The tool can be used to generate HTML documentation out of WSDL file
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The tool can be used to generate HTML documentation out of WSDL file

Currently only loading from URL is supported (tested) for example

...should return valid WSDL in order to parse it properly.

The order of services in generated doc will be the same as the order of -s input parameters

First you need to run gradlew wrapper to download wrapper libraries

Then the tool can be assembled using gradlew assemble - it will be an executable jar under build/libs

Try launching java -jar wsdldoc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar without parameters or with -h option and see the help screen

usage: wsdldoc
 -d,--destination <arg>   the destination folder of documentation
                          (absolute or relative), it will generate
                          index.html and statics in this folder (there
                          should be write access to the folder)
 -f,--filename <arg>      the destination file name (default is
 -h,--help                shows this help output
 -s,--source <arg>        one or multiple URLs with source WSDLs location;
                          the schemas in WSDL's should have schemaLocation
                          in order to correctly generate all the types
 -t,--title <arg>         the title of the documentation, like "eCompany"
                          (WSDL by default)


On top of each documentation there is a title and service operations list.

All found types are defined in separate blocks. Each type has a link.


  • Add support for "choice" XSD tag
  • Better support for extensions

Usage examples

java -jar wsdldoc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -t=eCompany -s= -s= -s= -s= -s= -d=~/wsdldoc

java -jar wsdldoc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -t=B2B -s= -s= -s= -s= -s= -d=~/wsdldoc

java -jar wsdldoc-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -t=eShop -s= -d=~/wsdldoc