@meag meag released this Jun 30, 2018

Assets 2


  • BSP2 map format supported (increased map limits)
  • BSP29a map format supported (increased map limits)
  • BSP file lumps will be aligned to 4-byte offsets on load (fix for ARM systems)
  • Protocol extension MVD_PEXT1_FLOATCOORDS supported (4-byte positions & 2-byte angles for player & entities only, per-client)
  • Protocol extension MVD_PEXT1_HIGHLAGTELEPORT supported (adjusts player direction in frames immediately following teleport/spawn so the player doesn't lose speed through teleports)
  • Support for mod-field visclients - bitflags set if entity was visible to that player (used for server-side team messages)
  • Support for mod-field 'hideplayers' - if bitflags set, that player is hidden from client (used for KTX race mode)
  • QTV servers can be listed through the disconnected "status" command
  • QTV observers can be listed through the disconnected "qtvusers" command
  • Pause bugfix: no longer kicks players for userinfo spam when game is paused
  • /sv_demoaltdir allows for a secondary demo directory, doesn't appear in dlist but does allow /download demos/<filename> (can be used to keep race demos in a different directory, or to get around 4096-file limit by moving recent demos to an archive folder)
  • /qtv_sayenabled 1 allows qtv chat even when demo being recorded (used for KTX race mode)
  • /sv_serveme_fix option to allow [ServeMe] bot to communicate when /sv_bigcoords 1 set
  • /sys_simulation disables NET_Sleep() - higher CPU usage but more reliable link between server entity ms & real time passing
  • Misc fixes for PR2 bots to run
  • NQ mods: fix bug when copying overlapping memory regions
  • Fixed long-standing issue with edict_t being different size in 32 & 64 bit builds. Still not 100% PR1 compatible though.
  • "Deathmatch 0" now sent to clients to allow them to detect single-player mode
  • Uses monotonic clock_gettime instead of gettimeofday on *nix systems
  • Support for communicating with a central web server (sv_www_address)