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A DroneBlocks course on drone programming with Tello using Python scripts
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Tello Programming with Python

This GitHub respository contains the Python source code for each of the lessons in our DroneBlocks course:

This online course will walk you through using Python to program your Tello drone for autonomous flight. As of 4/1/18 the commands supported by Tello are:

  • command
  • takeoff
  • land
  • up xx (fly up a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • down xx (fly down a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • left xx (fly left a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • right xx (fly right a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • forward xx (fly forward a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • back xx (fly backward a distance from 20 - 500 cm)
  • go x y z speed (fly x y z distance with speed)
  • cw xx (yaw clockwise with angle from 1 - 3600 degrees)
  • ccw xx (yaw counter clockwise with angle from 1 - 3600 degrees)
  • flip x (flip l/r/f/b/bl/br/fl/fr)
    • l = left
    • r = right
    • f = forward
    • b = backward
    • bl = backward left
    • br = backward right
    • fl = forward left
    • fr = forward right
  • speed x (set speed from 1 - 100 cm/s)
  • speed? (get current speed)
  • battery? (get current battery percentage)
  • time? (get current flight time)

Please feel free to get familiar with the code and we welcome any pull requests. If you'd like to join our online community you can do so here:

If you'd prefer to code Tello using block programming then check out DroneBlocks in both the iOS and Android app stores.

iOS: DroneBlocks for iOS

Android: DroneBlocks for Android

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