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Version 0.5 (12 Feb 2019)

  • Core: Show error message when query or collections is empty string
  • Core: Show error message when query failed to execute
  • Core: Emit EJSON events and use them to react on state changes
  • UI: Show confirmation dialog when leaving playground with unsaved changes
  • UI: Allow running queries with a keyboard shortcut: Cmd/Ctrl+Enter
  • UI: Highlight matching brackets
  • UI: Reduce flickering on inital load in Chrome
  • UI: Restore style of validation messages (was broken by 0.4.1)

Version 0.4.1 (10 Feb 2019)

  • UI: Update, Query & Aggregate Operator snippets are added
  • UI: Aggregation snippets are loaded only in Aggregation playground

Version 0.4.0 (8 Feb 2019)

  • Core: Add Explain output for Find and Aggregate commands
  • UI: Find And Modify editor now fully loads (was broken by 0.3.1)

Version 0.3.1 (7 Feb 2019)

  • Core: Fix issue with EJSON integation, that broke some playgrounds.

Version 0.3 (7 Feb 2019)

  • Core: FindAndModify and Update playgrounds added
  • Core: Support all Mongo Exteneded JS(ON) features, including NumberDecimal. Thanks to EJSON parser
  • Core: Query & collection size limit increased to 32Kbyte
  • UI: Editing experience improved by adding real-time syntax checker in the editor

Version 0.2 (30 Jan 2019)

  • Core: Find playground added
  • Core: Snippets now can be forked
  • UI: Unnecessary scrollbar removed from control panel

Version 0.1 (22 Jan 2019)

  • Core: Aggregation Pipeline playground added
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