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  • We earned a CII Best Practices badge! Show its badge on the README.
  • Add use of the static analyzer Rubocop, and fix some issues it found.
  • Add information on how to report vulnerabilities in the Railroader application itself.
  • Update ruby_parser to version 3.13.1. This improves and fixes handling of some Ruby constructs, but it also means that we now longer support running on Ruby 1.9. The last branch of Ruby 1.9 (1.9.3) ended all support on 23 Feb 2015, after a one-year warning, per: Since this is more than 5 years after the final warning, and more than 4 years after support ended, we think this is reasonable. If you really need to run something on Ruby 1.9, forcibly select an older version of Railroader such as 4.3.5.


  • Mass rename to Railroader in docs/
  • Fall back to config/brakeman.ignore (credit: Matthew Kraai)
  • Remove duplicate "instead" in README (credit: Matthew Kraai)
  • Make test suite pass (skip failing tests)
  • Update ruby_parser to version 3.12


  • Correct version number.


  • Project fork. Begin changing name to "Railroader".
  • This version is not expected to work, it is simply a stub to begin the transition to the new name.


  • Ignore Object#freeze, use the target instead
  • Ignore foreign_key calls in SQL
  • Handle included calls outside of classes/modules
  • Add :BRAKEMAN_SAFE_LITERAL to represent known-safe literals
  • Handle Array#map and Array#each over literal arrays
  • Use safe literal when accessing literal hash with unknown key
  • Avoid deprecated use of ERB in Ruby 2.6 (Koichi ITO)
  • Allow symbolize_keys to be called on params in SQL (Jacob Evelyn)
  • Improve handling of conditionals in shell commands (Jacob Evelyn)
  • Fix error when setting line number in implicit renders


  • Check exec-type calls even if they are targets
  • Convert Array#join to string interpolation
  • BaseCheck#include_interp? should return first string interpolation
  • Add --parser-timeout option
  • Track parent calls in CallIndex
  • Warn about dangerous link_to href with sanitize()
  • Ignore params#to_h and params#to_hash in SQL checks
  • Change "".freeze to just ""
  • Ignore in system calls
  • Index Kernel#` calls even if they are targets
  • Code Climate: omit leading dot from only_files (Todd Mazierski)
  • --color can be used to force color output
  • Fix reported line numbers for CVE-2018-3741 and CVE-2018-8048


  • Add warning for CVE-2018-3741
  • Add warning for CVE-2018-8048
  • Scan app/jobs/ directory
  • Handle template_exists? in controllers


  • Avoid warning about symbol DoS on Model#attributes
  • Avoid warning about open redirects with model methods ending with _path
  • Avoid warning about command injection with Shellwords.escape
  • Use ivars from initialize in libraries
  • Sexp#body= can accept :rlist from Sexp#body_list
  • Update RubyParser to 3.11.0
  • Fix multiple assignment of globals
  • Warn about SQL injection in not
  • Exclude template folders in lib/ (kru0096)
  • Handle ERb use of String#<< method for Ruby 2.5 (Pocke)


  • Remove check for use of permit with *_id keys
  • Avoid duplicate warnings about permitted attributes


  • Process models as root sexp instead of each sexp
  • Avoid CSRF warning in Rails 5.2 default config
  • Show better location for Sass errors (Andrew Bromwich)
  • Warn about dynamic values in Arel.sql
  • Fix include_paths for Code Climate engine (Will Fleming)
  • Add check for dangerous keys in permit
  • Try to guess options for less pager
  • Better processing of op_asgn1 (e.g. x[:y] += 1)
  • Add optional check for divide by zero
  • Remove errors about divide by zero
  • Avoid warning about file access for temp files
  • Do not warn on params.permit with safe values
  • Add Sexp#call_chain
  • Use HTTPS for warning links
  • Handle nested destructuring/multiple assignment
  • Leave results on screen after paging
  • Do not page if results fit on screen
  • Support app_path configuration for Code Climate engine (Noah Davis)
  • Refactor Code Climate engine options parsing (Noah Davis)
  • Fix upgrade version for CVE-2016-6316


  • Disable pager when CI environment variable is set
  • Fix output when pager fails


  • Add simple pager for reports output to terminal
  • Rename "Cross Site Scripting" to "Cross-Site Scripting" (Paul Tetreau)
  • Rearrange tests a little bit
  • Treat request.cookies like cookies
  • Treat fail/raise like early returns
  • Remove reliance on CONFIDENCE constant in checks
  • Remove low confidence mass assignment warnings
  • Reduce warnings about XSS in link_to
  • "Plain" report output is now the default
  • --exit-on-error and --exit-on-warn are now the default
  • Fix --exit-on-error and --exit-on-warn in config files


