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Dolphin-Safe Rake Tasks For .NET Systems
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lib updated contributors, not 'etc', but real people :)
spec now checks whether the language engine responds to :before and :after…
.autotest adding .autotest for exclusions, and starting to work on removing .re…
.gitignore updating ignore file
.rvmrc added .rvmrc
Gemfile upgraded RSpec to 2.7 in order to code assemblyinfo tests -- those ar…
README.markdown updating readme to point people to the new org / repo
VERSION bumped version to 0.2.7, updated jeweler version, fixed gemspec to re…
albacore.gemspec updated contributors, not 'etc', but real people :)
rakefile.rb upgraded RSpec to 2.7 in order to code assemblyinfo tests -- those ar…
watchrtesting.rb reducing the albacore.configure code back down to just paths for now.…
yaml_autoconfig_test.yml testing yaml auto config for including yamlconfig


Welcome to the albacore project.

albacore is a suite of Rake tasks to automate the process of building a .NET based system. It's like MSBuild or Nant... but without all the stabby-bracket xmlhell.


Albacore has officially been moved to a new Github Organization and repository. Please update your forks and references to point to the new Albacore/albacore repository.

I (Derick Bailey) am no longer an active contributor to the Albacore project, and have handed it over to a small group of community members that are actively reviving this project and moving it forward.

Moving Issues / Pull Requests

If you have an open issue / pull request in my repository, please get in contact with the new organization through their issue list, and work with them to get the issue or pull request in to the new repository.

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