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require 'redmine' 'Starting Disqus CI plugin for Redmine'
# Redmine simple CI plugin
Redmine::Plugin.register :disqus_ci do
name 'Disqus CI'
author ''
description 'Integrates Disqus\' testing platform with Redmine.'
version '1.0'
# The tessie_url_custom_field setting is used to hold the id of the project custom field
# that stores the CI feed url for each project
settings :default => {'tessie_url_custom_field' => 0}, :partial => 'settings/disqus_ci_settings'
# This plugin adds a project module
# It can be enabled/disabled at project level (Project settings -> Modules)
project_module :continuous_integration do
# This permission has to be explicitly given
# It will be listed on the permissions screen
permission :view_ci_report, {:disqus_ci => :show}
# A new item is added to the project menu
menu :project_menu, :disqus_ci, { :controller => 'disqus_ci', :action => 'show' }, :caption => 'Integration'
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