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Type-driven, component based synthesis, showcasing TYpe Guided Abstract Refinement (TYGAR)
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mistzzt and michaelbjames Implement duplicate check for test-based filter (#37)
* Add duplicate check and tests

* Include duplicate-check in `checkSolution`

* Complete minor style fixes

* Add nested state monad, rewrite checks

* Resolve readability issues

* Optimize `checkSolutionNotCrash` to reuse results
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Type-driven, component based synthesis, showcasing TYpe Guided Abstract Refinement (TYGAR).


To build this project, you need to have z3-4.7.1.


Execute in the hoogle_plus directory:

stack exec -- hplus generate --preset icfptotal
stack exec -- hplus [DESIRED TYPE] [OPTIONAL ARGS]


stack exec -- hplus generate -p base -m "Data.Maybe" to generate the componenet set stack exec -- hplus "Maybe a -> Pair a b -> Pair a b". Then you will get a solution:

SOLUTION: (,) (Data.Maybe.fromMaybe (fst arg0) arg1) (snd arg0)


You may run any of these with stack exec -- <artifactname>:

  • hplus : This is the CLI for running single queries
  • evaluation: For re-running the evaluation script and getting a sense of the overall performance.
  • webapp: Hosts a simple web interface at localhost:3000

Sample genererate:

You need to generate the component library that's used for synthesis.

For the components that are only total functions used in the ICFP submission use:

stack exec -- hplus generate --preset icfptotal

For the superset of components to ICFP total that includes partial functions like head:

stack exec -- hplus generate --preset icfppartial

If you have your own file(s) you want to use, you may specify them. You will then use all the modules within the files. At this time you may not filter within the file:

stack exec -- hplus generate -f <your-file-here>

Of course, you can specify the exact packages (from hackage) and modules you want to include:

stack exec -- hplus generate -p base  -p bytestring -m "Data.Word" -m "Data.Int" -m "Data.Maybe" -m "Data.ByteString.Builder"       -m "Data.ByteString.Lazy" -m "Data.List" -m "Data.Tuple" -m "GHC.List" -m "GHC.Char" -m "Data.Bool"  -m "Text.Show"

Docker image:

First run docker pull aaron069/hoogle-plus:v5 Then go to your hoogle_plus repo, run docker run -v ./:/home/hoogle-plus -it aaron069/hoogle-plus:v5 If you want to redirect port on localhost:3000, add this flag: -p 3000:3000 on above command.

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