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Version 6.3 - not yet released
* calculations
- real-time OLC score
- configurable permanent polar degradation
* devices
- COM port monitor
- added separate FLARM driver for declaration and IGC file download
- added driver for the Westerboer VW921/VW922 devices
- added driver for the FlyNet variometer
- allow up to 4 devices
- LX: support the LX Color Vario
- LX: send QNH to device
* map
- airspace rendering fixed
- show new map items list on click
- reduce map jiggling, improved E Ink display support
- multi-touch drag triggers pan
- waypoint labels: support "required glide ratio" instead of
"arrival height"
* user interface
- show METAR data in natural language
- sort METAR stations by name
- added kinetic scrolling for non-WinCE platforms
- enable font anti-aliasing on Linux and Mac OS X
- show airspaces in the task manager
- larger form rows on touch screens
- added UTM coordinate format
- single click in target dialog moves the target
- dpi-aware dialog layout
- show units in the analysis dialog
- optional full-screen mode on Linux
* logger
- added "Start only" option for auto logger
* data files
- added support for CompeGPS waypoint files
* internet
- added LiveTrack24 live tracking
* Windows
- use XCSoarData folder on removable drives/cards if available
* Android
- support reverse screen modes for Galaxy Tab
- support baro sensor
* Altair
- fix configuration dialog navigation
* LX MiniMap
- support for the hardware buttons
Version 6.2.6 - not yet released
* calculations
- fix bogus terrain warnings
* devices:
- Vega: fix Vega configuration dialog
Version 6.2.5 - 2012/01/27
* calculations
- fix time calculation when goal is above aircraft
- fix speed to fly when goal is below aircraft
- fix minor OLC miscalculation
- enable the logger ID on all platforms
- prevent spikes and jumps during IGC replay
* infoboxes
- fix display of "FIN ETE VMG" and "WP ETE VMG"
* user interface
- enable 5 InfoBoxes on the right in landscape mode
* settings
- fix handling negative UTC offsets
* devices:
- fix regression in EW MicroRecorder task declaration
- EW MicroRecorder: make task declaration cancellable
* Android
- fix black screen after resume
* Windows
- fix freeze on the Windows Mobile "Today" screen
Version 6.2.4 - 2011/12/24
* calculations
- fix arrival altitude calculation when goal is above aircraft
- take terrain safety height into account for start point
- calculate final glide MacCready even when no thermal was measured yet
- fix rare crash in AutoMacCready calculation
- converge AutoMacCready to zero when goal is unreachable
- fix crash with far away task
- fix crash in terrain reach calculator
* devices
- Borgelt: send MacCready to B800 with CAI302 protocol
- Flytec: fixed the $FLYSEN parser (more data, including GPS)
* Android
- fix bogus long InfoBox clicks
- fix crash after resuming
- don't reveal InfoBoxes after rotating the display during pan
* Windows
- work around startup problem on hx4700 with Windows Mobile 5
* Altair
- fix crash in InfoBox cursor movement
* user interface
- restore the current menu after rotating the display
- fix sorting by filename in file selector of task manager
- allow modification of some additional infobox values with up/down keys
(or volume keys on android devices).
- fix crash in the .xci file parser
- new translation: Korean
* map
- performance improvements for large maps
- redraw map after terrain cache update
* settings
- load configured METAR/TAF stations on startup
- remember UTC offsets > +12 hours.
Version 6.2.3 - 2011/11/19
* calculations
- show correct "next distance" even if glide solver fails
- don't discard manual wind when auto wind is disabled
- don't discard manual wind until a new estimate is calculated
- fix memory leak
* user interface
- reduce menu flickering
- fix crash in waypoint list dialog when waypoints have large comments
- prevent waypoint editing if waypoint file is read-only
- fix clipped task display on wide screens
* map
- speed up the map renderer
- reduce memory usage on PPC2000
* data files
- Automatically try to detect character encoding of airfield details file
- speed up waypoint/airspace loading
* logger
- Added competition id to IGC file output
* Linux
- display error message when fonts could not be loaded
* Mac OS X
- initial public release, distributed in a DMG package
Version 6.2.2 - 2011/11/04
* devices
- save the "bulk baud rate" setting
- don't auto-restart NMEAOut and XCOM760
* calculations
- fix instant L/D formula
- fix malformed F records in IGC files
- minor fix for FLARM stealth calculations
- fix auto QNH formula
- fix reach/route arrival calculations with strong wind
* user interface
- fixed several minor bugs in the plane database dialog
- fix MacCready steps for knots and ft/min
- manual and translation updates
- support "airspace margin" setting for "All below"
- fix crash in font editor
* data files
- fixed bugs in TNP airspace file parsing
* Android
- acquire "Vibrate" permission
Version 6.2.1 - 2011/09/26
* faster METAR and TAF download
* devices
- FLARM: clear old barometric altitude as soon as FLARM is detected
* user interface
- show validation errors before task declaration
* Windows / Altair
- restore the "Enter" key in dialogs (knob click on Altair)
* Android
- fix hang on quit
- fix screen corruption when rotating the progress screen
- fix startup crash with manual display orientation
- fix memory leak in network code
- implement timeout in network code
* Mac OS X
- fix clock query
- store data in ~/XCSoarData
Version 6.2 - 2011/09/08
* devices
- Android IOIO
- Android: support native serial ports and USB-RS232 adapters
- added task declaration support for the IMI ERIXX logger
- improved support for the Digifly Leonardo
- auto-detect serial ports on Windows CE
- serial port support on UNIX
- CAI302: fix byte order bug on PC
- CAI302: IGC file download
- IMI ERIXX: IGC file download
- LX/Colibri: IGC file download
- LX: support baud rate switching
- Volkslogger: fix task declaration on PC
- Vega: update vario when there is no GPS fix
- PosiGraph: task declaration
- device declaration can be cancelled
- reconnect individual devices after failure or timeout
- device manager dialog, with manual reconnect
* calculations
- dry mass is seperated from the polar reference mass
- airspace distance miscalculations fixed
- new wind algorithm "EKF", replacing ZigZag
- OLC calculation speedup
* user interface
- added support for reverse portrait/landscape screen orientations
- multiple flarm team mates and teams possible
- nearest airspace distance info boxes
- better font for large info box values
- airspace warnings: show vertical distance if above/below
- profiles are not incremental anymore; initial support for editable
user profiles
- MacCready InfoBox: scale increments according to user unit
* map
- redraw terrain only if needed (saves battery power)
- airspace rendering optimised
* data files
- auto-detect the character encoding in waypoint/airspace files
* tasks
- allow finish height in MSL or AGL
Version 6.1.5 - 2011/08/20
* data files
- fixed arcs in TNP airspace files
* devices
- fixed temperature reading from Altair/Vega and Westerboer devices
* calculations
- airspace distance miscalculations fixed
- fixed builtin polars with points above 200 km/h
* Android
- fix timer crash
Version 6.1.4 - 2011/07/30
* memory leaks fixed
* calculations
- fix miscalculation in start point chooser
- finish: revert "allow flight to boundary" for now
* map
- fix for the aircraft symbol
- airspace rendering optimised
- disable huge topography files on PPC2000 and Altair
* Android
- fix text rendering on Adreno GPUs
- fix another suspend/resume crash
- clip the unit symbol in info boxes
- smooth CPU usage info box
* Altair:
- fix upside down screen
Version 6.1.3 - 2011/07/14
* devices
- fix task declaration on PC
- LX: correct byte alignment for task declaration
* calculations
- reduce memory usage
- finish: allow flight to boundary
- Racing task, FAI Task: allow 11 turnpoints
- task: support AGL maximum start height
* user interface
- translation updates
- new translations: Japanese, Ukrainian
- support mouse wheel on Linux
- fix duplicate text input in edit controls on PC
- update info boxes after leaving full-screen
- fix PNA model type
* map
- fix map location when all devices fail
* Android
- support hardware keyboard in custom XCI files
- clip text in the "credits" dialog
- catch Java exceptions in the text renderer
- reduce texture memory usage on newer GPUs
- fix terrain rendering on Mali-400 (Samsung Galaxy S II)
Version 6.1.2 - 2011/06/28
* devices
- workaround for GPGGA/GPRMC clock difference
* calculations
- reduce memory usage further
- fix boundary routine of the key hole zone
- set system clock only from a real GPS fix
- set system clock again after device reconnect
- MacCready setting defaults to safety MacCready on startup
* user interface
- change low battery thresholds
- manual and translation updates
- fix UTC offset setting
- fix overlapped InfoBox text
- translation updates
* map
- fixed coast line display (areas below zero no longer flooded)
* Linux
- fix broken textures on GPUs with power-of-two dimensions
* Android
- enable sound effects on task start, arm turn, GPS connection
- continue calculations while airspace warning is displayed
* Altair
- the Escape button saves dialogs (such as InfoBox setup)
Version 6.1.1 - 2011/06/01
* calculations
- fix arrival heights which are below the safety height
- reduce memory usage
- fixed several bugs in the teamcode calculation and display
* user interface
- new option for large glider symbol
- re-enable the team bearing diff InfoBox
- fix crash in the waypoint editor
* Windows
- workaround for PPC2000 bug that caused lockups
* Android
- fix crash bug after orientation change and resume
- support non-standard SD card mount points
* Altair
- fix UI lag
- fix default task on startup
- optionally load XCSoarData from USB drive
- swap "ACK Warn" / "ACK Space" hot keys
- disallow the on-screen keyboard
- fix clipped cursor in text entry dialog
- fix default font for "important topology"
Version 6.1 - 2011/05/19
* devices
- CAI302: read QNH setting
- Vega: send configured QNH to Vega
- allow disabling a device explicitly
- listen for NMEA on TCP port
- automatically restart FLARM after declaration
- Stealth mode detection of other FLARM targets
* user interface
- "pan to" button in waypoint dialog
- waypoint selection screen shows last used waypoints if no filter is set
- change the info box geometry without restarting XCSoar
- change the display orientation without restarting XCSoar
- tabbed Task dialog with icons or text on tabs per settings
- new InfoBox configuration dialog
- configurable aircraft symbol
- new translations: Danish, Norwegian Bokmal, Romanian
* route planning
- new optional minimum-time route planning around airspace and terrain.
