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(ns examples.elk.core
"To deploy out of the box elk logging service."
(:require [sasori
[core :as sasori]
[dsl :as dsl]])
(:require [examples.utils :as utils]))
(defn remote-base-path
"Ensure remote base path."
[node _]
(let [remote-base-path (str (sasori/get-home node) "/elk")]
(sasori/make-context (utils/create-kw-map remote-base-path))))
(defn sync-docker-elk
[node {:keys [remote-base-path]}]
(let [opts (merge {:recursive true} node)]
(utils/rsync-resource-to "./elk" remote-base-path opts)))
(defn template-docker-compose
"Replace docker-compose template"
[node {:keys [remote-base-path]}]
(let [local-tpl "./elk/docker-compose.yml"
remote-path (str remote-base-path "/docker-compose.yml")
tpl-params {:volumes (format "%s/%s" remote-base-path "volumes")}]
(utils/template node local-tpl remote-path tpl-params)))
(defn docker-build
"Build images"
[node {:keys [remote-base-path]}]
(let [dsl (dsl/ssh
(dsl/cmd "cd" remote-base-path)
(dsl/cmd "docker-compose build"))]
(sasori/sh-dsl dsl node)))
(defn docker-up
[node {:keys [remote-base-path]}]
(let [dsl (dsl/ssh
(dsl/cmd "cd" remote-base-path)
(dsl/cmd "docker-compose up"))]
(sasori/sh-dsl dsl node)))
;; host is for the nickname of the host, represent a entry in ~/.ssh/config.
;; eg:
;; host v1
;; HostName ip-or-domain
;; user username
(def host-info {:host "v1"})
(def global-opts {:verbose false :color true})
(defn play
[& [opts]]
(let [parallel? (:parallel? opts)
task-vars (sasori/task-vars
(sasori/play task-vars
{:parallel? parallel?
:hosts-info host-info
:global-opts global-opts
:context nil})))
(defn -main
" Usage:
lein run -m examples.elk.core '{:parallel? true}'
[& args]
(let [args-m (sasori/parse-from-clj args)]
(play args-m)
;; JVM will wait for `clojure-agent-send-off-pool-x` exit, so need exit
;; manually.
(System/exit 0)))
; output:
;$ lein run -m examples.elk.core '{:parallel? true}'
;Exec: Ensure remote base path.
;v1: Success.
;Exec: sync-docker-elk
;v1: Success.
;Exec: Replace docker-compose template
;v1: Success.
;Exec: Build images
;v1: Success.