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🦅 Vote as bitcoin micropayment.
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Python API able to get chains from web-app database and automatically writes/secure them on the bitcoin blockchain via 21 micropayment services.

API Endpoints

Web browser <--> Front-end <--> <-->

RESTful service for vote saving. This module only receives and transmits information to the script and to the front-end instances.

Resource HTTP Method URL and arguments Returns
Vote saving POST host:port/send-vote?proposal=yes/no JSON object with confirmation, vote and the wallet's address that stores our votes
Vote status GET host:port/vote-count Total number of votes on each option for the proposal server for operations over micropayments (One satoshi per operation). This connector provides information for the module and manages the operations for Blockchain events

Resource HTTP Method URL and arguments Returns
Vote accounting to the Blockchain POST host:port/write-vote?proposal=yes/no Wallet address
Votes on each proposal GET host:port/count Total votes for the proposal
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