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Delta Chat Core Library

Build Status

The Delta Chat Core Library is written in cross-platform C, documented at

The deltachat Python bindings can be found in the python subdirectory and are documented at

binary/distribution packages (work-in-progress)

There are work-in-progress efforts for creating (binary) packages which do not require that you build the library manually:

If you can help with advancing or adding to these efforts, be our guest. Otherwise read on for how to get and deltachat.h installed into your system.

building your own

getting a recent enough meson for building

If you have installed meson in your environment check the version::

meson --version

You need to have version 0.47.2 at least. If the version is older there is a recommended way of getting a better version:

  1. uninstall your system-level meson package (if possible)

  2. ensure you have at least python3.5 installed and type:

        python3 -m pip 

    to check that you have "pip" installed. If not available, you might get it as a python3-pip package or you could follow installing pip.

  3. then pip-install meson into your home-directory:

        python3 -u -m pip install meson

    the -u causes the pip-install to put a meson command line tool into ~/.local/ or %APPDATA%\Python on Windows.

  4. run meson --version to verify it's at at least version 0.48.0 now. If the meson command is not found, add ~/.local/bin to PATH and try again (export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH on many unix-y terminals).

installing "ninja-build"

On Linux and Mac you need to install 'ninja-build' (debian package name) to be able to actually build/compile things.

Note that most dependencies below are detected using pkg-config. Usually this just works automatically, provided the depending libraries are installed correctly.

installing c-level dependencies

The deltachat core library depends on a number of external libraries, which you may need to install (we have some fallbacks if you don't):

  • LibEtPan; Note that this library does not use pkg-config so the system-provided version will be looked up by using libetpan-config which must be in the PATH. Version 1.8 or newer is required. LibEtPan must be compiled with SASL support enabled.

  • OpenSSL

  • SQLite

  • zlib

  • libsasl

To install these on debian you can type:

    sudo apt install libetpan-dev libssl-dev libsqlite3-dev libsasl2-dev libbz2-dev zlib1g-dev

performing the actual build

Once all dependencies are installed, creating a build is as follows, starting from a deltachat-core github checkout:

mkdir builddir
cd builddir
# Optionally configure some other parameters
# run `meson configure` to see the options, e.g.
#    meson configure --default-library=static
sudo ninja install  # if you run into problems, the sudo-flag -E might help
sudo ldconfig

The install keeps a log of which files were installed. Uninstalling is thus also supported:

sudo ninja uninstall

NOTE that the above assumes /usr/local/lib is configured somewhere in /etc/ or /etc/*, which is fairly standard. It is possible your system uses /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu which should be auto-detected and just work as well.

The library is build using netpgp by default (shipped in /libs). By adding -Drpgp=true to the build command, rpgp is used instead (, needs to be installed on the system or available as a lib)

Building without system-level dependencies

By default stripped-down versions of the dependencies are bundled with Delta Chat Core and these will be used when a dependency is missing. You can choose to always use the bundled version of the dependencies by invoking meson with the --wrap-mode=forcefallback option. Likewise you can forbid using the bundled dependencies using --wrap-mode=nofallback.

There also is an experimental feature where you can build a version of the shared library with no further external dependencies. This can be done by passing the -Dmonolith=true option to meson. Note that this implies --wrap-mode=forcefallback since this will always use all the bundled dependencies.

Language bindings and frontend Projects

Language bindings are available for:

  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Java and Swift (contained in the Android/iOS repos)

The following "frontend" project make use of the C-library or its language bindings:

Testing program

After a successful build there is also a little testing program in builddir/cmdline. You start the program with ./delta <database-file> (if the database file does not exist, it is created). The program then shows a prompt and typing help gives some help about the available commands.

New tests are currently developed using Python, see


Licensed under the MPL 2.0 see LICENSE file for details.

Copyright © 2017, 2018 Björn Petersen and Delta Chat contributors.

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