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Compatibility with Ransack #19

jamescway opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants


Rails 4.0.0, Ruby 1.9.3

NoMethodError - undefined method `v' for #<Ransack::Search:0x007ff217364ca8>:

I downloaded the Railscast repo for Ransack and upgraded it to Rails4, when I add letters into the gemfile, it causes the problem. My suspicion is that its a name collision in Ransack. Tho in my case its for ':v' which doesn't seem to have a duplicate method...


Thanks for the note. What do you see as a good solution here? Would you like the ability to disable specific Letters? Is it a simple naming conflict, or is this a deeper problem that's specific to the Ransack library? (I haven't used Ransack.)


Not sure, I'll try to narrow down what the exact conflict is. Would like to continue to use letters.

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