- allows avoidance or terrain, airspace or both
- takes final glide and cruise-climb portions of flight into account
- Configuration in Route Planner page of settings.
- Feature is by default disabled.
- See settings help text for configuration options
- Limitations of current version:
- does not update the final glide bar, task times etc for any obstacle deviations
- does not handle aircraft or destination location inside airspace
- does not allow paths with course deviations greater than 90 degrees each leg.
- some "jumping" of the solution may be experienced as altitude/location changes.
* reach (glide terrain footprint)
- new engine for calculating the where the glider can fly in final glide,
formerly known as the glide terrain footprint, now referred to as 'reach'.
- this can calculate the reach around terrain obstacles
- landable waypoints visible on the map are marked according to whether they are
- the reach calculation is configurable, turning search can be disabled if
running on low-powered devices.
* map
- north arrow is automatically hidden in north-up mode
- added configurable slope shading (off/fixed/wind/sun)
- autozoom uses stepless zooming and has configurable upper distance bound
- "north up" map orientation now respects "glider position offset"
by configuring a "shifting axis", i.e.
- shifting based on bearing to target (i.e. North orientated "target up")
- shifting based on average of recent ground track
(i.e. North orientated "track up")
- the estimated thermal position is now used as map center during circling
- a selection of which waypoint labels are displayed is now possible
(All, Task & Landables, Task and None).
- different rendering of roads based on importance (major, normal, minor)
- a different font is used for rendering important topology labels (i.e. big cities)
- landables can be displayed with runway heading and proportional length if the
necessary data is contained in the waypoint files
- glide terrain range line more detailed, uses 50 radial points rather than 20
- added option to display track bearing line in map
- optional transparent airspace rendering
- terrain ramp auto-scaling disabled
* data files
- support for SeeYou .CUP task files in the task manager
- support for GPSDump/FS FormatGEO and FormatUTM waypoint files (.wpt)
- support for OziExplorer/CompeGPS waypoint files (.wpt)
- added airspace class G
- wing area field is read from extended polar files if available
- zander files: description field is used for additional airport detection
- added frequency parsing for airspace files
- TNP: RADIO field
- OpenAir: AR command
- the frequency and runway heading/length given in cup files are now displayed
- use runway heading and length contained in cup waypoint files
- for WELT2000 generated winpilot waypoint files (.dat) use runway heading
* task
- new Task Manager and calculator dialogs
- FAI Triangle filter when adding turnpoints
- added BGA start point sector
- added AAT inner radius sector
- configurable alternate sorting
- by arrival altitude
- along task direction
- along home direction
- "long-click" in task turnpoint zone displays Target dialog
- "arm advance" menu buttons removed. Next/previous buttons function as normal
for turnpoints (including startpoints) not requiring arming, for those that do
require arm, "next" reads and functions as "arm" on first press and once armed,
reads and functions as "next". "previous" reads and functions as "previous" if
not armed, "disarm" if armed.
- time margin of AAT optimisation is configurable under "Default task turnpoints" page, expert mode
as "Optimisation Margin" option.
- auto goto task: when no task is defined then on takeoff, if there is a waypoint
within 1km of the takeoff location, a goto task pointing back to this location
is automatically created.
* infoboxes
- new graphical infoboxes
- barogram
- vario trace
- netto vario trace
- thermal circling trace
- thermal band
- task progress
- new infoboxes:
- time below maximum task start height
- wp and task ETE assuming ground speed is maintained
* Android
- support landscape/portrait switching
* Dialog updates
- Analysis dialog shows multiple contest (OLC etc) results
- Analysis dialog includes a thermal band graph
- Waypoint select dialog allows filtering by start/finish
- Airspace warning dialog only shows buttons suitable for the respective airspace item,
Version 6.0.10 - 2011-04-29
* fix crash in flarm teammate setting
* user interface
- enable gestures by default
- show the primary data directory in the configuration dialog
* calculations
- fix wind direction on glide terrain line
- enable warnings for GND airspaces when AGL altitude is negative
* Android
- fix two crash bugs on sound effect
* Altair
- correct key handling behaviour in Lists
- prevent wraparound of cursor navigation
Version 6.0.9 - 2011-04-06
* devices
- work around iPaq Bluetooth driver bug
* map
- fix for hanging map on slow hardware
* Windows
- fix setting the system time from GPS
- PPC2000: major performance improvement
- more backslash path fixes on Windows CE
* Android
- don't require GPS and Bluetooth on Android Market
- implement the battery InfoBox
- internal GPS: show "waiting for fix" until location is obtained
- allow SD card installation
- "Droid Sans" is the default Android font
- enable font preview
- dead hardware keys fixed
- implement sound effects
Version 6.0.8 - 2011/03/23
* don't estimate thermal source for skewed thermals
* devices
- CAI302: fix task declaration on Android
- EW microRecorder: minor task declaration fix
* configuration
- Units: fix "feet per minute" support
- save the "Auto Logger" setting
* Windows
- use backslash for paths on Windows CE
* Android
- calculate WGS84 to real altitude (internal GPS)
- fix incorrect airspace warning repetitions
- auto-reconnect to Bluetooth GPS after timeout
- support the acceleration sensor
* Linux
- more dialog improvements
- fix bold font rendering
- case insensitive file name matching
Version 6.0.7 - 2011/03/12
* devices
- EW microRecorder: timeout during connect
- EW microRecorder: increase RX timeout
- EW microRecorder: insert new declaration into old EW-USER.TXT
* map
- Airspace: support alternative OpenAir coordinate format
- allow zooming in to 1 km
* replay: don't execute recorded input events
* Windows
- hide the task bar on Windows CE Core
* Android
- disable auto-restart on various Android configuration events
- import time from internal GPS correctly
- read internal GPS accuracy
- the "back" hardware key cancels dialogs
- map the volume keys to cursor up/down
* Linux
- improved button and checkbox rendering
- dialog keyboard navigation implemented
- enable keyboard repeat
Version 6.0.6 - 2011/03/04
* devices:
- fix declaration crash in Volkslogger, EW, CAI302, CAI GPS NAV
- EW: remove duplicate newline in declaration output
* map
- Airspace: add option to re-enable stencil buffer on PPC2000
* other
- select waypoint: update heading filter only on large changes
- reduce dialog memory usage
* Windows
- compile vali-xcs.exe as console application
* Android
- fix crash due to invalid UTF-8 labels
- more pause/resume crash fixes
- take advantage of ARMv7 CPUs
- dialogs are modal now
* Linux
- implement the serial port
Version 6.0.5 - 2011/02/26
* devices:
- EWMicroRecorder: fix hang during task declaration
- FLARM: parse PGRMZ as altitude above 1013.25 hPa
* user interface
- scale the "Today Screen" buttons on large screens
- fix page numbers in satellite image renderer
- generate satellite file name from original waypoint id
* map
- terrain: permanently disable failed tiles
- terrain: fix "unexpected marker segment type" error
- AAT: don't draw "dead zone" on ancient hardware (PPC2000)
- Airspace: disable stencil buffer on ancient hardware (PPC2000)
* Android
- fix bitmap loading on Samsung Galaxy Tab
- show Bluetooth device names in configuration dialog
- larger default fonts
- improved airspace rendering
* Altair
- fix dialog hot keys
- task editor: bind F5/F6 to move up/down
Version 6.0.4 - 2011/02/19
* devices
- EWMicroRecorder: parse PGRMZ as altitude above 1013.25 hPa
- FlymasterF1: convert pressure to altitude
- FlymasterF1: don't override the baro altitude of the primary device
- LX: parse LXWP0 as altitude above 1013.25 hPa
- Zander: PZAN1 contains QNH altitude
- Zander: verify checksum
- don't force cruise mode when no Vega/B50 is present
* user interface
- prevent potential crash while using flarm radar dialogs
- improve behaviour if "circling zoom" is disabled
- vario: fix circling mode display
* map
- enable terrain and topology by default
- Terrain: load fewer raster tiles on Altair
* task
- abort: for non-final glide options, don't prefer airports
- task manager: reduce memory usage
- olc: DHV-XC contest optimisation
- olc: SIS-AT 2011 contest optimisation
* configuration
- don't forget the home airport after a configuration change
* Android
- device: support NMEA over Bluetooth RFCOMM
- more pause/resume crash fixes
- don't process hardware keys twice
- fix bitmap loading on Android 2.3
Version 6.0.3 - 2011/02/02
* devices
- EW, Volkslogger: restart I/O thread after declaration failure
- CAI302: check for I/O errors during declaration
- Volkslogger: enable task declaration
- Condor: fixed wind direction processing
* user interface
- Language: translation updates
- Auto zoom: don't disable in circling mode
- more airspace rendering fixes for Android
* map
- Terrain: load more raster tiles on modern devices (second try)
* Android
- keep display backlight on, don't suspend
- support extra large displays (tablets)
- allow task switching
- disallow multiple instances of XCSoar
- show notification icon while running
- implement "Quit" properly
- enable cruise/climb mode switching
- use the external SD card on Samsung Galaxy
- show on-screen keyboard buttons
- fix profile breakage
- show flarm and thermal assistant gauge
- show text in splash screen
Version 6.0.2 - 2011/01/20
* devices
- more robust NMEA checksum parser
- CAI302: restart I/O thread after declaration failure
- CAI302: parse PCAID baro altitude if "!w" unavailable
- Condor: read wind from LXWP0
* user interface
- Language: translation updates
- Language: add Spanish translation
- Language: add Russian translation
- Language: translations Czech, Greek, Croatian, Italian, Serbian,
Swedish imported from LK8000
- Window: disable sunken window edges on HP31x
- Target: adjust map layout
* map
- Waypoints: more reliable waypoint decluttering
- Topology: fix rendering bug
- Terrain: reduce slope shading artefacts
- Terrain: load more raster tiles on modern devices
- Task: fix crash when drawing deformed sectors
* data files
- Fixed potential crash while reading airfields files
- Added more polars (Hang gliders, DG1000, Blanik, Jantar, ...)