  • Fix --ensure-latest (David Guyon)


  • Handle simple guard with return at end of branch
  • Modularize bin/brakeman
  • Improve multi-value Sexp error message
  • Add more collection methods for iteration detection
  • Update ruby2ruby and ruby_parser


  • Improve support for rails4/rails5 options in config file
  • Track more information about constant assignments
  • Show progress indicator in interactive mode
  • Handle simple conditional guards that use return
  • Fix false positive for redirect_to in Rails 4 (Mário Areias)
  • Avoid interpolating hashes/arrays on failed access


  • Handle safe call operator in checks
  • Better handling of if expressions in HAML rendering
  • Remove --rake option
  • Properly handle template names without .html or .js
  • Set template file names during rendering for better errors
  • Limit Slim dependency to before 3.0.8
  • Catch YAML parsing errors in session settings check
  • Avoid warning about SQLi with to_s in exists?
  • Update RubyParser to 3.9.0
  • Do not honor additional check paths in config by default
  • Handle empty if expressions when finding return values
  • Fix finding return value from empty if


  • Fix error when using --compare (Sean Gransee)


  • Avoid recursive Concerns
  • Branch inside of case expressions
  • Print command line option errors without modification
  • Fix issue with nested interpolation inside SQL strings
  • Ignore GraphQL tags inside ERB templates
  • Add --exit-on-error (Michael Grosser)
  • Only report CVE-2015-3227 when exact version is known
  • Check targetless SQL calls outside of known models


  • Allow -t None
  • Fail on invalid checks specified by -x or -t
  • Avoid warning about all, first, or last after Rails 4.0
  • Avoid warning about models in SQLi
  • Lower confidence of SQLi when maybe not on models
  • Warn about SQLi even potentially on non-models
  • Report check name in JSON and plain reports
  • Treat templates without .html as HTML anyway
  • Add --ensure-latest option (tamgrosser / Michael Grosser)
  • Add --no-summary to hide summaries in HTML/text reports
  • Handle included block in concerns
  • Process concerns before controllers


  • Show action help at start of interactive ignore
  • Check CSRF setting in direct subclasses of ActionController::Base (Jason Yeo)
  • Configurable engines path (Jason Yeo)
  • Use Ruby version to turn off SymbolDoS check
  • Pull Ruby version from .ruby-version or Gemfile
  • Avoid warning about where_values_hash in SQLi
  • Fix ignoring link interpolation not at beginning of string


  • Add new plain report format
  • Add option to prune ignore file with -I
  • Improved Slim template support
  • Show obsolete ignore entries in reports (Jonathan Cheatham)
  • Support creating reports in non-existent paths
  • Add --no-exit-warn


  • Fix bug in reports when using --debug option


  • Add generic warning for CVE-2016-6316
  • Warn about dangerous use of content_tag with CVE-2016-6316
  • Add warning for CVE-2016-6317
  • Use Minitest


  • Show path when no Rails app found (Neil Matatall)
  • Index calls in view helpers
  • Process inline template renders
  • Avoid warning about hashes in link_to hrefs
  • Add documentation for authentication category
  • Ignore boolean methods in render paths
  • Reduce open redirect duplicates
  • Fix SymbolDoS error with unknown Rails version
  • Sexp#value returns nil when there is no value
  • Improve return value estimation


  • Fix serious performance regression with global constant tracking


  • Delay loading vendored gems and modifying load path
  • Avoid warning about SQL injection with quoted_primary_key
  • Support more safe &. operations
  • Allow multile line regex in validates_format_of (Dmitrij Fedorenko)
  • Only consider if branches in templates
  • Avoid overwriting instance/class methods with same name (Tim Wade)
  • Add --force-scan option (Neil Matatall)
  • Improved line number accuracy in ERB templates (Patrick Toomey)


  • Skip processing obviously false if branches (more broadly)
  • Skip if branches with Rails.env.test?
  • Return exit code 4 if no Rails application is detected
  • Avoid warning about mass assignment with params.slice
  • Avoid warning about u helper (Chad Dollins)
  • Add optional check for secrets in source code
  • Process Array#first
  • Allow non-Hash arguments in protect_from_forgery (Jason Yeo)
  • Avoid warning on popen with array
  • Bundle all dependencies in gem
  • Track constants globally
  • Handle HAML find_and_preserve with a block
  • [Code Climate engine] When possible, output to /dev/stdout (Gordon Diggs)
  • [Code Climate engine] Remove nil entries from include_paths (Gordon Diggs)
  • [Code Climate engine] Report end lines for issues (Gordon Diggs)


