A platform for secure, performant web font hosting.
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Adrian: A platform for secure, performant web font hosting.

Adrian (Frutiger, not Pennino) is a server for hosting web fonts. It scans all the fonts in a directory and automatically generates CSS with @font-face declarations for individual fonts or families. Caching headers are added to all responses so browsers know not to request the same files repeatedly, while CORS and filename obfuscation helps comply with security restrictions in some fonts' licenses.

Basically, it lets you serve fonts for your sites from a central location so they're not sitting in your project's repo, which is important if you have commercial fonts on an otherwise open source site. It also uses browser same-origin security and filename obfuscation to help prevent you from being a one-stop distribution site for the fonts you paid good money for.

Getting Started


Adrian is written in Node.js, and you will need Node.js installed to run it.


  1. Clone the repository and cd into the directory
  2. Edit adrian.yaml to configure
  3. node app/src/server.js to start the server

Test it by loading a font CSS file, such as http://example.com/font/Arial.css (replace example.com with your server's hostname and Arial.css with the name of a font available to Adrian.



A whitelist of domains allowed to use fonts hosted by this instance


A list of directories where Adrian should look for font files. On Linux, system-wide fonts are stored in /usr/share/fonts.

Supported font formats:

  • otf
  • ttf
  • woff
  • woff2



Generates CSS for including the Arial Bold font file in a web project.


Generates CSS for including the entire Arial font family in a web project.

Built With


Please consider opening a Pull Request to submit changes to this project.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details