* Android / Linux / OpenGL
- enable translations
- fix dialog titles
- support big displays (tablets)
- implement check boxes (for enabling "Expert" mode)
- fix airspace rendering
Version 6.0.1 - 2010/12/26
* map
- task, glide terrain: fix rendering bugs
* user interface
- Language: translation updates
- Language: always fall back to resource data
- Language: enable translation on PPC2000/PPC2003
- dialog "Switches": portrait mode layout fixed
- dialog "Statistics": draw trace on task page
* terrain / topology
- minor memory leak fixed
* glide computer
- new built-in polars: IS28B2 and SZD30
Version 6.0 - 2010/12/19
* build system
- compile with gcc / mingw32 / mingw32ce instead of Visual C++
* data files
- support for SeeYou and Zander waypoint files
- support for TNP airspace files
- when started from SD card, XCSoarData is stored on SD card, too
- when a XCSoarData directory exists on SD card, it is preferred
* devices
- Altair Pro: task declaration
- new drivers:
- Flymaster F1
- Flytec
- Leonardo
- NMEA logger and NMEA replay
* terrain / topology
- cached terrain load during startup (faster)
- incremental (faster) terrain/topology updates
- faster terrain/topology rendering
- slope shading can be turned off
- auto-scale terrain colors
* user interface
- mouse gestures
- translation compatible with gettext / libintl
- language auto-detection
- configurable temperature unit (Fahrenheit)
- configurable trail colors
* gauges
- new FLARM radar screen
- thermal assistant
* task
- full rewrite of the engine, new task editor
- support more task types
- saved tasks are XML
- alternates list
- instant OLC score
- OLC plus rules
- instant AAT optimization
Changes from 5.2.2:
- colorful vario gauge by Paolo (for FIVV only)
- (minor) infobox config layout in configuration
- ballast dump works outside task calculator
- start task info
- Font editing patch
- Allow DebugStore to use varargs and convert all ca
- Allow StartupStore to use varargs and convert all.patch
- Fix font in checklist dialog
- Allow synce pcp to be overridden via make
- Added Condor device
Changes from 5.1.9beta9:
- Fixed bug in tasman vario gauge display
- Clearer display of flarm target climb rate
- renamed variables to improve readibility
- Added option to enable/disable FLARM radar separately from map
- Removed option to display trapezoidal relative altitude on FLARM radar
- Fixed LDNext bug
- Compatibility for widescreen displays courtesy of Rob Dunning
- PNA port work courtesy of Paul Coolwind
- Fixed SZD55 polar (more accurate) courtesy Luke Szczepaniak
- Added DG-300 polar courtesy Paul Coolwind
Changes from 5.1.9beta8:
- Info on persist load/save in startup log
- Clear logs if not enough space for persist
- Persist save of cruise efficiency
- Fixed mc speed bug when cruise efficiency modified
Changes from 5.1.9beta7:
- Draggable targets on touchscreen version
- Cursor toggle mode in landscape target dialog
- AAT Time to go resets to zero on cleared task
- AAT Time to go never negative
- Fixed bug in waypoint exclude outside terrain checking
- Fixed bug in time calculations with short final legs in task
(final glide around multiple points).
Changes from 5.1.9beta6:
- added clear button to task editor dialog in portrait mode,
courtesy Jacques Fournier
- added missing infobox copy/paste buttons in portrait mode
- added display of wing loadings for built in polars
- added GRecord stuff to Altair
- updated copyright text to source code
- moved close button in basic settings to left to improve usability on PNA
- FLARM targets display of average climb rate courtesy Lars H
- Team code position shown on map courtesy Lars H
- GRecord updates for Altair, PNA
- FLARM on-map display updates
- Button labels update for PNA
- Fixed minor bugs in calculator re ete (energy height not used in fractional calculations)
- Restart time now one hour
- Fixed bug in display of start in analysis page (barograph)
- Selective fine control of float attributes
- Added LAK17-15, Lak17-18, ASG29-15 (mod from ASW27-W)
- Display weight info on glide polar page
- FLARM declaration bug fix
Changes from 5.1.9beta2:
- Alternate text entry methods
- Can now use flarm database, courtesy Lars H
- Added copy/paste to infoboxes in configuration dialog
- Flymaster F1 bug fix (vario units)
- Porting to cegcc with Russell King
- Task/leg times to go etc only shown if task is completeable at current Mc
- Infobox selector has items sorted alphabetically
- Multiple start points ensure the current start is in the list.
- Draw cross in final glide bar if unreachable at current MC
- Initial support for XCOM760 radio
- Added input event to add temporary landable waypoint
- Goto function now allows tasks to be resumed
- Bug fix in DD.dddd waypoint edit format
- enabled use of flarmnet ids in flarm display (courtesy Lars H)
- Added input event to switch orientation modes
- added support for declarations to IGC approved FLARM devices
- added missing help for new infoboxes
- added control of circling zoom to input events
- battery voltage infobox for Altair (others to follow)
- added Ventus CM17.6 polar
- added duo discus XT polars courtesy Derrek Ruddock
- added option to set 800x480 resolution for ipaq 310 testing
- mods to allow configuration of Vega in portrait mode
- robustness enhancements (avoid buffer overrun in long waypoint comments)
- build script
- version bump
- More porting to cegcc; allow O3 optimisation, variable initialisation
Changes from 5.1.9beta1:
- Added Flymaster F1 device
- Fixed bug in AutoQNH
- Finer units in task rules dialog
Changes from 5.1.8:
- Draw red line on thermal band at start height when there's a start
height limit and on start waypoint
- Touching list forms in the scrollbar area moves to that position in the list
- Don't display meters in airspace altitudes as well as feet unless meters is
the user altitude unit.
- FL altitudes rounded to nearest 10 units to ease readability
- Zander support split off into its own device
- Fixed IAS of Zander (km/h -> m/s)
- Fixed bug in declaration to EW micro
- Added ASG29E-18 polar
Changes from 5.1.7 beta6:
- Projected track line in AAT mode when track from last turn >10 degrees off target
- Allow start through top of start sector
- Bug fix, baro and GNSS altitude in log files swapped
- Fixed lockup on auto shutdown in simulator mode when out of batteries
- Higher colour contrast snail trail
- Changed "Ack for day?" to YES/NO/CANCEL
(NO unacknowledges for day)
- Airspaces drawn closed if open
- Added UNL (unlimited) airspace top as used in wgc08
- Fixed lock/unlocking of targets in portrait mode
- Fixed direction of arrows on task line in AAT mode
Changes from 5.1.7 beta6:
- Energy height referenced to Mc speed to fly
- Fixes to airspace rendering in analysis dialog
- DMS/DMmmm/DDdddd units in waypoint edit
- Added proper dialog for airspace queries
- Prevent log points > 500 m from being added to snail trail or OLC store
- Minor Auto Mc improvements
- Ballast in basic settings has a timer, activated/deactivated
by pressing ENTER, which progressively reduces ballast according to
the rate set in the configuration settings (dump time). Timer is only
active while the basic settings dialog is open.
- AAT/FAI Sector rendering on screen now more accurate
- Bug fixes and cosmetic cleanups to airspace warning dialog
- Final glide through terrain status message warning logic improved
- Enhancements to thermal profile band and risk MC with respect to flying in
- Added option for final glide terrain line to shade terrain outside glide range
Changes from 5.1.7 beta4:
- Airspace display in analysis dialog sped up slightly
- Airspace queries report MSL referenced height as MSL instead of "Alt"
Changes from 5.1.7 beta2:
- Task speed instantaneous improvements
- Fixed bug in start height reference in dialogs
- Added terrain height to barograph in analysis dialog
- Pressing ENTER on Mc value in task calculator sets it to time-averaged
climb rate from circling
- Support for AGL airspace, now tested
- Bug fix in parsing airspace "M"/"MSL"
- Some graphical cleanups
- Pressing ENTER on range value in task calculator does optimise
- Auto Mc (final glide) won't wind down to zero the first time final
glide is achieved. It will wind down to zero after that though.
- Energy height used in achieved speed, cruise efficiency calcs
- When off-course by more than 10 degrees, shows distance penalty
in % for that leg along track line on map.
- Cruise efficiency stays at user-set value; if the field is selected and press ENTER, then the value will be calculated (and set to that value).
- Fixed minor bug in energy height compensation of thermal stats
- Minor improvements to analysis dialog
- Improvements to task speed instantaneous (new, more robust algorithm)
- Airspace AGL supported (not tested), will add terrain height at center of airspace to base.
- Analysis dialog shows mc speed, sink rate on glide polar page
- Analysis dialog shows terrain height in airspace page
- Allow auto mc to function when no task defined
- Added task rules dialog from task start point
- Added height reference for Start max height rule (allows MSL or AGL)
- Increased accuracy of terrain footprint
- Added LS6-15 polar
- Cruise efficiency displayed and adjustable in task calculator. The cruise efficiency
is the increased average speed of the glider in cruise, due to dolphining or flying in
rising air. It is calculated and displayed in the task calculator.
If the value is edited, then it will be used subsequently in arrival time calculations.
- Added g load estimation when acceleromter not connected
- Added experimental distance vario infobox.