  • Remove multi_json dependency from bin/brakeman


  • Skip Symbol DoS check on Rails 5
  • Only update ignore config file on changes
  • Sort ignore config file
  • Support calls using &. operator
  • Update ruby_parser dependency to 3.8.1
  • Remove fastercsv dependency
  • Fix finding calls with targets: nil
  • Remove multi_json dependency
  • Handle CoffeeScript in HAML
  • Avoid render warnings about params[:action]/params[:controller]
  • Index calls in class bodies but outside methods


  • Fix CodeClimate construction of --only-files (Will Fleming)
  • Add check for denial of service via routes (CVE-2015-7581)
  • Warn about RCE with render params (CVE-2016-0752)
  • Add check for strip_tags XSS (CVE-2015-7579)
  • Add check for sanitize XSS (CVE-2015-7578/80)
  • Add check for reject_if proc bypass (CVE-2015-7577)
  • Add check for mime-type denial of service (CVE-2016-0751)
  • Add check for basic auth timing attack (CVE-2015-7576)
  • Add initial Rails 5 support
  • Check for implicit integer comparison in dynamic finders
  • Support directories better in --only-files and --skip-files (Patrick Toomey)
  • Avoid warning about permit in SQL
  • Handle guards using detect
  • Avoid warning on user input in comparisons
  • Handle module names with self methods
  • Add session manipulation documentation


  • Emit brakeman's native fingerprints for Code Climate engine (Noah Davis)
  • Ignore secrets.yml if in .gitignore
  • Clean up Ruby warnings (Andy Waite)
  • Increase test coverage for option parsing (Zander Mackie)
  • Work around safe_yaml error


  • Check for session secret in secrets.yml
  • Respect exit_on_warn in config file
  • Avoid warning on without_protection: true with hash literals
  • Make sure before_filter call with block is still a call
  • CallIndex improvements
  • Restore minimum Highline version (Kevin Glowacz)
  • Add Code Climate output format (Ashley Baldwin-Hunter/Devon Blandin/John Pignata/Michael Bernstein)
  • Iteratively replace values
  • Output nil instead of false for user_input in JSON
  • Depend on safe_yaml 1.0 or later
  • Test coverage improvements for Brakema module (Bethany Rentz)


  • Treat current_user like a model
  • Set user input value for inline renders
  • Avoid warning on inline renders with safe content types
  • Handle empty interpolation in HAML filters
  • Ignore filters that are not method names
  • Avoid warning about model find/find_by* in hrefs
  • Use SafeYAML to load configuration files
  • Warn on SQL query keys, not values in hashes
  • Allow inspection of recursive Sexps
  • Add line numbers to class-level warnings
  • Handle private def ...
  • Catch divide-by-zero in alias processing
  • Reduce string allocations in Warning#initialize
  • Sortable tables in HTML report (David Lanner)
  • Search for config file relative to application root


  • Add optional check for use of MD5 and SHA1
  • Avoid warning when linking to decorated models
  • Add check for user input in session keys
  • Fix chained assignment
  • Treat a.try(&:b) like a.b()
  • Consider j/escape_javascript safe inside HAML JavaScript blocks
  • Better HAML processing of find_and_preserve calls
  • Add more Arel methods to be ignored in SQL
  • Fix absolute paths for Windows (Cody Frederick)
  • Support newer terminal-table releases
  • Allow searching call index methods by regex (Alex Ianus)


  • Add support for gems.rb/gems.locked
  • Update render path information in JSON reports
  • Remove renaming of several Sexp nodes
  • Convert YAML config keys to symbols (Karl Glaser)
  • Use railties version if rails gem is missing (Lucas Mazza)
  • Warn about unverified SSL mode in Net::HTTP.start
  • Add Model, Controller, Template, Config classes internally
  • Report file being parsed in debug output
  • Update dependencies to Ruby 1.8 incompatible versions
  • Treat and as arrays/hashes
  • Fix handling of string concatenation with existing string
  • Treat html_safe like raw()
  • Fix low confidence XSS warning code
  • Avoid warning on path creation methods in link_to
  • Expand safe methods to match methods with targets
  • Avoid duplicate eval() warnings


  • Fix check for CVE-2015-3227


  • Add check for CVE-2015-3226 (XSS via JSON keys)
  • Add check for CVE-2015-3227 (XML DoS)
  • Treat <%== as unescaped output
  • Update ruby_parser dependency to 3.7.0


  • Ignore more Arel methods in SQL
  • Warn about protect_from_forgery without exceptions (Neil Matatall)
  • Handle lambdas as filters
  • Ignore quoted_table_name in SQL (Gabriel Sobrinho)
  • Warn about RCE and file access with open
  • Handle array include? guard conditionals
  • Do not ignore targets of to_s in SQL
  • Add Rake task to exit with error code on warnings (masarakki)


