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DeepDiagnosis: Automatically Diagnosing Faults and Recommending Actionable Fixes in Deep Learning Programs

To use DeepDiagnosis, you need to add our callback as a subclass in your file.

The core principle of our callback is to get a view of the internal states and statistics of the model during training.

Then you can pass our callback DeepDiagnosis() to the .fit() method of a model as follows:

callback = keras.callbacks.DeepDiagnosis(inputs, outputs, layer_number, batch_size, startTime)
model = keras.models.Sequential()
model.compile(keras.optimizers.SGD(), loss='mse'), 20), np.zeros(5), epochs=10, batch_size=1, 
...                     callbacks=[callback], verbose=0)


The version numbers below were confirmed to work with the current release:

python 3.6.5
Keras  2.2.0
Keras-Applications  1.0.2
Keras-Preprocessing 1.0.1  
numpy 1.19.2
pandas 1.1.5
scikit-learn 0.21.2
scipy 1.6.0
tensorflow 1.14.0

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If you find this paper useful in your research, please consider citing:

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This repository contains the reproducibility package of DeepDiagnosis

  • Contains the source code to extract (.h5) to source code
  • Contains the source code of all AUTOTRAINER Models
  • Contains the results of DeepDiagnosis from AUTOTRAINER dataset
  • Contains the results of the motivating example using AUTOTRAINER
  • Contains the experiments of saturated activation for Sigmoid and Tanh
  • Contains the result of AUTOTRAINER on normal models with different threshold (accuracy =100%)
  • Complete result of Table 6
  • this model(MNIST_Normal/double_random_99fe3625-3c58-4766-968e-7d40401237fe) is detected by DeepDiagnosis and the accuracy = 20%
  • Contains the results of DeepLocalize from AUTOTRAINER dataset
  • Contains the results of UMLUAT from AUTOTRAINER dataset


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