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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use lib qw(t/lib);
use DBICTest; # do not remove even though it is not used
plan tests => 6;
my $warnings;
eval {
local $SIG{__WARN__} = sub { $warnings .= shift };
package DBICNSTest;
use base qw/DBIx::Class::Schema/;
__PACKAGE__->load_namespaces( default_resultset_class => 'RSBase' );
ok(!$@) or diag $@;
like($warnings, qr/load_namespaces found ResultSet class C with no corresponding Result class/);
my $source_a = DBICNSTest->source('A');
isa_ok($source_a, 'DBIx::Class::ResultSource::Table');
my $rset_a = DBICNSTest->resultset('A');
isa_ok($rset_a, 'DBICNSTest::ResultSet::A');
my $source_b = DBICNSTest->source('B');
isa_ok($source_b, 'DBIx::Class::ResultSource::Table');
my $rset_b = DBICNSTest->resultset('B');
isa_ok($rset_b, 'DBICNSTest::RSBase');
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