Program to deal with qmail queues
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Perl library for dealing with QMail queues


QMail::QueueHandler is a Perl library for handling QMail mail queues.

It is based on qmHandle, a command line program written by Michele Beltrame, but rewritten to take advantage of modern Perl techniques.

The QMail::QueueHandler distribution contains a new version of qmHandle which has much the same functionality as the original version.


qmHandle accepts a number of command-line options.

  • a: (Attempt to) send all queued messages
  • l: List message queues
  • L: List local message queue
  • R: List remote message queue
  • N: List message numbers only
  • c: Coloured output
  • s: Show statistics of queues
  • m : Display message with given number
  • f : Delete messages from given sender
  • F : Delete messages from given sender (regex match)
  • d : Delete message with given number
  • S : Delete messages with matching subject
  • h : Delete messages with matching header (case insensitive)
  • b : Delete messages with matching body (case insensitive)
  • H : Delete messages with matching header (case sensitive)
  • B : Delete messages with matching body (case sensitive)
  • t : Flag messages with matching recipients
  • D: Delete all messages in queues
  • V: Display program version
  • ?: Display help


QMail::QueueHandler is written by Dave Cross - dave(at), based on original work by Michele Beltrame.