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require 'abject/reader'
module Abject
# Inheritance is a way to retain features of old code in newer code. The programmer derives
# from an existing function or block of code by making a copy of the code, then making
# changes to the copy. The derived code is often specialized by adding features not
# implemented in the original. In this way the old code is retained but the new code inherits
# from it.
# Unlike Object Oriented programming, inheritance in Abject-O need not be limited to classes
# - functions and blocks may also inherit from other code. Programs that use inheritance are
# characterized by similar blocks of code with small differences appearing throughout the source.
# Another sign of inheritance is static members: variables and code that are not directly
# referenced or used, but serve to maintain a link to the original base or parent code.
module Inheritance
include Abject::Reader
# Method chaining helps methods adhere to the single responsibility principle as well as
# improving performance and saving memory by getting rid of all those pesky local variables.
# Such eval! So performant! Much wow!
def inherits_from(parent, *args, &block)
eval(" { |#{ { |k| k.to_s }.join ','}| #{parse_method method(parent).to_proc.source_location}\n#{parse_method block.source_location} }").call args
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