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Welcome to the DelphiDabbler Component and Unit Library Documentation Wiki.

The Library currently contains the following projects.

Project Description
About Box Component Non-visual component that encapsulates an About Box. Set properties or link to a Version Information Component to customise the about box content.
Clipboard Viewer Component Component that triggers an event whenever the contents of the clipboard change.
Console Application Runner Classes Classes to control the execution of child console application processes and to redirect input and output where required.
Drop Files Components Components that enable applications, windows and other components to support drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
Environment Variables Unit Contains a static class and supporting types for interrogating, modifying and enumerating the environment variables belonging to the current process.
Extended String Property Editor Property editor that allows multi-line and long string and TCaption properties to be edited at design time.
Fractions Unit Defines an advanced "record with methods" type that encapsulates fraction and related operations.
Hot Label Component Label component that accesses a URL when clicked. The URL is displayed in the default web browser or email client.
I/O Utilities Unit Several classes that assist with various I/O related tasks, including working with pipes and inheritable file handles.
MD5 Message Digest Unit Implementation of the MD5 Message Digest Algorithm as a Delphi class. This is an implementation from scratch, not a wrapper round earlier code.
Message Dialog Components Components that wrap message dialogue boxes provided by the Delphi VCL and the Windows API.
Resource File Unit Contains classes that encapsulate 32 bit binary resource files and the resources they contain. Can read and update raw resource file data.
Shell Folders Unit Components, classes and routines to assist in working with shell folders. Includes a "Browse for Folder" dialogue box.
Stream Extension Classes Classes that provide a means to wrap TStream objects. Also provides implementations of the IStream interface.
System Information Unit Static classes that get information about the user's computer and operating system.
Version Information Component Component that accesses version information embedded in program files, DLLs etc.
Window State Components Three components that save and restore window size, state and position using ini files, the registry or user-defined storage.

Each library project has its own source code repository on GitHub. The repository structure is described here.

Project releases are available in .zip format from SourceForge and later releases are also available from the Releases tab of the library project's GitHub repository.