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Sound of Twitter

Use DataSift to visualize the sentiment on Twitter with lights and sounds.

You can see a demo over on YouTube or read more information on DataSift Labs


You will need:

  • an API key from DataSift.

  • credit on your DataSift account (depending on the stream, this application may rapidly consume your credits).

  • access to the Salience Entities data source.


Locate the following line in sound.js:

// connect to DataSift
DataSift.connect('<username>', '<apikey>', '');

Replace <username> with your DataSift username and <apikey> with your DataSift API key (look for it on your DataSift account page).

Save sound.js and open index.html in a web browser.

The default configuration of sound.js references a stream that filters for 'life'. You can create your own stream and filter for other keywords. If you do, you must change the stream hash in the call to DataSift.register():

DataSift.register('b65ceba2ba57cadc880a18bd48c2f467', {
	onMessage: function(d) { this.onMessage(d); }.bind(this),
	onError: function() {}