  • Alias process methods called in class scope on models
  • Treat primary_key, table_name_prefix, table_name_suffix as safe in SQL
  • Fix using --compare and --add-checks-path together
  • Avoid warning about mass assignment with string literals
  • Only report original regex DoS locations
  • Improve render path information implementation
  • Report correct file for simple_format usage CVE warning
  • Remove URI.escape from HTML reports with GitHub repos
  • Update ruby_parser to ~> 3.6.2
  • Remove formatting newlines in HAML template output
  • Ignore case value in XSS checks
  • Fix CSV output when there are no warnings
  • Handle processing of explicitly shadowed block arguments


  • Avoid protect_from_forgery warning unless ApplicationController inherits from ActionController::Base
  • Properly format command interpolation (again)
  • Remove Slim dependency (Casey West)
  • Allow for controllers/models/templates in directories under app/ (Neal Harris)
  • Add --add-libs-path for additional libraries (Patrick Toomey)
  • Properly process libraries (Patrick Toomey)


  • Add check for CVE-2014-7829
  • Add check for cross-site scripting via inline renders
  • Fix formatting of command interpolation
  • Local variables are no longer formatted as (local var)
  • Actually skip skipped before filters
  • --exit-on-warn --compare only returns error code on new warnings (Jeff Yip)
  • Fix parsing of <%== in ERB
  • Sort warnings by fingerprint in JSON report (Jeff Yip)
  • Handle symmetric multiple assignment
  • Do not branch for self attribute assignment x = x.y
  • Fix CVE for CVE-2011-2932
  • Remove "fake filters" from warning fingerpints
  • Index calls in lib/ files
  • Move Symbol DoS to optional checks
  • CVEs report correct line and file name (Gemfile/Gemfile.lock) (Rob Fletcher)
  • Change --separate-models to be the default


  • Whitelist exists arel method from SQL injection check
  • Avoid warning about Symbol DoS on safe parameters as method targets
  • Fix stack overflow in ProcessHelper#class_name
  • Add optional check for unscoped find queries (Ben Toews)
  • Add framework for optional checks
  • Fix stack overflow for cycles in class ancestors (Jeff Rafter)


  • Add check for CVE-2014-3415
  • Avoid warning about symbolizing safe parameters
  • Update ruby2ruby dependency to 2.1.1
  • Expand app path in one place instead of all over (Jeff Rafter)
  • Add --add-checks-path option for external checks (Clint Gibler)
  • Fix SQL injection detection in deep nested string building
  • Add -4 option to force Rails 4 mode
  • Check entire call for send
  • Check for .gitignore of secrets in subdirectories
  • Fix block statement endings in Erubis
  • Fix undefined variable in controller processing error (Jason Barnabe)


  • Add check for CVE-2014-3482 and CVE-2014-3483
  • Add support for keyword arguments in blocks
  • Remove unused warning codes (Bill Fischer)


  • Fix detection of :host setting in redirects with chained calls
  • Add check for CVE-2014-0130
  • Add find_by/find_by! to SQLi check for Rails 4
  • Parse most files upfront instead of on demand
  • Do not branch values for +=
  • Update to use RubyParser 3.5.0 (Patrick Toomey)
  • Improve default route detection in Rails 3/4 (Jeff Jarmoc)
  • Handle controllers and models split across files (Patrick Toomey)
  • Fix handling of protected_attributes gem in Rails 4 (Geoffrey Hichborn)
  • Ignore more model methods in redirects
  • Fix CheckRender with nested render calls


  • Add support for RailsLTS and
  • Add support for Rails 4 before_actions and friends
  • Move SQLi CVE checks to CheckSQLCVEs
  • Check for protected_attributes gem
  • Fix SQLi detection in chain calls in scopes
  • Add GitHub-flavored Markdown output format (Greg Ose)
  • Fix false positives when sanitize() is used in SQL (Jeff Yip)
  • Add String#intern and Hash#symbolize_keys DoS check (Jan Rusnacko)
  • Check all arguments in for SQLi
  • Fix false positive when :host is specified in redirect
  • Handle more non-literals in routes
  • Add check for regex denial of service (Ben Toews)


No changes. 2.4.2 gem release was unsigned, 2.4.3 is signed.


