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This repository

Ruby client for DataSift

branch: 3.0.0


The official Ruby library for accessing the DataSift API. See for full details and to sign up for an account.

Install Instructions

sudo gem install datasift


If you're using the source you'll need to install the dependencies.

sudo gem install rest-client multi_json websocket-td

The library will use SSL connections by default. While we recommend using SSL you may disable it if required by passing ':enable_ssl => false' as the third parameter when creating your @config object.

Simple example

This example looks for anything that contains the word "football" in real-time, and simply prints the content to the screen as they come in.

require 'datasift'
@config = {:username => 'DATASIFT_USERNAME', :api_key => 'DATASIFT_API_KEY', :enable_ssl => true}
@datasift =
csdl = 'interaction.content contains "football"'
filter = @datasift.compile csdl
receivedCount = 0

on_delete = lambda { |stream, m| puts 'We must delete this to be compliant ==> ' + m }
on_error = lambda { |stream, e| puts "A serious error has occurred: #{e.message}" }
on_message = lambda do |message, stream, hash|
  receivedCount += 1
  puts "Received interaction: #{message}"

  if receivedCount >= 5
    puts "Unsubscribing from hash #{hash}"
    stream.unsubscribe hash

on_connect = lambda do |stream|
  stream.subscribe(filter[:data][:hash], on_message)
  puts 'Subscribed to '+ filter[:data][:hash]

on_datasift_message = lambda do |stream, message, hash|
  #not all messages have a hash
  puts "is_success =  #{message[:is_success]}, is_failure =  #{message[:is_failure]}, is_warning =  #{message[:is_warning]}, is_tick =  #{message[:is_tick]}"
  puts "DataSift Message #{hash} ==> #{message}"

conn = DataSift::new_stream(@config, on_delete, on_error, on_connect)
conn.on_datasift_message = on_datasift_message

See the Understanding the Output Data page on the DataSift Developer site for full details of the data contained within each interaction.


All code contained in this repository is Copyright 2011-2013 MediaSift Ltd.

This code is released under the BSD license. Please see the LICENSE file for more details.

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