This is the the difference in height required to complete the task divided by the time step.
- Improved task speed instantaneous
- Hour glass used in nearestairspace input event, since this can take a few
- White bold (a la Google maps) on task waypoint labels
- Added input event "GotoLookup" which allows a single menu item to bring up the waypoint select
dialog, and if a waypoint is selected, it will Goto and clear task.
See pc.xci for example (it replaces the "Task Save" button)
- Fixed situation where auto Mc can wind down after task start due to manoeuvering near start
- When logger is started, if the task hasn't been saved, it is saved to the default task.
Changes from 5.1.7 beta1:
- Vario gauge shows thick red/blue line for sink/lift
- Last thermal stats only used if thermal gain > 0 and
thermal time > 45 seconds. This prevents spurious entries for ignored
thermals, or for quick pullups in thermals without sustained turns.
- Not just airports but landpoints can now have "airfield" details
Changes from 5.1.6:
- Map scale display for non-metric units
- Fixed initialisation of AAT properties when adding waypoints from
waypoint dialog
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 6:
- Snail trail rendering improvements:
-- removed 'wobble' of snail trail from long time ago
-- don't crop partially visible lines
- Bug fix in AAT sector detection when start angle > end angle
- "Speed remaining" in status dialog renamed to "Speed estimated" as
it gives the estimated final speed of the task
- Increased size of up/down arrows in FLARM gauge
- In target dialog, can move target up/down/left/right on Altair with
DISP/CFG/F5/F6 keys, on PC with 2/3/6/7 keys
- Added blue line of constant distance arc in AAT sectors
- Fixed bug in LD vario and LD GPS calculations
- Added LX sentance (LXWP0) to support Condor
- Fixed bug in auto mc
- Task speed stats reset on task start/restart.
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 5:
- In target dialog, north up and north track modes cause screen orientation
to be north-up
- Calculations in the target dialog is based on a timer now rather than triggered
on change, to prevent calculations slowing down the refresh.
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 4:
- Infoboxes (AA Time, Task Time To Go, Next Time To Go,
Task Arrival Time, AA Delta Time)
now use consistent color format:
black/white: AAT est > min time
blue: AAT est turning now > min time
red: AAT est < min time
- Task editor/overview page shows file name of task in caption, and shows '*'
if task is edited and not saved.
- Bug fixes to tasman instruments vario
- Text entry dialog uses larger font
- Flight logger can use short file name, if "Logger short file" is true.
- Flight logger gets ID from 3-letter logger ID
in System config, if not set this defaults to 'AAA'.
- AAT zero range (nominal) task is displayed thin green dashed,
target task is displayed in thick green dashed
- Added new infobox "Thermal All / TC All" for gps vario averaged across
all time spent in circling mode.
- Speedups and bug fixes to effective/achieved Mc calculations.
achieved Mc is no longer influenced by gliding off high starts.
- AAT optimiser more accurate for setting range to 5 mins over min time,
faster, and more robust.
- Prevented re-start of snail trail on minimum height if OLC disabled
- Full snail trail (OLC) data thinning bug fixes
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 3:
- "Smart averager", averager resets on cruise/climb transition
- Display AAT sizes next to waypoints in task edit
- Set AAT default size from sector size setting
- Target radial setting can wrap around
- "Target locked" is in target dialog now
- Improved robustness of AAT optimise buttons etc
- "Target" instead of "Mark Location" on default menu of Altair/PC
- Snail trail color scale fixes
- Target details cleared when changing a turnpoint
- AAT nominal task is displayed thick green dashed,
target task is displayed in thin green dashed
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 2:
- Task speed statistics reset on task restart
- Draw vertical lines on analysis dialog barograph and task speed
where legs started
- Locked targets are unlocked as soon as the AAT area is entered
Changes from 5.1.5 beta 1:
- Changed ExternalTriggerCruise to enum, so it can be off,
"flap", or "SC" (speed command).
Existing value of true is equivalent to "flap".
- Draw centroid/'bmw' symbol at targets in AAT task
- Calculate AAT time to go if turning now while in sector, then
going to remaining targets after this.
- AA dT infobox goes blue if task time > AAT time + 5 minutes when in sector
and pilot turns now.
Therefore, particularly in last AAT sector, when AA dT is blue,
it is reasonably safe to turn now, even if the target is deeper in the
sector. (only if color infoboxes are on)
- Set waypoint bearing and best cruise track to first leg bearing
when in start sector, so blue arrow points to first target, and
so does screen orientation.
Changes from 5.1.4:
- Target dialog steps in 2% and 2 degrees instead of 5.
- AAT target direction and best cruise track arrow (blue) extends
towards task line from previous target through aircraft when advancing
the target (aircraft is going past target)
- Less wandering of AAT target while in sector due to shift along track
- AAT delta T goes red when going under time
- Failure to load a task keeps old start/finish/aat properties
Changes from 5.1.3 beta9:
- Cleaned up portrait waypoint select and airspace select/control dialogs.
- When circling and in target dialog, orient towards waypoint
- Cleaned up compilation warnings for include files that aren't used
- Added display of 30s average glide angle to airspace page of analysis dialog
- Added labels "h" and "D" to airspace page of analysis dialog
- Added E/W, N/S fields to waypoint edit dialog
- Task editor asks whether added waypoints are the finish points,
means user doesn't need to go back into AAT turnpoints after adding them
- Reorganised fields in task editor waypoint properties for more intuitive
- When adding waypoints from task editor, don't show misc buttons in turnpoint
dialog (e.g. details, move up/down, select, remove) since they're not
required here.
- Task editor, removed move down/up buttons when at extremities of task
- Added 2 more airspace patterns
- Added AA delta T infobox
- Fixed bug where North/Track method was not being saved
- Increased status message delay time for default messages to 2.5 seconds
Changes from 5.1.3 beta8:
- Added support for declaration to EW MicroRecorder
- Added instantaneous task speed to analysis dialog
- Fixed instantaneous task speed calc
Changes from 5.1.3 beta7:
- Cleaner startup and shutdown
- Task calculator and target pages from analysis dialog hides analysis dialog
- Fixed some ranges and units in configuration dialogs
- Fixed greying out of previous waypoint menu
- Fixed hang on exit on PPC2000/PPC2002 platforms
- Cleaned up display of waypoint and task list columns
- Fixed netto vario calculation when not flying or very slow
- Added TE probe calibration to vega configuration
- OLC handicap factor limited to values between 50 and 150 %
- Task overview dialog hides when launching calculator and analysis dialog
so target display works from there.
- Fixed acceleration compensation for netto vario calculation when used
with a vario that doesn't supply netto but does supply acceleration
- Auto positioning of targets when behind target inside AAT sector is disabled
when target dialog is open
- TC Avg infobox now shown in red if value < 2/3 of Mc
- Risk Mc used in colored info boxes (TC 30s, TC av) instead of absolute Mc
- Allow negative times in infoboxes and dialogs (in particular for AAT
time to go)
- AAT time to go infobox can be negative (e.g. in excess of min time)
Changes from 5.1.3 beta6:
- G load factoring for polar etc take absolute value of G, in case
meter (or aircraft!) is upside down
- Fixed airspace query message when inside airspace area but below/above it
Changes from 5.1.3 beta5:
- Fix to target dialog when active waypoint changes while dialog is active
- Fixed help on infoboxes final glide and auxiliary page
- Added highlighting of selected item in lists etc, to improve
- Added seconds to infoboxes in comment line
- Added big infobox display mode, activated in Altair/PC via escape then F1.
- Added ASSERTs to xml parsing to check for memory problems
- Fixed some aspects of Vega demo handling
- Cleaned up program exit
- Changes to vega vario config dialog
Changes from beta4:
- Fixed waypoint save when using xcm files
- Added estimated achieved speed and ETE to target dialog
- Moved teamcode button to Info page 2, replaced with target dialog
- Write "No data" on analysis dialog when no data available to display
- Changed progress dialog from TOPMOST to TOP so other dialogs (e.g. error
dialogs) don't get obscured by it.
Changes from beta3 to beta 4:
- Added delay/protection in launcher to try to prevent XCSoar being
started twice.
- LD vario was wrong sign (negative down), now fixed.
- Prevent crash on start with xcm files that have oversized tiles
- Circling % takes turn rate into account to prevent bad stats due
to flap switches and dolphin soaring
- Added relative altitude arrows to FLARM gauge in Bearing mode
- Nearest waypoint in status dialog now working even if waypoint is not
visible on map
- Climb stats are now calculated relative to total energy height
- File properties are now sorted alphabetically
- Added locking of targets, and target dialog (from task calculator) to
allow preview of task points and to move targets
Changes from 5.1.2 stable to 5.1.3 beta2
- Fixed bug in waypoint parsing of second file
- Waypoints outside terrain are always loaded if no terrain file
- Marks reset bug fix
- Added condition monitor for start rules
- Changed "V Task" instantaneous to "V Tsk Ins"
- Changed "Speed achieved" to "Speed average" label in status dialog
- Task speed value preserved over reset
- Status dialog allows left/right cursor to change pages
- RASP: Changed wstar color scale, better for strong conditions
- RASP: Sfctemp colour/offset fix
- RASP: only available times are displayed in dialog, half hour times
- RASP: weather dialog allows "Now" time (auto updated) or set time
- RASP: fixed white-out of display outside RASP range
- RASP: added wblmaxmin (convergence) and blcwbase (Cu cloudbase) to RASP
- Added progress dialog text for initialising terrain tiles (jpg2000)
- "acknowledgment Time" setting was ignored, now correctly used by airspace
warning manager
- In airspace query status message, top now drawn above base (was the
other way around)
- Reorganised airspace select and waypoint select dialogs in portrait
orientation for greater readibility
- Barograph in analysis dialog time axis starts from zero.