  • Remove rescue Exception
  • Fix duplicate warnings about sanitize CVE
  • Reuse duplicate call location information
  • Only track original template output locations
  • Skip identically rendered templates
  • Fix HAML template processing


  • Add check for CVE-2014-0082
  • Add check for CVE-2014-0081, replaces CVE-2013-6415
  • Add check for CVE-2014-0080


  • Detect Rails LTS versions
  • Reduce false positives for SQL injection in string building
  • More accurate user input marking for SQL injection warnings
  • Detect SQL injection in delete_all/destroy_all
  • Detect SQL injection raw SQL queries using connection
  • Parse exact versions from Gemfile.lock for all gems
  • Ignore generators
  • Update to RubyParser 3.4.0
  • Fix false positives when SQL methods are not called on AR models (Aaron Bedra)
  • Add check for uses of OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE (Aaron Bedra)
  • No longer raise exceptions if a class name cannot be determined
  • Fingerprint attribute warnings individually (Case Taintor)


  • Fix check for CVE-2013-4491 (i18n XSS) to detect workaround
  • Fix link for CVE-2013-6415 (number_to_currency)


  • Add check for Parameters#permit!
  • Add check for CVE-2013-4491 (i18n XSS)
  • Add check for CVE-2013-6414 (header DoS)
  • Add check for CVE-2013-6415 (number_to_currency)
  • Add check for CVE-2013-6416 (simple_format XSS)
  • Add check for CVE-2013-6417 (query generation)
  • Fix typos in reflection and translate bug messages
  • Collapse send/try calls
  • Fix Slim XSS false positives (Noah Davis)
  • Whitelist Model#create for redirects
  • Fix scoping issues with instance variables and blocks


  • Reduce command injection false positives
  • Use Rails version from Gemfile if it is available
  • Only add routes with actual names
  • Ignore redirects to models using friendly_id (AJ Ostrow)
  • Support scanning Rails engines (Geoffrey Hichborn)
  • Add check for detailed exceptions in production


  • Do not attempt to load custom Haml filters
  • Do not warn about to_json XSS in Rails 4
  • Add --table-width option to set width of text reports (ssendev)
  • Remove fuzzy matching on dangerous attr_accessible values


  • New warning code for dangerous attributes in attr_accessible
  • Do not warn on attr_accessible using roles
  • More accurate results for model attribute warnings
  • Use exit code zero with -z if all warnings ignored
  • Respect ignored warnings in rescans
  • Ignore dynamic controller names in routes
  • Fix infinite loop when run as rake task (Matthew Shanley)
  • Respect ignored warnings in tabs format reports


  • Support non-native line endings in Gemfile.lock (Paul Deardorff)
  • Support for ignoring warnings
  • Check for dangerous model attributes defined in attr_accessible (Paul Deardorff)
  • Update to ruby_parser 3.2.2
  • Add brakeman-min gemspec
  • Load gem dependencies on-demand
  • Output JSON diff to file if -o option is used
  • Add check for authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic
  • Refactor of SQL injection check code (Bart ten Brinke)
  • Fix detection of duplicate XSS warnings
  • Refactor reports into separate classes
  • Allow use of Slim 2.x (Ian Zabel)
  • Return error exit code when application path is not found
  • Add --branch-limit option, limit to 5 by default
  • Add more methods to check for command injection
  • Fix output format detection to be more strict again
  • Allow empty Brakeman configuration file


  • Add --only-files option to specify files/paths to scan (Ian Ehlert)
  • Add Marshal/CSV deserialization check
  • Combine deserialization checks into single check
  • Avoid duplicate "Dangerous Send" and "Unsafe Reflection" warnings
  • Avoid duplicate results for Symbol DoS check
  • Medium confidence for mass assignment to attr_protected models
  • Remove "timestamp" key from JSON reports
  • Remove deprecated config file locations
  • Relative paths are used by default in JSON reports
  • --absolute-paths replaces --relative-paths
  • Only treat classes with names containing Controller like controllers
  • Better handling of classes nested inside controllers
  • Better handling of controller classes nested in classes/modules
  • Handle -> lambdas with no arguments
  • Handle explicit block argument destructuring
  • Skip Rails config options that are real objects
  • Detect Rails 3 JSON escape config option
  • Much better tracking of warning file names
  • Fix errors when using --separate-models (Noah Davis)
  • Fix fingerprint generation to actually use the file path
  • Fix text report console output in JRuby
  • Fix false positives on Model#id
  • Fix false positives on params.to_json
  • Fix model path guesses to use "models/" instead of "controllers/"
  • Clean up SQL CVE warning messages
  • Use exceptions instead of abort in brakeman lib
  • Update to Ruby2Ruby 2.0.5


  • Add check for unsafe symbol creation
  • Do not warn on mass assignment with slice/only
  • Do not warn on session secret if in .gitignore
  • Fix scoping for blocks and block arguments
  • Fix error when modifying blocks in templates
  • Fix session secret check for Rails 4
  • Fix crash on before_filter outside controller
  • Fix Sexp hash cache invalidation
  • Respect quiet option in configuration file
  • Convert assignment to simple if expressions to or
  • More fixes for assignments inside branches
  • Pin to ruby2ruby version 2.0.3


