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@alanwsmith alanwsmith Added 'bundle exec' to the initial 'help' call to see the actual output. Updated descriptions match the "todo" example output instead of generic "my_proj". 57c2b25
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Home (markdown) a9217b2
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Home (markdown) cc75eef
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Home (markdown) f4cc61b
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Home (markdown) cf81bd2
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Intro (markdown) 007ca20
@davetron5000 davetron5000 updates for 2.0 d2bfe62
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Intro (markdown) 95d2270
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Example and missing features 80571a7
@davetron5000 davetron5000 tons of new pages 2eba724
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Intro (markdown) 7c6cb7e
@davetron5000 davetron5000 new page 335a86c
@davetron5000 davetron5000 slight rework dd28d09
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated GLI: Git Like Interface (markdown) 913e4e7
@davetron5000 davetron5000 seeing how this works 70076ad
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Updated Home (textile => markdown) 3de5701
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Migrated from home v1 fecd4eb
@davetron5000 davetron5000 Initial Commit b1f2dfe
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