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Enable asserting that a signal was called several times in a specific order #7

jpic opened this Issue Oct 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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jpic commented Oct 6, 2012

I could test that a signal was called once with the right arguments:

def test_001_simple_app(self):  
    app = App.objects.create(name='artists',  
    appversion = AppVersion.objects.create(app=app, version=0)  
    env = Environment.objects.create(name='default')  

    with mock_signal_receiver(post_app_install) as install_receiver:  

    self.assertEqual(install_receiver.call_count, 1)  
    install_receiver.assert_called_with(signal=post_app_install, sender=env, appversion=appversion)  

    self.assertEqual(list(env.appversions.all()), [appversion])  
    self.assertIn(app, env.installed_apps)  

    with mock_signal_receiver(post_app_uninstall) as uninstall_receiver:  

    self.assertEqual(uninstall_receiver.call_count, 1)  
    uninstall_receiver.assert_called_with(signal=post_app_uninstall, sender=env, appversion=appversion)        

    self.assertEqual(list(env.appversions.all()), [])  
    self.assertEqual(0, len(env.installed_apps))  

But in this case, I'd like to assert that post_app_install was called twice, first with 'artists' and then with 'artworks' - since 'artists' is a dependency of 'artworks':

def test_002_simple_dependency(self):  
    artists_app = App.objects.create(name='artists',  
    artists_appversion = AppVersion.objects.create(app=artists_app, version=0)  

    artworks_app = App.objects.create(name='artworks',  
    artworks_appversion = AppVersion.objects.create(app=artworks_app, version=0)  

    env = Environment.objects.create(name='default')  

    with mock_signal_receiver(post_app_install) as install_receiver:  
        import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()  

    self.assertEqual(install_receiver.call_count, 2)  

Fiddling with ipdb, I couldn't find a way .... Is this even possible ?

You may want to fiddle with it too, just pip install -e the app and cd to test_project and run test appstore: app is open source

Thanks in advance !


jpic commented Oct 6, 2012

Nevermind, I'm dumb sorry ... All i have to do is assert on call_args_list (I found out in an ultimate try).

Thanks a lot for this fantastic app.

@jpic jpic closed this Oct 6, 2012
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