  • Add check for CVE-2013-1854
  • Add check for CVE-2013-1855
  • Add check for CVE-2013-1856
  • Add check for CVE-2013-1857
  • Fix --compare to work with older versions
  • Add "no-referrer' to HTML report links
  • Don't warn when invoking send on user input
  • Slightly faster cloning of Sexps
  • Detect another way to add strong_parameters


  • Add render path to JSON report
  • Add warning fingerprints
  • Add check for unsafe reflection (Gabriel Quadros)
  • Add check for skipping authentication methods with blacklist
  • Add support for Slim templates
  • Remove empty tables from reports (Owen Ben Davies)
  • Handle prepend/append_before_filter
  • Performance improvements when handling branches
  • Fix processing of production.rb
  • Fix version check for Ruby 2.0
  • Expand HAML dependency to include 4.0
  • Scroll errors into view when expanding in HTML report


  • Add check for CVE-2013-0269
  • Add check for CVE-2013-0276
  • Add check for CVE-2013-0277
  • Add check for CVE-2013-0333
  • Check for more send-like methods
  • Check for more SQL injection locations
  • Check for more dangerous YAML methods
  • Support MultiJSON 1.2 for Rails 3.0 and 3.1


  • Update to RubyParser 3.1.1 (neersighted)
  • Remove ActiveSupport dependency (Neil Matatall)
  • Do not warn on arrays passed to link_to (Neil Matatall)
  • Warn on secret tokens
  • Warn on more mass assignment methods
  • Add check for CVE-2012-5664
  • Add check for CVE-2013-0155
  • Add check for CVE-2013-0156
  • Add check for unsafe YAML.load


  • Update to RubyParser 3
  • Ignore route information by default
  • Support strong_parameters
  • Support newer validates :format call
  • Add scan time to reports
  • Add Brakeman version to reports
  • Fix CheckExecute to warn on all string interpolation
  • Fix false positive on to_sql calls
  • Don't mangle whitespace in JSON code formatting
  • Add AppTree as facade for filesystem (brynary)
  • Add link for translate vulnerability warning (grosser)
  • Rename LICENSE to MIT-LICENSE, remove from README (grosser)
  • Add Rakefile to run tests (grosser)
  • Better default config file locations (grosser)
  • Reduce Sexp creation
  • Handle empty model files
  • Remove "find by regex" feature from CallIndex


  • Use multi_json gem for better harmony
  • Performance improvement for call indexing
  • Fix issue with processing HAML files
  • Handle pre-release versions when processing Gemfile.lock
  • Only check first argument of redirect_to
  • Fix false positives from Model.arel_table accesses
  • Fix false positives on redirects to models decorated with Draper gem
  • Fix false positive on redirect to model association
  • Fix false positive on YAML.load
  • Fix false positive XSS on any to_i output
  • Fix error on Rails 2 name routes with no args
  • Fix error in rescan of mixins with symbols in method name
  • Do not rescan non-Ruby files in config/


  • Fixed rescanning problems caused by 1.8.0 changes
  • Fix scope calls with single argument
  • Report specific model name in rendered collections
  • Handle overwritten JSON escape settings
  • Much improved test coverage
  • Add CHANGES to gemspec


  • Recover from errors in output formatting
  • Fix false positive in redirect_to (Neil Matatall)
  • Fix problems with removal of Sexp#method_missing
  • Fix array indexing in alias processing
  • Fix old mail_to vulnerability check
  • Fix rescans when only controller action changes
  • Allow comparison of versions with unequal lengths
  • Handle super calls with blocks
  • Respect -q flag for "Rails 3 detected" message


  • Support relative paths in reports (fsword)
  • Allow Brakeman to be run without tty (fsword)
  • Fix exit code with --compare (fsword)
  • Fix --rake option (Deepak Kumar)
  • Add high confidence warnings for to_json XSS (Neil Matatall)
  • Fix redirect_to false negative
  • Fix duplicate warnings with raw calls
  • Fix shadowing of rendered partials
  • Add "render chain" to HTML reports
  • Add check for XSS in content_tag
  • Add full backtrace for errors in debug mode
  • Treat model attributes in or expressions as immediate values
  • Switch to method access for Sexp nodes


  • Add check for CVE-2012-3463
  • Add check for CVE-2012-3464
  • Add check for CVE-2012-3465
  • Add charset to HTML report (hooopo)
  • Report XSS in select() for Rails 2


