test and fix if broken(add unit test case too to run vs. cassandra and in-memory) #73

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deanhiller commented Jan 22, 2013

In cassandra, you can have a columnname stored with no value or you the column name will not exist. For Boolean(capital B), if the value is null, we should store no column name so we know it's null and store the column name if the value is false.

Also, have a test for byte[0] vs. null as well and for Integer where Integer 0 vs. null.



easility commented Jan 23, 2013

In this case, what should happen in Command Line tool? i.e., if a Boolean column is null for an entity should it get display in Command line output as columnName= null or not for that entity?


deanhiller commented Jan 23, 2013

good question.....I think we show exactly what the database contains though it is confusing....what are your thoughts?


easility commented Jan 24, 2013

Yes it is really confusing, as the problem is that if we are not storing the column with null value, then there is nothing in index for that entity. .and therefore, columnName= null (e.g., where isActive = null) is not returning anything...and it is really confusing..or you want that we should store the null values in indexes but not in the actual entities..

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