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The NarrativeQA Reading Comprehension Challenge Dataset

This repository contains the NarrativeQA dataset. It includes the list of documents with Wikipedia summaries, links to full stories, and questions and answers.

For a detailed description of this see the paper The NarrativeQA Reading Comprehension Challenge. Please cite the paper if you use this corpus in your work.


  • documents.csv - contains document_id, set, kind, story_url, story_file_size, wiki_url, wiki_title, story_word_count, story_start, story_end. The word count is approximate after some basic cleanup and tokenization.
  • third_party/wikipedia/summaries.csv - contains document_id, set, summary, summary_tokenized. The summaries are from Wikipedia.
  • qaps.csv - contains document_id, set, question, answer1, answer2, question_tokenized, answer1_tokenized, answer2_tokenized.
  • - script to download the stories.
  • - compare downloaded story's file size to the document size we had. (At the time of publication, all stories have <3.5% file difference (except one), likely due to punctuation encoding.)


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