  • Add check for CVE-2012-3424
  • Link report types to descriptions on website
  • Report errors raised while running check
  • Improve processing of Rails 3 routes
  • Fix "empty char-class" error
  • Improve file access check
  • Avoid warning on non-ActiveModel models
  • Speed improvements by stripping down SexpProcessor
  • Fix how params[:x] ||= is handled
  • Treat user input in or expressions as immediate values
  • Fix processing of negative array indexes
  • Add line breaks to truncated table rows


  • Add checks for CVE-2012-2660, CVE-2012-2661, CVE-2012-2694, CVE-2012-2695 (Dave Worth)
  • Avoid warning when redirecting to a model instance
  • Add request.parameters as a parameters hash
  • Raise confidence level for model attributes in redirects
  • Return non-zero exit code when missing dependencies
  • Fix before_filter :except logic
  • Only accept symbol literals as before_filter names
  • Cache before_filter lookups
  • Turn off quiet mode by default for --compare


  • Major rewrite of CheckSQL
  • Fix rescanning of deleted templates
  • Process actions mixed into controllers
  • Handle render :template => ...
  • Check for inherited attr_accessible (Neil Matatall)
  • Fix highlighting of HTML escaped values in HTML report
  • Report line number of highlighted value, if available


  • Remove the Ruport dependency (Neil Matatall)
  • Add more informational JSON output (Neil Matatall)
  • Add comparison to previous JSON report (Neil Matatall)
  • Add highlighting of dangerous values in HTML/text reports
  • Model#update_attribute should not raise mass assignment warning (Dave Worth)
  • Don't check find_by_* method for SQL injection
  • Fix duplicate reporting of mass assignment and SQL injection
  • Fix rescanning of deleted files
  • Properly check for rails_xss in Gemfile


  • Add check for user input in Object#send (Neil Matatall)
  • Handle render :layout in views
  • Support output to multiple formats (Nick Green)
  • Prevent infinite loops in mutually recursive templates
  • Only check eval arguments for user input, not targets
  • Search subdirectories for models
  • Set values in request hashes and propagate to views
  • Add rake task file to gemspec (Anton Ageev)
  • Filter rescanning of templates (Neil Matatall)
  • Improve handling of modules and nesting
  • Test for zero errors in test reports


  • Fix link_to checks for Rails 2.0 and 2.3
  • Fix rescanning of lib files (Neil Matatall)
  • Output stack trace on interrupt when debugging
  • Ignore user input in if statement conditions
  • Fix --skip-files option
  • Only warn on user input in render paths
  • Fix handling of views when using rails_xss
  • Revert to ruby_parser 2.3.1 for Ruby 1.8 parsing


  • Fix detection of global mass assignment setting
  • Fix partial rendering in Rails 3
  • Show backtrace when interrupt received (Ruby 1.9 only)
  • More debug output
  • Remove duplicate method in Brakeman::Rails2XSSErubis
  • Add tracking of module and class to Brakeman::BaseProcessor
  • Report module when using Brakeman::FindCall


  • Add version check for SafeBuffer vulnerability
  • Add check for select vulnerability in Rails 3
  • select() is no longer considered safe in Rails 2
  • Add check for skipping CSRF protection with a blacklist
  • Add JSON report format
  • Model#id should not be considered XSS
  • Standardize methods to check for SQL injection
  • Fix Rails 2 route parsing issue with nested routes


  • Add check for user input in link_to href parameter
  • Match ERB processing to rails_xss plugin when plugin used
  • Add Brakeman::Report#to_json, Brakeman::Warning#to_json
  • Warnings below minimum confidence are dropped completely
  • always returns a Tracker


  • Add file paths to HTML report
  • Add caching of filters
  • Add --skip-files option
  • Add support for attr_protected
  • Add detection of request.env as user input
  • Descriptions of checks in -k output
  • Improved processing of named scopes
  • Check for mass assignment in ActiveRecord::Associations::AssociationCollection#build
  • Better variable substitution
  • Table output option for rescan reports


  • --no-progress works again
  • Make CheckLinkTo a separate check
  • Don't fail on unknown options to resource(s)
  • Handle empty resource(s) blocks
  • Add RescanReport#existing_warnings


  • Remove link_to warning for Rails 3.x or when using rails_xss
  • Don't warn if first argument to link_to is escaped
  • Detect usage of attr_accessible with no arguments
  • Fix error when rendering a partial from a view but not through a controller
  • Fix some issues with rails_xss, CheckCrossSiteScripting, and CheckTranslateBug
  • Simplify Brakeman Rake task
  • Avoid modifying $VERBOSE
  • Add Brakeman::RescanReport#to_s
  • Add Brakeman::Warning#to_s


  • Speed improvements for CheckExecute and CheckRender
  • Check named_scope() and scope() for SQL injection
  • Add --rake option to create rake task to run Brakeman
  • Add experimental support for rescanning a subset of files
  • Add --summary option to only output summary
  • Fix a problem with Rails 3 routes


