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Gridseed single line installer for Raspberry Pi
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A single line CGMiner installer for use with the Raspberry Pi and Gridseed 5-Chip ASIC Miners, optimized for Scrypt mining.


To run this script you will need the following.


To install, just run this single command!

curl -l -L | bash

Ensure that you are running this command as user pi, and that the user has root privileges.

This command will install dtbartle's CGMiner-gc3355 to the ~/miner directory, set CGMiner to run on boot inside a new screen, and finally detach that newly created screen.

The command will update system packages, which may take some time, so please be patient.

Once all packages are up to date, this installation may take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once the installation has completed successfully, the screen that CGMiner is running within, named piMiner, can be accessed by running the following command.

screen -r piMiner


The config.json file contains all the settings necessary to run your Gridseed miner in it's most efficient state, which equates to a hashrate of around 380kh/s.

Within the config.json file are all the pools that the miner will mine for, the first block of which is shown below.

    "quota" : "10;stratum+tcp://POOLURL",
    "user"  : "USERNAME",
    "pass"  : "PASSWORD"

To configure CGMiner to mine with your workers in your chosen pool, you will need to change the POOLURL, USERNAME, and PASSWORD values to match those given to you by your pool. These values should then be entered in the same format as in the example following format.

    "quota" : "10;stratum+tcp://",
    "user"  : "piminer.donate",
    "pass"  : "donate"

Pools can also be managed from within the CGMiner interface, by pressing P from the main view.


If for any reason, the script fails check the miner-install.log file in home directory for more detailed information on the error.


The config.json file contains an example pool object to demonstrate the correct way that pool information should be entered. This pool is set to use a small percentage of you mining capability to donate to the developers of this script. If you would prefer not to donate, simply delete the donation pool from the config.json file.

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