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Specifications for the Dat protocol in Web browsers [DEFUNCT. Now using DEPs repo.]
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This repo is now closed

We have decided to merge into the Dat Enhancement Proposal (DEP) process.

Dat protocol Web specs

Specifications for the Dat protocol in Web browsers.

Status: Just getting started! The specs in this repo are still in progress.


There are now multiple browsers with plans to implement the Dat protocol:

Therefore, this repository will:

  • Document the core behaviors of Dat to be implemented by Web browsers.
  • Link to working modules and implementations.
  • Act as the location to discuss the specs and propose changes.

Since we are not yet on any standards tracks (ie WHATWG or W3C) this repo will use an informal specification.

Table of contents


Proposed changes will be discussed in issues and pull-requests. PRs will be accepted and merged by members of the datprotocol org after a consensus has been reached.