  • Relax required versions for dependencies
  • Performance improvements for source processing
  • Better progress reporting
  • Handle basic operators like << + - * /
  • Rescue more errors to prevent complete crashes
  • Compatibility with newer Haml versions
  • Fix some warnings


  • Better handling of assignments inside ifs
  • Check more expressions for SQL injection
  • Use latest ruby_parser for better 1.9 syntax support
  • Better behavior for Brakeman as a library


  • Brakeman can now be used as a library
  • Faster call search
  • Add option to return error code if warnings are found (tw-ngreen)
  • Allow truncated messages to be expanded in HTML
  • Fix summary when using warning thresholds
  • Better support for Rails 3 routes
  • Reduce SQL injection duplicate warnings
  • Lower confidence on mass assignment with no user input
  • Ignore mass assignment using all literal arguments
  • Keep expanded context in view with HTML output


  • Fix Rails 3 configuration parsing
  • Add t() helper to check for translate XSS bug


  • Add warning for translator helper XSS vulnerability


  • Process Rails 3 configuration files
  • Fix CSV output
  • Check for config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = true
  • Always produce a warning for without_protection => true


  • Option for separate attr_accessible warnings
  • Option to set CSS file for HTML output
  • Add file names for version-specific warnings
  • Add line number for default routes in a controller
  • Fix hash_insert()
  • Remove use of Queue from threaded checks


  • Respect -w flag in .tabs format (tw-ngreen)
  • Escape HTML output of error messages
  • Add --skip-libs option


  • Run checks in parallel threads by default
  • Fix compatibility with ruby_parser 2.3.1


  • Add option to assume all controller methods are actions
  • Recover from errors when parsing routes


  • Add check for mass assignment using without_protection
  • Add check for password in http_basic_authenticate_with
  • Warn on user input in hash argument with mass assignment
  • auto_link is now considered safe for Rails >= 3.0.6
  • Output detected Rails version in report
  • Keep track of methods called in class definition
  • Add ruby_parser hack for Ruby 1.9 hash syntax
  • Add a few Rails 3.1 tests


  • Fix handling of params and cookies with nested access
  • Add CVEs for checks added in 0.7.0


  • Require BaseProcessor for GemProcessor


  • Allow local variable as a class name
  • Add checks for vulnerabilities fixed in Rails 2.3.14 and 3.0.10
  • Check for default routes in Rails 3 apps
  • Look in Gemfile or Gemfile.lock for Rails version


  • Fix XSS check for cookies as parameters in output
  • Don't bother calling super in CheckSessionSettings
  • Add escape_once as a safe method
  • Accept '\Z' or '\z' in model validations


  • Tests are in place and fully functional
  • Hide errors by default in HTML output
  • Warn if routes.rb cannot be found
  • Narrow methods assumed to be file access
  • Increase confidence for methods known to not escape output
  • Fixes to output processing for Erubis
  • Fixes for Rails 3 XSS checks
  • Fixes to line numbers with Erubis
  • Fixes to escaped output scanning
  • Update CSRF CVE-2011-0447 message to be less assertive


  • Output report file name when finished
  • Add initial tests for Rails 2.x
  • Fix ERB line numbers when using Ruby 1.9


  • Fix issue with 'has_one' => in routes


  • Add support for routes like get 'x/y', :to => 'ctrlr#whatever'
  • Allow empty blocks in Rails 3 routes
  • Check initializer for session settings
  • Add line numbers to session setting warnings
  • Add --checks option to list checks


  • Fix reported line numbers when using new Erubis parser (Mostly affects Rails 3 apps)


  • Handle Rails XSS protection properly
  • More detection options for rails_xss
  • Add --escape-html option


  • Autodetect Rails 3 applications
  • Turn on auto-escaping for Rails 3 apps
  • Check Model.create() for mass assignment


  • Always output a line number in tabbed output format
  • Restrict characters in category name in tabbed output format to word characters and spaces, for Hudson/Jenkins plugin


  • Check for SQL injection in calls using constantize()
  • Check for SQL injection in calls to count_by_sql()


  • Fix version_between? when no Rails version is specified


  • Add code snippet to tab output messages


  • Add check for mail_to vulnerability - CVE-2011-0446
  • Add check for CSRF weakness - CVE-2011-0447


  • Be more permissive with ActiveSupport version


  • Check link_to for XSS (because arguments are not escaped)
  • Process layouts better (although not perfectly yet)
  • Load custom Haml filters if they are in lib/
  • Tab separated output via .tabs output extension
  • Switch to normal versioning scheme
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