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ICON_CROSS = '<img alt="X" src="/site_media/img/icon_deletelink.gif"/>'
ICON_SUCESS = '<img alt="Success" src="/site_media/img/icon_success.gif"/>'
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ERROR_MESSAGE = '<span style="color:#FF0000;font-size:10pt;">Please Enter Valid Email :(</span>'
EMAIL_ADDRESS_ALREADY_TAKEN_ERROR_MESSAGE = '<span style="color:#FF0000;font-size:10pt;">Email Address Already Taken</span>'
VALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS_MESSAGE = '<span style="color:#14A222;font-size:10pt;">Proceed :)</span>'
INVALID_LOGIN_INFO = 'Invalid Username and/or Password'
PASSWORD_RESET_EMAIL_SUCCESS = 'Your password has been reset and has been emailed at %s.<br/> Please check the mail Inbox and also Spam incase you didn\'t see the mail in your inbox.<br/> Thankyou'