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Data Management for Analytics notebook stack

This docker stack provides everything in Jupyter's datascience-notebook with some additional tools students will use in a Data Management for Analytics course (GWU ISTM 6212).


Please visit docker-stacks for detailed instructions.

Additions to datascience-notebook

These additional tools have been installed. See the Dockerfile for details.

Note that Docker won't allow a process like the postgresql daemon to continue running, so the user account jovyan is given sudo rights. Within a notebook, or in a shell, jovyan can restart postgresql with sudo. Because of this, a build argument for the document image allows for a password to be set at build time, on the commandline, for the case where this environment might be deployed on a public server. It's not real security, but it's better than nothing.

To set the password in a local build:

% docker build --build-arg passwd=MYPASSWORD -t dchud/datamanagement-notebook .

If you don't specify passwd as a --build-arg, the password will be empty.