- Analysis dialog: sensible output when not valid; remove display of data
which might be confusing
- Added hourglass cursor for slow events (configuration, airspace lookup,
OLC optimise, shutdown)
- File xcsoar-startup.log is now proper text file
- Marks files deleted on exit
- Enabled display of battery % for PDAs in status dialog,
and warning on low battery
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 7
- Allow for new or edited waypoints if the primary waypoint file is
in the xcm file or blank ---> generated files become waypoints1.dat
and waypoints2.dat
- Fixed marks reset
- Start height in status dialog (task rules) is represented as altitude
- Changed "nearest" button in analysis dialog to "warnings"
- Day-acknowledged airspace is always unshaded (outline still drawn)
- Bigger/italic font of labels on analysis page
- Airspace lookup dialog doesn't exit immediately after acknowledging an
- Added dwcrit and wblmaxmin to RASP parameters
- Added "Times" page to status dialog, with separate landing/takeoff/flight times
- Added "Max Height Gain" to status dialog
- Fixed alternate glide bar style in portrait mode
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 6
- Ensure FLARM becomes visible if suppressed and alert level >0
- Added missing port functions for second port
- Prevent 2d fixes from being added to logger buffer
- Bug fixes to port handlers, now task Declaration to external loggers
stands a chance of working
- Added Volkslogger device
- Added FAI 1000m start rules option
- Thickened green lines in Analysis dialog
- Added display of grid values in Analysis dialog
- Merged status pages into single dialog, and moved weather button to
where status aircraft used to be.
- New status page "Rules" showing start/finish details
- Fixed minor memory leak in RASP weather loading
- Splash screen on PC works now
- Added COM0 to available ports
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 5
- Preliminary support for RASP overlays
- Task waypoints preserved even if waypoint file is changed
- B50 bug fixes, support now for external cruise/climb switch
- Loads default language file "default.xcl" if it exists and no language
file is specified.
- Added several missing translations
- Fixed terrain cache method for PDAs with low memory
- Added new polars: Speed Astir, LS-6-18W, LS-8-15, LS-8-18, ASH-26E, ASG29-18, ASW28-18
- Added named tasks
- Added ability to lookup airspaces by name/distance/direction/type
and acknowledge for whole day. Access via "Airspace Settings" menu,
"Lookup" button.
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 4
- Minor bug fix to ballast calculation in B50 vario support
- Fixed baro altitude parser bugs
- Fixed time wrapover with end of month and midnight
- Cleanups of LD limiting functions and filter
- Cleanup of calculation time limits
- Cleanup of calculation code for readability
- Menu translations for waypoint next/previous in abort mode
- Fixed display of FLARM targets beyond 2.5 km
- Display final glide through terrain crosshair on top of everything
except aircraft.
- Fixed rendering errors at edge of jpg2000 tiles
- Separated Borgelt B50 series devices into their own device (no longer Generic)
- Fixed AAT sector bug
- Force/unforce final glide menu item is hidden if AutoForceFinalGlide is on
- Added some missing translations
- Fixed previous page button bug in waypoint details
- Line drawn from FLARM target to edge of radar display for alert targets,
makes it easier to see direction to search for traffic.
- Code fixes to device.cpp to prevent crashes with badly written device drivers
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 3:
- Force visibility scan after loading new airspace/topology/waypoints
- Progress bar for jpg2000 loading enabled
- Baro altitude from RMZ/RMA sentences only used if no primary
baro source from a non-generic device
- Increased string length for parsing waypoints and airspace to 300
- Set GPS position to map center on startup if no home waypoint
- Fixed bug in rendering at very small zoom errors (could lead to crash)
- Rendering is smooth now even for jpg2000 terrain from overview
- Added reset function to MarkLocation event
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 2:
- Consolidated validity checks for info boxes
Changes from 5.1.1 beta 1:
- Fixed terrain shading bands in portrait mode
- Fixed terrain shading near coast boundaries
- Enabled portrait mode for Altair
- Enabled gauge vario in portrait mode for Altair
- Added file size method to zzip
- Added support for loading waypoint files from XCM
- Added support for loading airspace files from XCM (disabled, because too slow)
- Consolidated sizes of strings in ReadString methods
- Airspace parser and bounds fix when airspace goes past 180E
Changes from 5.1.0 beta 3:
- AAT target in sector fixes
- AAT sector/circle radius default value is 500 meters
- AppendTo function bug fix
- Mc Risk bug fix
- Replay finish stats bug fix
- Airspace parser more robust to syntax errors
- % Circling resets on valid start
- Screen unblanked if status message appears
- Terrain color ramp is user configurable (Low lands or mountainous)
- Terrain rendering speedups
- Polygon rendering speedups
- Replay logger bug fix (sometimes gave heading=0)
- New experimental jpeg2000 tiled terrrain loading
- Terrain rendering speedups and improvements
- Task speed unit bitmap fixes
- Fixed problem with declaration time occurring after takeoff time
due to buffering of pre-takeoff data
- Bigger buttons in landscape mode for non-Altair versions to allow
room for German translations
- User distance units in waypoint select dialog
- Memory leak in JPG2000 fixed
- Fast sine/cosine speedups
- Terrain rendering speedups
- Additional terrain ramps added (Imhof, ICAO)
- Option in expert configuration to disable the auto start/stop of logger on
takeoff and landing
- Zip container code added
- "XCM" (XCSoar Map) file format support added
- fixed top line of terrain
- bumped version to 5.1.1beta1
- fixed airspace parser dialog bug
Changes from 5.1.0 beta 2:
- Added code to generate missing translations file on windows PC debug builds
- Grey out of some task specific menu items if in abort mode.
- Style option to draw an arrow body alongwith the arrow head
under option "Wind Arrow" in Settings->Map Display(Expert)
- Fixed bug in query airspace if inside airspace
- Added gettext() to enumerated parameters
- New notifications: AAT too early, arrival past sunset,
significant wind change
- Fixed bug in Arm start mode (wasn't advancing)
Changes from 5.1.0 beta 1:
- Speed to fly compensated for risk
- Logger buffered for 60 seconds
- Energy height uses estimated true air speed if no IAS is available
- Support (read-only) for Zander variometer and Tasman Instruments variometer
- Changed scale on final glide bar to +/- 500 meters (was +/- 2000 meters)
- Attempt to resolve slow response with in FLY mode on older PDAs
- Fixed bad line in default.xci
Changes from 5.0.9:
- Added NMEAOut, PosiGraph devices
- Input events for forced cruise/climb displays (etc?)
(FLARM display forcing)
- Waypoint selection filter by type, and by heading 360 deg
- Smoother scrolling of lists
- Setup dialog for NMEA devices changed.
- If any landable point is visible and reachable, final glide bar goes orange
if below final glide.
- Menu label macros added: WaypointNext, WaypointPrevious, AdvanceArmed, LoggerActive,
TerrainTopologyToggleName, SnailTrailToggleName, CheckAirspace, CheckTask,
CheckWaypointFile, CheckSettingsLockout, CheckReplay, CheckFLARM, CheckTerrain
- Menu labels grey out if actions are unavailable
- Dialog details for AAT vs non-AAT are visible only when AAT is set or not,
in task calculator, task status, and task waypoint editor
- Fixed restart problems where >10 minutes, still was restarting
- Start/restart now more user friendly. Auto restart only happens up to first turnpoint
- Fixed bug in ETE calculations when force final glide is on.
- Terrain not rendered in not valid at aircraft
- Fixed bug in waypoint lookup (search by turnpoint)
- Moved some config parameters to "Site" configuration page
- Added advanced vs basic configuration settings
- Added -small startup option for PC
- Fixed bugs in ZigZag wind algorithm, and improved accuracy and response
- Don't draw final glide through terrain icon if no task
- Wind estimate set by user in wind settings dialog (with SAVE button)
overrides the internal estimate until a new estimate is obtained.
- Minor cleanups of text in dialogs
- Invalid infobox data is greyed out so it doesn't distract user
Changes from 5.0.9 release 1:
- Fixed ETE and final glide calculations for Mc=0, proper compensation
for wind and unreachable at current Mc etc.
- Fixed task distance rounding to nearest 0.1 units
Changes from 5.0.8:
- Fixed bug in wind initialisation/calculation
- AAT start/finish radials step in 1 degree increments
- Fixes for build on VS2005 (PC)
- Fixed various out of bound bugs for task waypoints
- Fixed display of topology labels
- Fixed AAT distance thread dead lock
- Volkslogger parser fix by Rolf Muller-Nilsen
- Fixed adjustable logger time steps
- Fixed AAT distance bug for final waypoint
- Transparent airspaces are not filled, so airspace below is visible
Changes from 5.0.7:
- FIXED Start arm premature
messages are confusing though, we don't get notification when re-entering a start
sector (after arming it), nor when approaching a start line.
- New snail trail mode "Full" which displays entire flight. In all modes,
the snail trail is short in circling mode in order to prevent screen clutter.
- New feature: added 'optimise' button to task calculator. This adjusts the
range (increases or decreases) so that the estimated task time exceeds the
assigned task time by less than five minutes.
- FLARM targets on the map are drawn as arrow heads pointing in their track bearing.
- Added missing 'Auto Display Blank' to configuration settings for PDA platform
- Fixed Borgelt B50 sentence parsing (Thanks RMN)
- Bug fix for half hour UTC offsets
- Total energy is calculated from difference in true airspeed to best LD in
true airspeed
- Task radii expressed in user units
- Bug fix, profile support for PC and PDA restored
- Bug fix, protected use of message in NearestAirspace function with thread lock
- Bug fix, NearestAirspace search array out of bounds due to unsigned int loop
- QNH, Bugs, Ballast and MacCready saved at program exit and restored on startup
- FLARM radar can be selected to display relative altitude or bearing.
