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See for an example project

In any view (Layout, Page, Partial, or EditorTemplate), use




to add a js or css file to the output. In your template, use




to output all the scripts and styles to your page.


Two AppSettings configuration keys are used.

UseCDNScripts will tell the script manager to use CDN-hosted scripts if provided. To provide a CDN script, pass it as the second parameter in AddScript:

@Script.AddJavaScript(localPath: "~/Scripts/jquery-1.6.js", cdnPath: "", siteWide: true)

CompressScripts will tell the script manager to compress the combined output of all local scripts. If UseCDNScripts is set to true, this will only compress local scripts, not CDN-hosted scripts. If CompressScripts is set to false, the full path of each individual file is included as a comment in the script output just before that particular file's content.