Tools from Pugh et al.'s "Omega Project" for constraint-based compiler tools: The "Omega Library" for constraint manipulation; The "Omega Calculator" (text interface); the "Omega Test" for depedence analysis; the "Uniform Library" for code transformation; and the "Code generation" library for generating the transformed code. I am experimenting w…
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INSTALL The files from Bill Pugh's Omega Project version 1.2, mostly Jul 1, 2008
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Omega Project Source Release, version 2.1

This is verion 2.1 of the Omega Project software, including:
    * The Omega library, a set of routines for manipulating linear constraints
	    over integer variables,  Presburger formulas, and Integer tuple
	    relations and sets.
    * The code generation library, a set of routines for generating code to
	    scan the points in the union of a number of convex sets. 
    * The Omega calculator, a text-based interface to the Omega library
    * Petit, a educational/research tool for analyzing array data dependences
    * The Uniform library, a source to source parallelizing transformation 
      system, described in Wayne Kelly's Ph.D. dissertation.

Many new features have been added, and numerous bugs fixed, by a
number of groups since the August 2000 version 1.2 from the
web site. A quick check of the omega calculator regression tests indicates
that there is one difference in the generated code for a time-skewed example,
but this may just be an equivalent iteration space expressed in a different

The web site of the Omega Project remains at

but the source code is now on

To obtain a read-only copy of the source code on linux or MacOS
with a command-line git client, use the command

	git clone git://