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Building Dax Studio

All of the dependencies for DAX Studio are available as nuget packages, so doing a nuget restore should be enough to build this solution in Visual Studio 2017

When preparing to make changes in order to submit a pull request you should create a feature branch off the develop branch. The develop branch contains the current development build of the code including any new features. The master branch only contains the code for the last stable release. (we merge from develop to master when doing a public release)

For details about debugging

Editing the documentation locally

DAX Studio uses github-pages for If you have Windows 10 you can install a development environment for the documentation site using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Once you've added the WSL feature and installed an Ubuntu distro you need to open a BASH shell and run the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install make gcc
sudo apt install build-essentials
sudo apt install ruby ruby-all-dev
sudo apt install zlib1g-dev
sudo gem install jekyll
sudo gem install bundler
sudo gem install github-pages 

Once you have the above dependencies installed, the following commands will run the DAX Studio site locally:

cd /mnt/c/<folder with DaxStudio git repo>/docs
bundler exec jekyll serve -w


DAX Studio is a tool to write, execute, and analyze DAX queries in Power BI Designer, Power Pivot for Excel, and Analysis Services Tabular.




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