- Removed asking whether to delete old log files to make space when logger is started.
Deleting old log files happens automatically now.
Changes from 5.0.6:
- Max manoeuvering speed set to 300 units in configuration dialog
- System beep and message on task/waypoint advance
- Messages given in arm modes (arm start or arm) as reminders to press arm
when ready to advance
- Bug fix to waypoint editing (second waypoint file was cleared)
- Warning added to waypoint file save when filtering for
waypoints outside terrain range is enabled.
- Bug fix, task statistics were not updated after task finish.
Dialogs changed:
- dlgTaskWaypoint.xml
- dlgTaskCalculator.xml
- dlgConfiguration.xml
- dlgConfiguration_L.xml
- dlgTaskOverview_L.xml
- dlgTaskWaypoint_L.xml
- dlgStatusTask.xml
- dlgStatusSystem.xml
Changes from 5.0.0:
- Fixed non-drawing of infobox borders on PPC2002
- Added Declare button on Task Calculator
- Fixed terrain display offset bug in portrait mode
- Map scale increased resolution
- Increased maximum radius/sector size on AAT to 100 km
- "Show gross" vario configuration (default true)
- Color speed chevrons, and larger:
-- blue pull up (slow down)
-- red push to earth speed up
- Lightened blue color in infoboxes
- Auto disarm mode message only appears if in arm mode
- Task calculator, shows estimated task speed for remainder of task
- Task calculator, shows effective MacCready
- Task calculator, shows achieved speed
- Task calculator, cancel button restores Mc at entry
- Auto MacCready: climb stats are reset on takeoff
- Previous waypoint selects through all multiple start points
- Bug fix, aat target continuation was only working on first sector
- Autozoom for AAT, distance used in zoom is set by max of
distance to target and distance to center (so scratch task should
always be visible in autozoom mode)
- Fixed bug in glide time required (wasn't taking final glide into account)
- AAT areas drawn in reverse sequence so next area is on top,
previous AAT areas not drawn.
- Zigzag wind disabled if on ground (slow or not flying)
- Wide version of FLARM target display on map (ON/Scaled)
- Achieved MacCready accuracy improvements (was overestimating
with start circles)
- Achieved maccready, height difference compensation
- AAT projection when in sector
- Task calculator, changed "Range" to "Set range"
- Bug fix, "Nearest airfield changed" problem if two airfields are coincident
- Abort mode bug: multiple waypoints close to home give "nearest airfield
changed" repeatedly. Now message is given only if nearest airfield
is more than 2km from previous one.
- All up Weight is displayed in analysis dialog glide polar page
- Minimum zoom increase in AAT (for autozoom)
- Task speed achieved is average speed dist/time + time
to climb back to start height.
- Task editor, removing waypoints preserves AAT details of successive
- Fixed TASK_START event
- New infobox for distance to home
- New infobox for speed task achieved
- Added AutoBlank configuration option for PDA versions
- Changed text in task status dialog for clarity
- Changed flap forces cruise to now use landing flap switch, and works
for switching into cruise and into circling
- Bug fixes to AAT distance calculations
- Added ventus 2cx to polar
- Bug fix, sound volume was set to zero on exit
- Added flap landing to switch dialog
- Added close button to text entry widget on non Altair systems
- Allowed wraparound of letters on text entry dialog
- Minor changes to help text and labels of configuration items for clarity
- Lighter blue/red for inverse mode
- Time/date fix for IGC files (UTC used throughout as per spec)
- North/track up display orientation
- Waypoint select on add-waypoint in task editor
- Arm advance to work outside AAT sector if already been in that sector
- Prevent landing/takeoff detection when GPS is disconnected
- Configuration of lat/lon units
- Changed 'aircraft rego' to 'competition ID' to be consistent with IGC
- Improved cropping of polygons
- Minor bugfixes
Dialogs changed:
Changes from 4.7.7:
- Make terrain file loader check file size, to improve robustness if
bad file.
- Added text entry dialog
- Added pilot name, aircraft type and rego to configuration dialog
- Added support for team code
- Map zoom improvements
- Fixed bug: Waypoints label in abort
- Fixed bug: Default task at startup if no task defined
- Fixed bug in altair.xci, nearest waypoint details were pan-relative
- Minor UI cleanups (cosmetics)
- Logger inactive when in IGC replay mode
- Circling wind estimator won't update if less than one fix every 2
- Zigzag wind estimate inactive when in IGC replay mode
- Analysis dialog: base/ceiling estimation improvements
- Task speed now altitude compensated
- New task speed instantaneous
- All flight statistics retained when exiting XCSoar and loaded at startup,
so previous flight can be reviewed later.
- Task is saved when exiting XCSoar and loaded at startup.
- Removed unused/default processor definitions,
- Added support for alternate start points
- All file paths are now converted to/from local path for that machine
so registry files can be transferred between PC and PDA/Altair.
- PC and PDA version all data files now in "My Documents/XCSoarData".
- Thermal locator improvements
- UI change: All reachable landable points arrival heights are shown on map in
all waypoint label display modes
- Average task speed improvements: compensation for altitude,
now computes task speed accurately for achieved scorable AAT distance.
- Task page on analysis dialog shows in thick red dashed line the scorable
AAT paths.
- Fixed bug, task finish detection was previously disabled
- Fixed bug, stats for finished task after reset were not displayed correctly
- Fixed bug, waypoint details dialog arrival height was relative to sea
level not ground.
- Waypoint details altitude arrival, removed "alt diff mc safety"
- Removed unused menu and dialogs from PC version.
- CatMul-Rom interpolator used for logger replay now, provides better
reconstructed paths and wind estimates when used with low logging rate.
- Thermal markers shown in cruise mode only at close zoom scales,
to avoid clutter.
- When infobox colors are enabled, the thermal last 30 second average
is red when the average is less than 0.5*MACCREADY. This can be used
to clearly show when it is time to leave a thermal.
- AAT max/min/target speeds in infoboxes show '---' if minimum time
remaining is zero.
- Minimum zoom level in autozoom set to reasonable level (1.5km) to
prevent zooming in too close when going past a turnpoint.
- List items in dialog can be selected with mouse/touchscreen. Touch twice
to emulate return key.
- Added configuration option to adjust snail trail width
- Fixed bug, made airfield details parser robust to wrong files.
- Fixed bug, nearest waypoint details did not work for first waypoint
- Fixed bug, airspace warning dialog was not shown from
'nearest airspace' menu when there was an active acknowledgement
- Fixed bug, PC version crashed if exit via close button and a dialog was
still open
- Home waypoint always added to abort task list if reachable
- 'Clear' button added to task dialog in landscape mode
- Team Code dialog updates dynamically
- Fixed bug, range/bearing was incorrect sometimes
- Improved rendering of distance to airspace in airspace warning dialog
- Fixed bug, portrait mode text in analysis dialog (some items were cropped)
- Infobox border fixup in portrait mode
- Fixed bug, hang on nearest airspace
- Bearing to target shown in great circle arc
- Fixed bug, in abort mode (introduced just 2 days ago)
- Fixed bug, sound volume was set to zero
- Updates to menu, default.xci for PDA
- Return key now toggles suppression of FLARM radar. If new traffic appears,
the suppression is turned off again.
- Fixed bug in PPC2002 infobox selector graphics
- Fixed bug in abort mode (possible cause of crash/hang)
- Task calculator range increments in 5%
- Added infobox for 'Home Distance'
- Auto QNH only activated when not flying for more than 10 seconds
- Button menu fixes for PDA, PC
- (Feature request 1281639) Editing/saving waypoints
- Protected task edit from buffer overruns
- Fixed bug, increased text size for airspace parser
- Disabled CDI gauge as it has no control in the configuration settings and hasn't
been updated
- Fixed bug, FAI finish sector was incorrect
Dialogs changed:
ALL dialogs
Changes from 4.7.5:
- Added small histeresis to instantenous LD vario
- Airspace parser updates
- Added Cambridge GPS NAV device
- Added option to force cruise on neutral/negative flap (for Vega)
(Flap forces cruise)
- Terrain contrast/shading improvements
- Snail trail now drawn with outline to improve visibility over terrain
- Added V TAS infobox
- Improvements to wind estimator algorithm
- Vario gauge unit bitmap for knots
- Vega configuration, added page for audio schemes
- Vega configuration, added missing parameter (BaudRateA)
- Altitude AGL uses baro altitude if "Nav by baro altitude"
- New units for task speed (separate from airspeed/wind/ground speed units)
- Added FAI 90 start/finish type
- Added thermal locator (shows centroid of lift when circling), option 'Lift center'
in configuration options.
- Fixed minor bug, auto macready by average was not working when no
task was defined.
- Modified least squares algorithm to handle weighted least squares.
- Add 'Append' waypoint function, so users can create a task by selecting
waypoints from the map in sequence
- Task waypoint move up/down in task waypoint pages.
- Terrain database loaded into memory if sufficient RAM + 5 Meg free
- New smooth shading of terrain, major improvement
- New landscape progress dialog hides screen for cleaner startup
- Default task to home if no task loaded at startup
- Added labels to climb and temperature trace analysis pages
- Added help system. Press enter for 2 seconds on a dialog property
to display help text.
- Fixed minor bug, landable points were not always visible for some
label modes.
- Fixed minor bug, baro altitude set by GPS for IGC replay.
- Online Contest optimisation (analysis page, configuration settings,
three rule sets available)
- Analysis pages now each have a context-sensitive 'action' button.
- Added handicap to glide polar page for OLC scoring
- Fixed GDI resource leak in animateRectangles
- Fixed memory leak from com port threads not having handles released
- Fixed airspace warning dialog losing focus of previous dialog if opened
- Fixed memory leaks in new airspace warning dialog
when another dialog is already open.
