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Contributions are welcome as long as they are part of my vision for GLI (or can be treated as optional to the user). I am obsessive about backwards-compatibility, so you may need to default things to disable your features. Sorry, not ready to bump a major version any time soon.

  1. Fork my Repository
  2. Create a branch off of gli-2 (master is no longer the canonical branch)
  3. Make your changes:
    • Please include tests and watch out for reek and roodi; i.e. keep your code clean
    • If you make changes to the gli executable or the scaffolding, please update the cucumber features
    • Please rubydoc any new methods and update the rubydoc to methods you change in the following format:
          # Short description
          # Longer description if needed
          # +args+:: get documented using this syntax
          # +args+:: please state the TYPE of every arg
          # Returns goes here, please state the TYPE of what's returned, if anything
  • Use # :nodoc: for methods that a user of GLI should not call (but still please do document all methods)
    1. Make sure your branch will merge with my gli-2 branch (or just rebase your branch from my gli-2 branch)
    2. Create a pull request explaining your change
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