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mobilesound (v0.8)

Swift and Objective-C classes, categories and extensions for production, logging and debugging.
Core Objective-C classes complemented by Specta tests.

Swift Highlights


Encapsulate and manage CMMotionManager with a single class. Provides raw and normalized data.


Simple class for logging in situ.

Objective-C Highlights


Provide raw and normalized data from NeuroSky Mindwave.


Encapsulate and manage ios-ntp with a single class.

For more details, see .


Simple file caching.

  • Discards least recently used (LRU), or blocks additions when cache is full.
  • Set directory location and cache size upon initialization.
  • Persists across application executions.
  • Sanity checks for corrupted contents.


Unified management of property lists.

  • Always returns requested type.
  • Store in files or User Defaults.
  • User Defaults dictionary isolated under a single root key; multiple keys may co-exist.
  • Set file location upon initialization, or rely on sequestered default directory and/or default file.
  • Copy active property list to URL.


Reusable, disposable filesystem sandbox for automated testing.

Runs on device or within Simulator.