- Online contest "in progress"
- Added 'Declutter Labels' inputevent and menu item
- Fixed GDI resource leak in WindowControls
- Refinements to screen lat/lon bounds calculations
- Refinements to thread locking (separate LockTaskData from LockFlightData)
- GCE/NMEA queue blocking bug fix
- Added check for 500kb free space on IGC destination, asks user to
delete old IGC files as required to free up space.
- OLC work (rule interpretations, in-progress only valid if flying)
- Added tab style for infobox border
- Added double buffer for infobox rendering to reduce flicker
- Topology bounds area used for pre-filtering of visibility to improve rendering time
- Toggle terrain map labels button (DeclutterLabels)
- Thread locking improvements to reduce latency
- Computed arrival height AGL at Mc0 Mc safety Mc current
- Startup/shutdown messages saved in xcsoar-startup.log
- Fixed bug, short task duration estimates when Mc=0 or unreachable
in cruise at current Mc setting due to drift.
- Fixed bug, spurious touchscreen detect when pressing menu buttons
- (Feature request 1463308) Auto-mark thermal
- (Feature request 1444335) configurable max/min zoom --> better zoom
levels available now.
Dialogs changed:
Changes from 4.7.4:
- Fixed total energy compensation (final glide) when on ground
- Fixed minor bug, silly ETE values were presented when Mc=0 in AAT
in Task Calculator
- AutoMc disabled if in abort mode
- Fixed: Thermal profile showing distortion (negative values?)
- Fixed: Mc=0 Est task time on task calculator
- Fixed: Trail hang
- Fixed: PC registry not recognising all registry values correctly!
- Auto Mc modes: final glide, set to average, both
- Vario gauge averager should switch to netto averager if not in circling mode
- sam's bug fixes and new features
--> legbearing bug
--> New airspace dialog
--> Waypoints out of terrain
- Fixed: AAT radius display in analysis page shows distortion
- Fixed: Waypoint infobox shows bearing to waypoint, not to target (for AAT)
- Fixed: Vario gauge chevrons not always appearing when they should,
now chevrons always drawn if vario is in non-circling mode
- Fixed: Averager jumps around too much
- Added configuration setting to determine whether to ask/exclude/include
waypoints out of terrain range.
- Added LD vario infobox
Changes from 4.7.3:
- Added Auto QNH function
- Minor improvements to robustness
- Added preliminary support for vega voice
- Limits on altitude/speed for start, altitude for finish
(Feature request 1444340)
- Changed AutoWind from bool to enum: Manual, Circling, ZigZag, Both
- Added zig zag wind estimator
- Added option to use of barometric altitude for all nav functions
- ** (Feature request 1403702) Configuration option for logger timestep
- FLARM gauge, show colors for threat levels
- Fixed bug, Start/Finish radius drawn half size
- Fixed bug, v task calculations if selecting a previous waypoint after
- Added detection of valid start, now in task status dialog if
start wasn't valid, the start time shows "INVALID"
- Added safety McReady for use in calculating reachable fields and
display of arrival heights, and in abort mode. Option to use
current Mc value for safety McReady when in abort mode.
- (Feature request 1278082) Ellipsoid error correction. Now
detects if ellipsoid/geoid offset is produced by GPS. If not,
it applies geoid correction.
- Added basic support for Cambridge GPS-NAV as a GPS source only
Changes from 4.7.2:
- Fixed bug: Disabling of airspace warnings by individual types was
ignored. Now working correctly.
- Proper handling of PGRMZ with respect to QNH and when altimeter
also available from variometer
Changes from 4.7.0:
- Changed "Bugs" to "Clean" in basic settings so meaning is clearer
- Changed "Device 1" etc to "Device A" in configuration settings so meaning
is clearer
- Fixed (Bug 1388996) Airspace outline black option ignored
- (Feature request 1370449) Configuration of autozoom at startup
- (Feature request 1430326) configuration of sys time set by GPS
- Force final glide mode, input event
- Auto force final glide mode option, forces final glide as soon as
you are above final glide.
- Startup reliability fixes
- Terrain offset fixes
- FLARM gauge minor fixes (draws aircraft beyond 2km at 2km)
- Added Ventus2C polar
- Added missing vega configuration parameters
- Fixed PGRMZ parsing to set BaroAltitude, not Altitude
- Airspace warnings etc uses baro altitude if available
- Removed dead code in parser.cpp
- Removed "stall" from switch dialog
- Changed "airbrake extended" to "airbrake locked" in switch dialog
- Added devices for Vega and AltairPro
Changes from 4.6 to 4.7:
- Ballast also shown as volume in liters in basic settings dialog
- Vario 30 s averager uses vario if available, otherwise altitude.
- IGC file date is system date, should be reset to GPS time on first lock
- FLARM radar limits range to 2k limit (shows aircraft beyond 2k as at 2k)
- Log file renamed "xcsoar-debug.log"
Changes from 4.5 to HEAD:
- Statistics/flight reset on takeoff
- Major speed improvements to rendering, synchronisation between threads,
final glide through terrain calculations, snail trail
- Display "AUX" on screen when in auxiliary infobox mode
- Warning if attempting to change a task once it is declared.
- Added glide computer event for final glide through terrain
- Added german sector type
- Task-alterations are queried if already declared to external device
- All MessageBoxes now use new dialog system (when available)
- Redundancy (dropout) and handling multiple GPS sources,
better autodetection of Vega.
- Improvements to labels in map display, so we don't get so many
waypoint labels writing over each other.
- Gauge vario hides on fullscreen.
- Option to lock out configuration settings in flight
- Minor speedups to map drawing (removed several redundant floating point operations)
- Added finish line and finish area detection, this does nothing other
than bring up a status message currently.
- Configuration option for user defined menu/button timeout
- Added Airspace Settings to input events, allows user to switch on/off
display and warnings for each airspace type
- Warn the user when changing input, language, status files that they need to
restart (in new dialog system)
- "Arm start" option
- Added user defined checklist text dialog (and corresponding inputevent)
- Waypoint advancing can now be manual, automatic (as before), or requiring
'arming' each waypoint to be advanced.
- Text in airspace details has scrolling
- New Waypointselect dialog allows scrolling in list box
- Added option for autozoom optionally on at startup
(in new config dialog)
- Added option for speed command driven by dolphin speed or block maccready
(in new config dialog), this is shown in VOpt infobox
- Added in new dialog system a vario configuration page for Vega
- Added UTC offset configuration parameter for Altair
- Added task status dialog
- Added drawing of task in analysis dialog
- 'Target' offset for each AAT waypoint
- 'Run' inputevent so people can execute another program from XCSoar. Program
must exit before XCSoar continues
- Added 'autoadvance' option (default true) to allow disabling of
automatic waypoint advances
- AAT sectors now drawn as shaded segments
- Total energy height compensation for kinetic energy in final glide
- Name in task display also shows names of landpoints/airports
- Added LoadProfile to inputevents, so we can have menu buttons
trigger pilot/region specific settings
- Windows PC port using Visual studio 6.
- When terrain file is valid, only waypoints within terrain area are loaded
- All waypoint labels shown when in pan mode
- Added 'pan' to nearestWaypoint inputevent, to return item nearest to
center of screen if in pan mode.
- Force redraw of map if not redrawn for 5 seconds (due to gps not connected)
- FLARM status, FLARM aircraft display on map
- Added FLARM TRAFFIC and FLARM NOTRAFFIC glide computer events
- Added basic FLARM status support in parser and Status dialog
- Filter out "Railway station" as miscpop label
- Added infoboxes to support temperature acquisition and traces
- Added atmospheric analysis (temperature trace, convection estimation)
- Snail trail uses netto vario if available
- Added NMEA processing and NE (NMEA Events) into InputEvents
- Minor terrain rendering fixes at close zoom levels
- Improvements to topology polygon rendering
- Added ETA infoboxes (as distinct from ETE)
- Default task (Default.tsk) file may be loaded automatically at startup
if present (through InputEvent TaskLoad on STARTUP_REAL/STARTUP_SIMULATOR)
- Chevrons only on if airspeed available
- Fixed bug 1467530 Installation to Storage Card
- Fixed bug 1457674 Airspace Display - Danger Areas Obscured
- Fixed bug 1444806 Final Glide L/D
- Fixed bug 1433504 Start line
- Fixed bug 1433497 AAT-sector areas not being displayed
- Fixed bug 1430954 Waypoints with same name.
- Fixed bug 1420989 AAT not enabled when loading a task
- Fixed bug 1399143 Incorrect lat/long display
- Fixed bug 1395611 AAT Area masks display
- Fixed bug 1389003 Airspace area with many points
- Fixed bug 1382036 Profile Load missing data
- Fixed bug 1376376 Bugs - the six legged kind
- Fixed minor memory leak in shape labels
- Fixed minor memory leak in new dialog system
- Fixed bug, array out of bounds in inputevent
- Fixed bug, strange circling lockout (maybe)
- Fixed bug, airspace visibility (airspace wasn't warning if not visible)
- Fixed bug, superpan with autozoom
- Fixed bug in default.xci "Marginal final glide" now reads "Below final glide"
- Fixed bug in final glide alert, now has low pass filter to prevent
too many alerts when using Auto Mc.
- Fixed bug in startup, program locks calculation/display before starting up
to ensure everything is initialised properly.
- Fixed bug in FAI task sector auto advancement
- Fixed bug, start line works now
- Fixed bug in task save/load, also clears task on error when loading
- Fixed bug in wind speed infobox units display (now uses aircraft speed units)
- Fixed bug, AAT Areas were drawn on top of everything, including task lines.
