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2006-01-31 by bluefeet
- Create a DBIx::Class::FilterColumn to replace inflate/deflate. This
component would provide a new syntax for filtering column update and
retrieval through a simple syntax. The syntax would be:
__PACKAGE__->add_columns(phone => { set=>sub{ ... }, get=>sub{ ... } });
We should still support the old inflate/deflate syntax, but this new
way should be recommended.
2006-02-07 by JR
- Extract DBIC::SQL::Abstract into a separate module for CPAN
- Chop PK::Auto::Foo up to have PK::Auto refer to an appropriate
DBIx::Storage::DBI::Foo, which will be loaded on connect from Driver info?
- Add deploy method to Schema, which will create DB tables from Schema, via
2006-03-18 by bluefeet
- Support table locking.
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