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Trouble syncing with Radicale : error 207 #86

svictor9 opened this issue Apr 5, 2016 · 4 comments


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commented Apr 5, 2016

Hi, and thanks for putting org-caldav up!

I’m trying to sync org-caldav with my Radicale server. The server already works fine with two other clients (Davdroid and Lightning).

On calling org-caldav-sync the first time I’m asked to insert my credentials and get this in the debug buffer:

========== Started sync.
Check connection for
Got error status from PROPFIND: 
(("" DAV:status 401 . ""))

Then if I call org-caldav-sync a second time, the output is different:

========== Started sync.
Check connection for
This is an empty calendar. Setting flag.
Generating ICS file /tmp/org-caldav-260875wY.
=== Updating EventDB from Org
Org UID 05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935: New
=== Updating EventDB from Cal
=== Updating events in calendar
Event UID 05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935: Org --> Cal
Putting event UID 05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935.
Content of event UID 05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935: 
SUMMARY:Nouveau truc à faire vendredi

Got error: HTTP/1.0 201 Created
Event UID 05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935: Error while doing Org --> Cal

Meanwhile, the radicale server says the following. First attempt:

2016-04-05 09:19:06,441 - INFO: OPTIONS request at /vic/test/ received
2016-04-05 09:19:06,532 - INFO: PROPFIND request at /vic/test/ received
2016-04-05 09:19:06,959 - INFO: Anonymous user refused
2016-04-05 09:19:16,415 - INFO: PROPFIND request at /vic/test/ received

And for the second attempt:

2016-04-05 09:20:26,856 - INFO: OPTIONS request at /vic/test/ received
2016-04-05 09:20:26,944 - INFO: PROPFIND request at /vic/test/ received
2016-04-05 09:20:28,316 - INFO: PUT request at /vic/test/05fa1c1f-804a-4065-af71-2ba87ed56935.ics received
2016-04-05 09:20:30,088 - INFO: PROPFIND request at /vic/test/ received

No actual errors as far as I see.
In my init.el I have this:

org-caldav-url ""
org-caldav-calendar-id "test"
org-caldav-debug-level 2
org-icalendar-timezone "Europe/Paris")

I also tried many other combinations of "vic" and "test" amongst the org-caldav-url and org-caldav-calendar-id. Same result each time. The Radicale collection on the server looks like this:

nestor:/# ls /var/lib/radicale/collections/vic/
addressbook.vcf        calendar.ics.props  test.ics.props  vic      vic.ics.props
addressbook.vcf.props  test.ics            test.props      vic.ics  vic.props

If i try with a calendar id which doesn’t yet exist, like org-caldav-calendar-id "foo", a file foo.props is created on the server. So I feel I’m really close but… after spending a night on it, I still can’t make it work :-/

I’m running Emacs on Debian testing with org 20160328 and org-caldav 20160306.637.

@svictor9 svictor9 changed the title Trouble syncing with Radicale Trouble syncing with Radicale : error 207 Apr 6, 2016


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commented Apr 6, 2016

Update : I just realized that despite the error, my test entry in is correctly written to the radicale server. It is written to a file without the .ics extension (a new file if it didn’t exist already). I can then see it on my mobile phone with DavDroid etc.

So the problem seems really org-caldav not suceeding in reading from the server. No change is synced from the server to org. I gets a 207 error in the minibuffer. From the Messages buffer:

Contacting host:
Putting event 1 of 3
Putting event 2 of 3
Putting event 3 of 3
org-caldav-get-event-etag-list: Error while getting eventlist from Got status code: 207.

The org-caldav debug buffer doesn’t mention the 207 error however, only a 201 one (see paste in my initial comment). How can I further debug this 207 error?


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commented Apr 15, 2016

I'm having this issue as well, and have done some digging. I haven't got it working, but I've made some progress. The trouble appears to be in url-dav.el, not necessarily org-caldav. It looks like Radicale is returning an XML response where the main node name is 'multistatus, not 'DAV:multistatus. The function `url-dav-process-response' only checks for 'DAV:multistatus (url-dav.el:410), and everything goes wrong from there.

I tried monkey-patching so that it checked against 'multistatus instead, and also renamed `url-dav-process-DAV:multistatus' accordingly. That didn't quite work, it was still trying to select a deleted buffer at some point, but I do hope that something in here will be helpful!


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commented May 4, 2016

I guess this is a bug in Emacs' xml.el. I've opened a bug on the Emacs tracker: 23440.


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commented May 16, 2017

That bug is fixed in Emacs master (meaning the upcoming Emacs 26).

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