- Fixed bug in profile save routine (bad \r\n encoding)
- Fixed spurious captions in subtitle infoboxes
- Fixed bug, "1m" in baro altitude infobox for alternate user units
- Fixed bug, snail trail was never red in sink, now working properly
- Fixed bug in topology bounds refresh
- Fixed bug BUG 1366197: Second Airspace File now works
- Fixed bug in display of more than 500 airspace areas
- Fixed bug in bringing up WaypointDetails from SelectedWaypoint when not
using infoboxes
- Fixed bug, temp trace max temperature now relative to ground offset
- Fixed memory leak in new dialog system (bitmap unnecessary)
- Fixed display of airfield details in new dialog
- Fixed bug BUG 1368752: Fix display orientation for square displays e.g. hp 6515 (untested)
- Fixed bug BUG 1305089: Sound restored at exit
- Fixed bug in arrival altitude calculation with respect to bugs
- Fixed bug in local time display
- Fixed daylight savings bug
- Fixed BUG 1366492: Improved landing detection by checking altitude AGL to avoid false
landings when flying in high winds
- Seeding random NMEA static strings from Input Events
- Triggering events from NMEA substring matches (may be limited to certain
types due to performance limitations).
Changes from 4.22 to 4.5
- Fix waypoint parsing - make it completely bullet proof
- Package and release fonts (part of standard cab/exe)
- Button & Event mapping - default and legacy
legacy = same as version 4.22
default = changed from 4.22...
APP1 = Show button menu (was Full Screen)
APP3 = Full Screen (was Vario Sounds Toggle)
Take Off = Start logger (was manually)
Landing = Stop logger (was manually)
Info Box Control = Show labels (were hidden)
- Allow display of screen mode (Normal, Auxiliary, Full)
- Fix spelling of MacCready (it was McCready).
- Exit simulator if battery lower than 20% (warning < 30%)
- Fixed crash during Waypoint details, when none selected
- Reduce length of labels where possible
- Change default.xci buttons to stay consistent between modes,
removed some defatul modes changes
- Added sensible default sounds to play during Glide Computer Events
(\My Documents\XCSoarData\ - Start_Simulator,Start_Real,Takeoff,Landing,
FinalGlide,Tiptoe - .wav)
- Default.xci updated to hide Main button and map closely to 4.3 (APP1 does Main/)
- Fixed a number of memory leaks and buffer overruns in parsing data files
- Fixed Input Events label corruption. Fixed associated debug failure when
comparing uninitialized variables.
- Modified variable names for Language and Status (more sensible)
- Use windows device time instead of GPS time in simulator
- Fixed spurious button press bug
- Status messages can be acknowledged by touching them
- Fixed message disappearing problem after 1 second (when airspace warnings were off)
- RETURN key in default.xci needs to be mapped
- Default set of status messages - now automatically generated from default.xcs
- Enable secondary files clear button
- Arbitrary DLL Load and Function calls from InputEvents
- Config files (input, language and status) now support "\r\n" strings correctly
- PlaySound now supports external WAV files automatically. Also allows WAV files
to be referenced as Input Events - assumes local resource unless ends in ".wav"
- Automatically lookup localised "My Documents" directory to support multiple
language releases of Pocket PC
- Version number (build date) is automatically generated for non-released versions
- Added debounce timeout registry setting in settings->interface files
- Added input menu timeout
- Added new status message interface (thread-safe, single window, ability
to repeat messages and acknowledge)
- Fixed hard-coded screen coordinates in PolygonVisible function
- Airspace warnings now use new message class
- Added method to find nearest airspace boundary (interior or exterior)
- Input event to display info on nearest airspace boundary (interior or exterior)
- Renamed fixed "longditude" and "lattitude" spelling mistakes
- Display speed-to-fly bar only if flying
- Debugging of input events file when in simulator mode
- Added glide computer events for entering and leaving airspace
- Added glide computer events for task start and next waypoint
- Audio vario sound updates
- Allow acknowledgement of individual airspaces, and per-day
- Fix acknowledgement bug when re-entering airspace
- Minor font adjustments
- "GPS 2D fix" changed to "GPS waiting for fix"
- New high-visibility icons for flight modes by Simon Taylor.
- Blinking logger icon when logger is active.
- Code cleanups, eliminated BOOL occurances
- Fixed missing sentances in IGC file, so now loadable by TaskNav
- Added "Logger note blahblah" event to put a pilot note in IGC log file.
- Speed-to-fly climb mode bug fix
- Thermal band mode fix
- Audio vario sound updates
- Fixed waypoint arrival altitude bug
- New airspace parser, faster and more robust
- New language customisation
- New status message customisation
- Wind algorithm improvements especially at low wind speeds
- Analysis dialog now has page for wind at altitude
- Fixed defaulting to cruise mode when no waypoint active
- Miscellaneous dialog cleanups
- Snail trail colour scales to visible range to make colors more vibrant
- Safe recovery from critical errors when loading files
- Fixed bug of polar loading on multiple lines
- Fixed ordering of Menu buttons when using cursor to navigate
- Blanking improvements (prevent timeout advancing when any dialog is active)
- Added Auxiliary infobox display, accessible from APP_KEY1, which now
toggles through normal (mode-specific) infoboxes, auxiliary infoboxes,
and fullscreen.
- Settings->Task start line/cylinder labels change dynamically to avoid
- AutoMcready improvements, fix for overshoot hunting
- "Reset infobox defaults" button from Settings->Load Profile
- Moved handling of bug degradation to sink model to make it consistent
- Optimised display of titles in infoboxes to prevent over-use of gettext
- Added units display to AAT settings to avoid confusion
- New functions to save/restore registry from text file
- Save/Load profile uses registry save/restore code
- New button input event system
- Fix infobox reset to defaults
- Allow reset of flight start time when relaunching
- Takeoff/landing events, can be hooked up to autostart logger
Changes from 4.21 to 4.22
- Fixed bug when airspace warning display is not refreshed when another
window overlaps it.
- New "Analysis" pages showing barograph, thermal history and glide polar
- Fixed bug in snail trail, IGC logger update rate
- Additional waypoint file can be specified for competition waypoints
- Fixed font for message box, status dialog
- Minor bugfixes in vario comms thread processing
- Implemented Borgelt B50 vario parsing (untested)
- Improvements to performance and latency of audio
- Terrain cache updates
- File loading improvements
- New wind vector graphics
- New labels with Mc0 arrival height above safety arrival height for
reachable airfields
- Updated aircraft graphics
- Proper units display in dialogs.
- All configuration options now can be expressed in custom units
- New Netto vario infobox
- New dolphin speed-to-fly infobox
- Improved audio vario sounds
- Speed-to-fly director chevrons on right of screen when connected to
vario with ASI source.
- Fixed rare bugs in McCready calculation
- Fixed bug in terrain rendering, where level of detail was previously
set at default, and didn't change with zoom.
- Airspace parser made faster, so binary airspace loader now disabled
Changes from 4.2 to 4.21
- Better recovery of bluetooth GPS after switching device off and on
- Marked points appended to file 'xcsoar-marks.txt'
- CDI display configurable
- Settings->Display split into two pages
- Sunset time shown in waypoint details
- AAT and airspace areas drawn below waypoints and topology
- Messagebox enhancements
- MODIS Satelite images now co-located with waypoint file
- Launcher now uninstalls/reinstalls properly.
- Proper spelling of McCready (sorry, Paul!)
- Display blanking automatically after one minute of UI inactivity if in
battery mode, reactivated with key press
- New GPS status icons, less obtrusive.
- Aircraft disappears when GPS is not connected
- New "Status" summary page from main menu, giving aircraft position,
nearest waypoint range/bearing, local sunset time, GPS status
- Additional airspace file can be specified for NOTAM airspace updates
- Settings->File page split into two (map data separated off)
- Snail trail toggles between no trail, long trail, and short trail
Summary of new features since v4.0
- Fullscreen mode (app button 1 in map mode); app button 2 now
toggles snail trail
- Terrain shading via phong model, direction set by wind direction
- Wind vectors multiple for 10 knot increments
- Saving/loading wind to registry
- Time aloft infobox (in Waypoint Group)
- New wind calculation method
- Rendering of airspace with cross-hatches and optional black outline
- Added pilot/aircraft information in logger
- Added "Remove" button on waypoint details task page
- Acknowledge airspace warnings
- Audio settings page
- Graduated snail trail color and thickness
- Abort/resume of tasks
- Added netto vario calculations
- Added smart zooming (zooms back out when waypoint changes if in autozoom)
- Added installer and launcher
- Bring up menu with double click on map window
- Can fly in simulator mode by dragging on screen
- Improved colour selector now displays currently chosen colours
- Added calculation of glider heading from bearing and wind
- Added infoboxes: G-load, time of flight, UTC time, local time, LD to next waypoint
- Adjusted infobox descriptions and titles.
- Added infoboxes: Time to next waypoint, time to task completion
Fixed buges and code improvements
- Sound files are now in the code as resources, so no need for Audio directory
- Filtering of files:
Waypoints [.txt]
Airspace [.txt]
Terrain [.dat]
Topology [.tpl]
Polars [.plr]
- Reduced extraneous refresh of navboxes
- Font size improvements
- Second COMM port disabled if set equal to port 1
- Audio thread is suspended when quiet
- Auto McReady now working again
- Improvements to topology handling
- Better terrain color map
- Terrain shading works with elevation files of any resolution.
- Terrain at sea level or below is rendered as water.
- Minor improvements to thread safety
- Larger Menu page buttons
- Fixed McReady speed calculation with zero distance
- Fixed bugs: Samuel Gisiger (Airspace not displaying, extraneous
selection of waypoints at zoom levels)
- Improved map window responsiveness (only re-drawn when necessary, avoiding
CPU waste of unnecessary re-draws).
- Many hard-wired constants relocated to Sizes.h file
- Waypoint labels have white background so not obscured by terrain
- Labels of topological features now supported
- Fast loading of airspace at startup using binary file
- Wind calculation more reliable
- Fast loading of all startup files
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