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If you don't want to serve the live version of your site, you can also generate files, these can be one of the three supported formats :

  • HTML output
  • Single page HTML output
  • Atlassian Confluence upload

Generating a complete set of pages, with navigation

daux --destination=[Output Directory Relative Direction]


For more options, run

daux generate --help

Specify the configuration file

Specify the format

Valid options are html, confluence or html-file. You can also add your own formats through Processors

daux --format=html

Specify a processor

A processor can be specified through the --processor option, this should be the name of a class inside the Todaymade\Daux\Extension namespace.

By running :

daux --processor=Processor

Daux will be looking for Todaymade\Daux\Extension\Processor inside the daux folder.

You can try to run this command, we added a small example Processor.

Specify the source

By default, the source is taken from the docs_directory configuration value in global.json but you can override it here.

daux --source=docs_to_generate

The path can be absolute or relative

Specify the destination

By default the destination is static

daux --destination=generated_docs

The path can be absolute or relative