactions.

    Go 46 17

  3. yui-relayer-build yui-relayer-build Public

    IBC Relayer for heterogeneous blockchains

    8 9

  4. ethereum-ibc-rs ethereum-ibc-rs Public

    Ethereum Light Client for IBC

    Rust 7 1

  5. cosmos-ethereum-ibc-lcp cosmos-ethereum-ibc-lcp Public

    A bridge demo between Cosmos and Ethereum using IBC and LCP

    C 16 4

  6. tendermint-zk-ibc tendermint-zk-ibc Public

    Tendermint ZK Light Client for ibc-solidity

    Solidity 9


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