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@davidswelt davidswelt released this Jul 27, 2018 · 41 commits to aquamacs3 since this release

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  • Aquamacs no longer sets colors in `default-frame-alist' as a default to make customization with themes easier.
  • `aquamacs-styles' has been removed. (Deprecated in version 1.6.)
  • Printing at 100% uses a reasonable font size. Also, printing respects scaled font size again. Reported by Matthew Cornell.
  • Scrolling with the mouse has been adjusted (less jerky, but progressive). Reported by Sam Coskey and David Poole; code contribution by Jamie Taylor.
  • Bugs in version checking fixed (redirecting Wifi landing pages; menu item use).
  • AUCTeX has been updated to version 12.1 (from version 11.89). This improves command completion and fixes bugs. See here for further changes:
  • ESS has been updated to version 17.11. See here for all new features:
  • OneOnOne package (by Drew Adams) updated.
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