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Improvements for the AVR DDS Signal Generator V2.0 Project


  • Synchronization pulse of HS-output on start of sequence or for each period
  • Sweep. Start, stop frequency and step are configurable.
  • Additional 'options' menu
  • Off-state is configurable
  • PWM with configurable duty on the HS and analog outputs
  • Modify frequency on-the-fly
  • Persist all settings
  • Maximal frequency increased to 250 kHz
  • Frequency resolution is 0.001 Hz
  • Speed-up the noise (~x50)
  • Calibration of frequency
  • One-pulse mode with configurable length on the HS and analog outputs
  • Start trigger with configurable delay
  • Exact-frequency and minimal-jitter modes

Hardware modification, see circuit for details:

  • the RESET button is disconnected from pin 9 and connected to pin 20
  • 4 diodes (e.g. 1N4148) are added from pin 3 to buttons RESET, UP, LEFT and DOWN